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Coalition for Marriage (supported by a number of UK MP’s) allows homophobic & misogynistic hatred, death threats, bans any dissenting opinion

In January of this year, one of our UK writers published a blog post that highlighted a sizeable number of Members of Parliament (MPs) who had, according to the official website, pledged their support for the Coalition for Marriage (C4M) UK, which is basically an offshoot organisation which bases it’s principle on those of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM). This post appeared to pass by largely unnoticed, especially as the attempt to contact the relevant MP’s via Twitter led to a temporary suspension of the account (basically because when you forward a link to a number of addresses, Twitter marks you as a spammer), and it kind of all paled in to insignificance.

Until recently, that is. Coalition for Marriage was brought to our attention again by one of our long-time followers who had been the target of some quite frankly disgusting comments and threats. Kate Lee, who is a born-again Christian, a Chaplain and a Street Pastor with a church not only tolerant but open and accepting to LGBT peoples and couples, screencapped the abuse over a period in January, and kindly granted us access to them all. This was in response to highly flammable religious rhetoric, in an attempt to reassure LGBT people that not all Christians think of them in such an inflammatory manner, as well as C4M’s stance on Thursday 21 March 2013, where they banned dissenters and fence-sitters, while allowing death threats, slurs and vile abuse to remain. This collection is far in excess of the screencaps the writers here had time or patience to collect, and for that, we heartily thank her.

The co-writer who first came across this notification on Facebook was also the one who had written the initial post on C4m, and is also the one writing this post. This time, I’m serious. about what I’m planning to do.

Below is a list of all the MP’s who subscribe their support, as of 28 March 2013, to C4M. They have all been notified, by email, the exact content C4M chooses to allow on their page. We are also categorically stating that all of the people listed below stand by the soon-to-follow comments in their roles as Members of Parliament for their respective constituencies, until we hear differently. We are also in the process of contacting relevant local and national press about their support of homophobic death threats. This will allow their LGBT constituents to pose their own questions to said MP’s in time. That list in full:

MP List 1

MP List 2

The above listed people support homophobic comments and death threats, as well as misogynistic slurs and abuse, as well as religious intolerance made by C4M and their supporters.

The following is a selection of abusive posts levelled at Kate and others, starting with death threats and expressing their wish that Kate and other would die. There’s more after.

Threat 1 Threat 2 Threat 3 Threat 4 Threat 5 Threat 6 Threat 7 Threat 8 Threat 9 Threat 10 Threat 11 Threat 12 Threat 13 Threat 14 Threat 15 Threat 16

Did you get the gist of these posts, MPs? This is what the followers of the organisation you have lent your names to want. They want to attack, beat up, torture and even murder gay people simply because you are being gay. I’m sure your LGBT constituents will be very proud of you for supporting such behaviour. You owe them answers. Especially considering the following homophobic slurs and insults against the LGBTQ community in general. remember, you actively support this.

Abuse 1 Abuse 2 Abuse 3 Abuse 4 Abuse 5 Abuse 6 Abuse 7 Abuse 8 Abuse 9 Abuse 10 Abuse 11 Abuse 12 Abuse 13 Abuse 14 Abuse 15 Homophobia 1

Attention MPs. THIS is the kind of standpoint, behaviour and comments you put your names to. You support the Coalition for Marriage. This is what thir supporters stand for. Simple guilt by association. If you do NOT support this kind of behaviour, these kinds of comments and this ind of abuse, then you have my e-mail address – I have already contacted that vat majority of you and have received auto-reply notifications, so do NOT claim you are not aware of this issue.

To finish, one of the more ardent posters, Nathan/Nate/Nat Durrant, learned of Kate’s status as a Chaplain and Street Pastor, and started a relentless campaign to have her sacked. Suffice to say, it failed. Here are his attempts:

Sacking 2

NOTE: Kate at no time graphically detailed ANY sexual activity, gay or otherwise. As you can see further up the page, this is the common practice of C4M and their supporters.

Sacking 1 Sacking 3 Sacking 4 Sacking 5 Sacking 6

Again, MP’s YOU support this kind of behaviour, tolerance, attitude and action towards the LGBT community, INCLUDING the ones in YOUR constituencies.

In this day and age, with the knowledge, understanding and advancements we as a society have made, it is utterly disgusting that attitudes and behaviours like this are allowed to exist. It is even more galling that people in positions of power, and in government, lend their names to such excoriating acts of depratvity. What’s worse is that Facebook, despite receiving numerous reports about this page, has not removed any of the above listed comments, despite their anti-hatred policy and Terms of Service being violated.

I urge ANYONE who is a constituent under ANY of the above listed MP’s to contact them with your concerns that they are happy for their names to be associated with such vile hatred. If you want to contact your local press with this story, you have not only my gracious leave to do so, but also my unabounded encouragement to. This post will be promulgated as far and wide as is possible, both on Facebook and elsewhere in a concerted effort to say that we, the LGBT community, will not tolerate elected officials who agree with this kind of attitude.

Thank you for reading, and thank you in advance for sharing.

Brightest Blessings x

Another NOM Supporter Threatens Violence to LGBT Community with Firearm

And guess what? Several hours later, Mark Tipton is still allowed to post on the National Organization for Marriage Facebook Page.


Mark Tipton is no stranger to the NOManiacs blog. In 2011, he posted some interesting, yet disgusting, comments about gay people causing Sept. 11.  And yes, he is sporting a picture of a child for his profile. And gay people are harmful to children?!?!

Mark stands by his earlier threat.

Can you believe NOM allowed this to stay up on their page?

It just got crazier and crazier. Maybe because he was being paid very little attention.


Respect and common decency? Wow, after you just threatened people with a gun and said they have AIDS?



Mark started sounding a little Westboro (but he’s all yours, NOM) with this post. He blames gay people, Obama, for any natural disaster over the last couple of years.


Then he starts droning on about how the Big Bang Theory never happened, yada yada.

But back to his gun threat post…. National Organization for Marriage is responsible. It’s in your hands, Brian Brown. Are you going to shake hands with him too?

P.S. Juan Pablo Garza also contributed to the conversation. And “good-Christian” Leila Habra Miller didn’t even say anything about Mark’s threat and joined in to attack William P, a marriage equality supporter.

NOM Supporter and Bestiality Expert Leila Habra Miller

UPDATE 12/8/13: Leila Habra Miller is demanding that this blog repost comments made by others in order to give context to her homophobic comments. We have day jobs, Leila.  We not a public relations service. And no, we are going to your blog to debate why your bestiality comments weren’t taken seriously. We’ve already made our case using your own words. 

There’s nothing more fetching than when a NOM supporter latches onto a subject like bestiality in an attempt to somehow connect it with the LGBT community. What usually happens (and did) is that we learn a little more than we want to know about the person attempting to make such a connection. Leila Habra Miller got angry when her bestiality arguments weren’t being taken seriously on the National Organization for Marriage Facebook page. She obviously is not interested in reality or pertinent subjects about marriages. While the majority of Americans are smart enough to know that bestiality is not homosexuality and it is not comparable. Bestiality doesn’t represent the LGBT community no more than it does straight people, Catholics, Jews, African-Americans. A topic like bestiality, she knows, creates fear. NOM capitalizes on fear.


Interestingly enough, Leila has been posting the same message for quite some time. Take a look at a similar statement Leila made a few months ago.


And it worked. Mark Tipton, a well-known NOM supporter who last year said gay people caused Sept. 11, fell for it.


More on Mark Tipton later (he threatens to use a gun on gay people in a later post that “good-Catholic” Leila conveniently ignores).

Clearly, Leila has done her careful and extensive research on “the zoophile movement.” We can only imagine how that goes over well at home. The following is satire…
Dean: Whatcha doing honey?
Leila: Nothing. [quickly closes out of the computer window but we hear animal noises]
Dean: Hmmm. Why are there cow noises? No, wait, horse noises? Are you watching cows being slaughtered?
Leila: I’m protecting marriage.
Dean: What?
Leila: Protecting marriage.
Dean: With cow and horse noises?
Leila: And goats…. No, Dean, I’m researching about bestiality and homosexuality.
Dean: Why?
Dean: From goats, horses and cows?
Leila: [holds up one finger] And gay people.
Dean: I see you’ve been talking to that Michele Verret-Ayala too much. I’m off to bed.

Somewhere in her research, Leila came across an article from a Florida newspaper called “Those Who Practice Bestiality Say They’re Part of the Next Sexual Rights Movement.” Again, in order to make the failed bestiality-homosexuality connection she posted the article’s link. Anything to demean the LGBT community and create fear.


Obviously, she has been challenged before when it came to consent. Animals cannot consent. So her arguments have nothing to do with same sex marriage. Nice try, Leila.

Another attempt by Leila to get bestiality and homosexuality into one line.


We laughed at this one. Really, Leila? I can almost sniff the desperation.


After being dismissed by marriage equality supporters for her crazy comments and views on bestiality (hate speech), Leila gets PISSED, drops the subject and plays victim. And then defends Michele Verret-Ayala, a well-known NOM supporter who likes to dish personal insults and homophobic remarks, but cannot take it when it is pushed back to her. She creates fake profiles and then criticizes others’ when they do it.


“Reasonable debate”? We think not. We just think you’re a little obsessed with bestiality.


Someone Send NOM’s Jennifer Roback Morse the Memo: The Band Pulled Out

**UPDATE: It is now 7:16pm, Sunday, March 17 and NOM’s Jennifer Roback Morse still has not learned that the Lee Boys have canceled on NOM. Ooopsie.

NOManiacs thought it was interesting that Jennifer Roback Morse of National Organization for Marriage and heads up the Ruth Institute was posting on their March page that the color scheme would be red, white and blue. Soooo original, by the way.

But at 12:30am on Sunday, March 17, Jennifer Roback Morse still thinks the Lee Boys are performing at NOM’s marriage protest later this month. Brian Brown, a simple phone call to Jennifer would be ideal at this point, right? Tell her: “the Lee Boys learned of our radical agenda from NOManiacs and decided they weren’t playing.”

After all, she’s a PHD! That economics degree is very useful. But she’s 36 hours late on the news.


NOM Supporter Amy Burbank Day on Marriage Equality – LGBT community not worthy of same rights

Amy Burbank Day has been quite the poster on National Organization for Marriage’s Facebook page. Amy, a housewife, who vows to go full-time to fight for traditional marriage once the kids are in college presents some interesting, yet slippery, more-words-than-necessary commentary.

Amy, some advice. Don’t give up your day job.


Is Amy going to protest divorce, maybe protest Britney Spears or Zsa Zsa Gabor’s multiple/short marriages? Maybe protesting women who stay in destructive marriages? When are you going to brand adulterers with a scarlet letter?

Nope. Amy believes gay people are not worthy of marrying the one person they love. She rather they keep quiet, remain in the closet and lead celibate lives. That isn’t happening, Amy. Married or not married. We will not keep quiet. First Amendment rights, remember?

NOM can’t even keep a musical act intact…

When NOManiacs broke the news that the Lee Boys were bailing on performing at National Organization for Marriage’s marriage protest, we rejoiced. This was truly a NOManiacs first. While Good As You is a great blog and we highly recommend you read it daily for all marriage equality news, it was quick to claim it broke the news. But NOManiacs was first. Even the editor, Jeremy Hooper, of Good As You contacted NOManiacs to figure how we got confirmation before he did. We already had the story on this blog published. How did we move so quick? The answer: we had a quick message for the Lee Boys – read our flyer.

That’s fine. We’re in this fight together. And while NOManiacs’s readership has skyrocketed, we could use the readers and credit.

We ask that you distribute this flyer to those who “think” they know NOM’s mission. Because it isn’t pretty.

Band to play for NOM’s Marriage March decides to cancel


National Organization for Marriage was quick to post this one. Two bands were slated to play for NOM’s marriage protest later this month – The Lee Boys and Ultra Montane. At this point, many people know exactly what the National Organization for Marriage stands for – protecting traditional marriage, eh, no, marriage only for straight religious people and suppressing rights of the LGBT community. NOManiacs blog has been there to call out NOM and its supporters for its continued hate speech and lies.

Today, NOManiacs has learned that the Lee Boys who were to perform for NOM’s protest this month has in fact pulled out. The reason?

“Thanks for the info, we really didn’t know. And we would never want to hurt anyone… Were not playing the show…” That was from a band member who saw our post on the Lee Boys page informing them about National Organization for Marriage and the flyer we had created.

We thank Lee Boys for reconsidering the offer from NOM to perform. And we don’t blame you for not wanting to be a part of that.

While NOM still has the post up, NOM supporters aren’t too happy:


Natalie N Johnson was really excited when NOM posted that the Lee Boys were to perform at the protest. Notice how quickly she dismissed them and made a generalization about gay people.