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NOM Supporter: “San Francisco should be blown up”

National Organization for Marriage has once again allowed its supporters to post some interesting commentary on their Facebook page. This is just weeks after the admin of the facebook page decided to ban those who post opposing responses to people like Milo Chloe and Forrest Hall.

Is blowing up San Francisco permitted in the Bible?

Jeanette T Runyon – National Organization for Marriage Supporter & Public Offender

UPDATE: Was contacted by WordPress that the subject of this post had contacted the company to have this post removed. She didn’t get her way so she filed a copyright infringement complaint to have the photos taken down even though the Mecklenburg County mugshot is public domain. It worked, except she embarrassed herself in the WordPress forum and we’ve acquired many new readers because of her complaints ( NOManiacs has always been about seeing both sides fairly and we’ve given people featured on this blog the opportunity to explain their side. Jeanette Runyon, care to shed some light on your hate for gay people and posting misleading, inaccurate and untrue things about the GLBT community and why you believe you’re above the law?

She goes by Jeanette Victoria on Facebook. She’s very vocal about her disapproval of homosexuality and marriage equality. She’s entitled to that. But it’s interesting to know what people know about these individuals who are quick to criticize, point fingers, post inaccurate material against a minority group. Some have a really dark past. We profiled Jahnmaud Oshe Lane, a NOM supporter who shot a police officer with an AK-47. While these people are entitled to their opinions, we also have the right to know where and whom these comments are coming from.

Sure, we’ve been pulled over by the cops for speeding or running a stop sign every now and then. But have you ever committed fraud to traffick a baby to the U.S. from the Ukraine? Jeanette Victoria is legally Jeanette T Runyon. She has been indicted by the U.S. Government on just that. Just another foot soldier for National Organization for Marriage. Oh, let’s also point out that she has prior arrests for Battery, Disturbing the Peace, Driving with a Suspended License and being a Repeat Offender.

Here’s the indictment against Runyon: