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NOM cries victim, claims it is not a hate group, nor anti gay…

Yes, they are actually turning their wave of anti gay hatred into a cry of martyrdom. Expect a furious diatribe from me very, very soon. See below;

NOManiacs 070213a

NOM appears to be under the impression that their oft-lying, homophobic, right-wing-Chrisitan, anti-gay organisation is suddenly a victim, even though nothing actually happened to them. Only yesterday we saw them resort to making up ‘facts’ about the UK gay marriage vote. Now they’re plumbing the depths of fear in order to garner donations. If you read the end of the previous post, you will see I mentioned exactly this tactic. This is how they put it across.

NOManiacs 070213b

Right, I underlined several points in this self-effacing, self-martyring heap of horseshit to highlight exactly why he and his organisation are listed as a hate group for very good reasons.

1 – Putting the word marriage in speech marks, as if it has no actual standing. News for you Brian, you complete fucking ignoramus, it DOES have standing. In that little thing called the law with which you seem to have so much trouble differentiating from the ‘facts’ in your Bible. This tactic reeks of demeaning and degrading the officially recognised loving union of two people who, and why don’t you just try being honest for once, make you feel icky? Nothing more, Brian, nothing less.

2 – The reason you are labelled ”hate groups” is not only what I just highlighted, but also because you allow your followers and supporters to use all manner of foul, abusive, vulgar, sexually graphic, insulting, hateful comments on your facebook page and NOMblog page without fear of them being removed, yet when someone complains, or even voices a  dissenting opinion. you instantly ban them. If you look at the posts and screencaps – of which there are well over a thousand – featured on this blog you will see exactly what I mean.

3 – See point 1 and 2. Your words have consequences. Usually those consequences are for your followers to publicly demean, castigate, demonise and outright hate on gay people. Even something so small as  putting the word marriage in speech marks can have a knock-on effect. If you look at the comments featured immediately after this blog post, you will see what I mean;

NOManiacs 070213c

Look me in the eyes and tell me you and your supporters are not a homophobic hate group, Brian. I fucking defy you to. Come to the UK, look me square in the face and tell me you and your followers do not hate gays.

4 – Scroll back up if you need reference points. Is ‘reportedly admitted’ the same as ‘we don’t know, but we need to make ourselves look like the victim so let’s make some shit up’ – cite your sources or we’ll simply think you’re lying – you have previous form for this, let us remind you.

5 – Irresponsible? What the actual fuck? You claim your organisation is not anti-gay, yet you spend your life, and your six-figure salary, actively trying to oppose legal equality of the people you claim not to be against, you cataclysmic hypocrite. Your Facebook page and blog consist of about 95 percent gay-focused material and literature. We’ve highlighted in the past your reluctance to talk about anything other than gays, and you responded by posting about divorce. Once. Then went back to talk about the gays. Allowing the litany of hatred on your pages is irresponsible, Brian, given how many violent homophobic incidents we continually hear of.

5b – You don’t want to be labelled as a hate group? Then might I suggest you order your director of communications, who painted himself as a massive bellend by continually trying to talk over gay rights activist Peter Tatchell on a recent interview, to actually do what the hell you pay him to do and start removing the pandemic anti-gay hatred that features on your facebook page. If you want any examples, look at pretty much any blog post here – there are about 1,200 or so to choose from, and about 400-450 different people featured.


In summation, Brian, you are scared, and a coward. You have been picking on gays for years upon years, and your religion has been doing it for centuries. Now, finally, when someone hits back – and no, I do NOT condone Mr. Corkins’s actions – you suddenly cry victim and martyr yourself. Perhaps if you hadn’t been so public with your constant harassment, abuse, denigration and demonising of a section of society, perhaps they might not be so aggravated as to actually take things this far? Instead of trying to create further rictions, we would highly suggest you actually try heal the rifts you have caused and work with us.

Note – I have emailed both of the public relations officials cited in the NOMblog post asking for a direct comment from Brian Brown about the content listed not only in this blog but also in all of the other ones featured, as well as the constant stream of hate-rhetoric on his blog and Facebook page. I will let you know their response in due course.


Thanks for reading.

Brightest Blessings.

List of UK MP’s who actively support organisation with homophobic views and supporters.

Recently NOM linked to a report on a leaflet campaign going on right here in the UK by a group called Coalition for Marriage – CfM. They reported how CfM were targeting the populace of UK constituencies whose Members for Parliament – MP’s – were considered a ‘swing’ vote in the upcoming bill to run through the House of Commons regarding equal marriage treatment for homosexual couples. Their plan was to distribute a million leaflets urging people to contact their MP’s and tell them not to vote for legal equality.

The UK already has ‘civil unions’, which, while affording more rights to gay couples, is still not entirely equal. Speaking as someone who already has one and has a lawyer for a partner, let me tell you we are NOT, repeat, NOT on an equal legal footing whatsoever. Hence why the bill is going through. Now, support for equal rights marriage in the UK has generally been positive, due to a combination of lower rates of religious following, openly gay public figures and celebrities, and, in general, a culture more open of acceptance and tolerance.

This little featurette by NOM intrigued this admin, and I began digging a little into CfM. Their website, found in this link, basically argues all the same points as NOM – man and woman, redefining – as if that hasn’t already been done before, religion, blah blah blah. Nothing indicating that marriage is actually a legal concept and has nothing whatsoever to do with religion other than having a ceremony commemorating this fact.

It also has a long list of signatories, including many former and current serving MP’s. They have assigned their name and position to this group. Which means they ascribe to CfM’S ideals. As do the people who post on the Facebook wall. Who post some quite homophobic messages.

Which is why we are today posting the list of supporters, tagging them, and associating their names with the kind of hate speech they seemingly support. In supporting Coalition for Marriage, they also support the views of the organisation and their supporters. Here they are;

NOManiacs 200113a

List 1 of 2

NOManiacs 200113b

List 2 of 2

All of these people have publicly associated their names with the kind of homophobic hate-speech as listed below.

NOManiacs 200113c


The old insult of ‘perverts’ surfacing again.

NOManiacs 200113d

Once again we see the anti-gay side focusing on something that not only doesn’t exist, but also is none of their business, but also hyperbolic to the extreme. Plus an insult thrown in for good measure.

NOManiacs 200113e

No, there isn’t. And why again with all the focus on the sex livesIt’s not only an obsession, it’s quite disturbing.

NOManiacs 200113f

So, basically, be gay but be quiet about it. Sorry, we locked the closet door after we came out and threw away the key.

NOManiacs 200113g


The Regenerus study in question has been refuted and disproved for countless faults and failures in the study sample. Countless studies since and recently have proved that children growing up with same sex parents are no less worse off than those with opposite sex parents.

NOManiacs 200113h

Again, see above point. Also try acting like you care about single-parent families. If ‘mother and father’ are that important, after all.

NOManiacs 200113i


Greyed out due to it being reported. We are not ‘anti-Christian’. We are anti-you-telling-us-what-to-do-based-on-your-own-personal-beliefs. There are many studies that show that it is a largely biological reason that decides on sexual orientation, so it is not an excuse. Even if it were a choice, why should that make a differenceYou chose a different religion than others. Why should you be afforded any ‘acceptance’ for your choice?

NOManiacs 200113j

Another horrible attempt to compare and equate homosexuality with paedophilia. Nothing more to say. Remember, MP’s, you condone these comments.

NOManiacs 200113k


More simple insults against the LGBT community. Al taken from the public page that these MP’s support.

NOManiacs 200113l

Again, a slippery-slope, straw-man argument that claims allowing gays to be married will allow paedophiles to marry children. Despite the fact that there is a legal age of adulthood that does not allow anyone under a certain age to sign a contract, due to intelligent and emotional development.

NOManiacs 200113m

This basically speaks for itself. Both Davids basically show their disdain for gay couples.


MP’s listed here. I hereby give yourself a chance to distance yourself from an organisation like this that not only allows oft-refuted anti-gay hate speech to remain on it’s boards for over a week, but has also seen fit to associate your names with it. Whatever your personal religious feelings, public association with hateful comments like this will only cause discord amongst your LGBT constituents, whom you are duty bound to represent in terms of the law, not religion. We await your reply.


Thanks for reading x

Galling naïveté and outright hatred from the followers of NOM. Including mostly new faces.

Now, we all know that the Bible contains parts in it ordering it’s readers not to question it for it is the one, the only truth. Even though there are dozens of versions of said ‘truth’. We all know that are contradictions upon contradictions in the Bible that the more fervent theists refuse to even acknowledge, let alone explain. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence can see that there are inherent fallacies with the Bible and as such it cannot be used in secular law-making, nor as a tool to control the secular freedoms of others.

Unless you are a NOM supporter, that is. Several studies have found that, on average, theists are 4-6 IQ points worse off. Believe us, those points count. The studies can be seen here, and explained more simply in this link. Here we see some new faces to NOManiacs show their apparent lack of comprehension abilities, or even an capability to display knowledge of correct facts.

I apologise now for this is going to be a VERY long blog post. We’ll look at each of the highlighted points in turn, and inform each individual as to the correct, verifiable facts. ReadyHere we go…

NOManiacs 160113a

This one is pretty easy to dismiss. The Bible, for reasons listed above, is not the first and foremost law on everything. For reasons of space we are forgoing the normal practice of listing the people who actually like these posts. We’d be here until the summer. Next…

NOManiacs 160113b

Fact One. Marriage is not an institution of the Church. It is a legal concept blessed by the relevant religion in a ceremony known as a ‘wedding’. Fun fact – Pagan rituals pre-dated anything the Bible writes about the topic. In a Handfasting, a blessed rope is tied and knotted around both parties’ wrists using a hitch knot. Hence the current idioms of ‘tying the knot’ and ‘getting hitched’. Moving on to some real hatred…

NOManiacs 160113c

Gordon, we hate to break this to you, but it really, really isn’t. The fact that there is nothing in any marriage vows that promises to rear children appears to have passed you by, as has the fact you seem to think that infertile/old couples, as well as those who choose not to have children, now cannot marry. You said it, pal. I can also quote reams of studies NOT financed by religious organisations that are inherently on the side the LGBT community. See this one for starters.

As for Ryan, his outright insults are duly noted, and the link he offers takes you here – it is basically an argument against homosexuality mainly based on sex. Honestly, they’re fixated by it more than we are. Next hatemongers…

NOManiacs 160113d

Note to Andrew – we support the right for a woman to choose what she wants do do with her own body, you raging misogynist. This has also no relevance to a legal marriage argument, nor any credence to equal rights. Kudos for a shameful effort to label all pro-SSM people as rampant baby-murderers, but we, unlike you, are not that stupid to be taken in by it.

Kevin, see the above point about not requiring procreation for marriage, and vice versa. It’s not all about sex and babies. You might want to realise the fact that unmarried couples have children, as do single parents. Maybe you should focus your attention on them if you feel so strongly about the subject instead of inhabiting a page that openly admits to wanting to discriminate against gays.

Ronald, people get married. Not genitals. Get your nose out of our bedrooms. You utter pervert.

Daniel, the blue comment says it all. See the above arguments for why. Then take pride in the fact that you support the legal discrimination of other human beings, you despicable cretin. Next…

NOManiacs 160113e

Shirley, we have already covered the procreation argument. As for brainwashing, see the linked studies at the top of the page and realise that it’s not the educational establishments doing the brainwashing, darling…

NOManiacs 160113f

Andrew, seems you have difficulty grasping the concept of Nature. This link here shows that homosexuality indeed DOES exist in Nature, ergo it must designate it as Natural, ergo your point is moot. You can find many more studies that show the same result. Ditto about ‘God’. See the first paragraph.

NOManiacs 160113g

We’re not self-hating. We’re entirely happy with who we are and don’t have to take to public forums to voice our dislike for another section of society based on something that, and let’s not play dumb here, is an entirely private part of someone else’s life. As for promiscuity, I think that, gay or straight, promiscuousness is simply an inherent human condition. Don’t even get us started on the oft-debunked myth about homosexuality/AIDS/HIV etc. The second you take lesbians, who, by definition cannot spread it, your ‘facts’ and ‘figures’ are, simply put, utter bollocks.

Daniel, you think the LGBT community should be legally discriminated against. See the above points before realising any you make are irrelevant.

NOManiacs 160113h

Gary’s circular logic aside, marriage does exist outside of the Bible. Otherwise, non-Christians couldn’t get married. This is a whole new level of ridiculousness. Also see earlier notes on Handfasting.

Daniel, really, this is bordering on the extremely perverse. Can you stop intruding into our bedrooms – it’s not healthy. Nor is an obsession with male rather than female gay sex from someone supposedly straight…

Amy, we agree. Regardless of whether it is opposite- or same-sex couples. Children do well raised by two parents. Thank you for agreeing.

Jared, who has been featured here before, again is using the concept of ‘sin’, which is solely a religious concept and cannot be proved to exist in any tangible or intangible form. The irony of you talking about valid arguments was not lost on us.

Marty, your irony of saying diversity matters while arguing against equality for diverse sections of society is not also not missed, but also risibly inane. Oh, and there ARE laws that allow same-sex couples equal recognition under the law. They cover about 20 percent of  your country. The fact a Brit had to tell you that should be quite embarrassing.

NOManiacs 160113i

Robert, it was good enough for my Mum and Dad too. Seeing how happy it made them only reinforces my belief that I should be afforded the same protection and rights as they were. They think that too, because they aren’t so insecure about their own union that they worry allowing gay people the same rights might destroy it

Elena, there are already 7,000,000,000 people on this planet. The need to rampantly procreate and populate the lands has already passed us by, dear…

NOManiacs 160113j

Andrew, if we ‘get our way’ – I prefer the term, ‘be afforded equal treatment under the law’ – the fact that gay marriage is allowed will not make it compulsory. Nor will everybody stop having children. Nor the fact that we are LGBT makes us in any way infertile. And what the FUCK were you smoking when you came up with that comment about murdering children* Honestly, I’m concerned for your sanity.

Michele, we have featured you before, yet you persist in posting messages in a known hate-group. So we will happily tag you again and inform you that the above point about the population of the Earth at this time still stands. It hasn’t changed in the 15 minutes it’s taken me to get this far.

NOManiacs 160113k

The above was made in response to someone who used the phrase ‘gay couples and their families’. NOM doesn’t foster hatredNOM isn’t a hate groupTwo words. Fuck off.

NOManiacs 160113l

Michele, we are dealing with facts and very real scenarios. Not something that will never, ever happen. Nice hyperbolic hypothetical attempt at distracting from the point at hand to avoid having to answer it, but we are aware to your tricks. Where you later made excuses not to answer was also noted.

Jamie, the law of the land says that it IS about tolerance. It says it IS about equality. It also IS that civil law you cite that you feel is beneath you. Try citing ‘God’s decisions’ if you ever fall foul of that law yourself. And Jack, no, it isn’t. See the first paragraph.

NOManiacs 160113m

Now this is just a whole heap of hatred right here. Hasani, you might need to realise that one, fornication is OK. It’s called having sex. It’s allowed. Two, you also need to realise that allowing two adults of the same sex will NOT pave the way for paedophilia – simply because that children are not allowed to enter into legal contracts like marriage due to their age, development and intelligence. Three, nor will it lead to beastiality. I have yet to hear of any animal give its consent to marriage vows.

Now, this admin has come across Jason Salamone, gay-hater extraordinaire, on a few occasions before. This is actually mild by his standards. He has parroted these arguments time and again and has been refuted, time and again. His grasp on the genetics of homosexuality is basic at best. He trumpets having both mother and father present for children yet remains stoically silent on single-parents until questioned. He has no plan for them. He still cannot grasp that homosexuality has not been classed as a mental disorder or forty years, nor the fact it is as much a ‘behaviour’ as heterosexuality is. His statistics on homosexual coupes an domestic violence come from a flawed study that used a poor sampling for comparison. When I mentioned those IQ points earlier, I sad 4-6 was an average. Jason appears to be 40-60 off. His stubbornness to believe anything other than what he says is unfathomably endless.

NOManiacs 160113n

Again, Jared, the slippery-slope, straw-man argument will not hold up under any scrutiny. See the above point. Or, if you need a very simple way to remember it, if it can’t physically say vows or isn’t old enough, it isn’t gong to happen. Maybe you should follow your Bible, and stop making these false judgments.

NOManiacs 160113o

It seems like Jason would happily allow gay people to marry the opposite gender even though he knows that they would be having sex with the same gender. And he thinks that it’s gays that are destroying marriage…

NOManiacs 160113p

Funny how people were talking about marrying appliances, and George uses an appliance analogy. They must be the ones who are advocating for human/appliance marriage. Clever sods.

Michele pops up again with her own brand of bigoted hatred. Michele, darling, homosexuals already contribute to this world in ways that are beyond counting. To say they don’t is at best ignorant and at worst outright evil. The institution of marriage exists to bond two people who are willing to dedicate their lives to each other and reap the benefits it brings. The courts are beginning to realise that, and the only argument against allowing SSM is religious in nature. Laws are not based on religion, Michele.

NOManiacs 160113q

How about not needing to PROCREATE TO MARRYAnd attempting to make your point by using UNNECESSARY CAPITALS?

NOManiacs 160113r

Tammy Sorenson displaying not only inconceivable belief in Creationism but also apparently support for incest. Those grandkids came from somewhere, Tammy…

At this point, Jason Salamone started posting lengthy entries that claimed gay marriage had wrecked marriage in Spain and The Netherlands. Not only were these false claims, he failed to cite his ‘facts’. I would have capped it and put it here but I don’t want to concentrate too much on one raving homophobe.

NOManiacs 160113s

Margarita, please see the oft-repeated point about marriage vows and the current population.

NOManiacs 160113t

Not only every debunked argument ever offered by NOM, but some good old fashioned gay-bashing thrown in for good measure.

NOManiacs 160113u

Wow, this is a whole boatload of bullshit right here. Chris, your ‘scientific’ results came from theological organisations who fed them to you knowing you wouldn’t question them because they, like you, hate gays. Marriage IS a legal contract. The ‘as long as you both shall live’ part of the civil ceremony must have passed you by, genius. As for the slippery slope argument, see the earlier points. Religions are attempting to curtail women’s rights all the time via secular laws. Please go moan at them.

NOManiacs 160113v

We aren’t sure if this guy is genuine or not, but the fact remains that NOM are still allowing hate speech like this on their page. Either their admin is incompetent, or they actively endorse comments like this.

So ends another long – I did warn you – blog about the rampant homophobia fostered by NOM and participated in by everyone, new to their page or old. This has taken me four hours to compile and after seeing such douchebaggery, hatred, obnoxiousness, stubbornness and idiocy I now need to go bathe in sulphuric acid to cleanse myself.

Brightest Blessings x

NOM lies yet again. And appear to be shocked when requested to be ‘tolerant’. And their followers publish hate-speech and anus-fixations. Again.

We all know that Maggie Gallagher and Brian Brown are not only unaware of their own scathing personal hypocrisies but also very economical with the truth. This is how they keep their band of followers paralysed with fear in a clever, if not very moral, ploy to solicit money to support their six-figure salaries, which are many multiples of what donors actually earn.

But we’re not here to point out their profligate, iniquitous and shameless actions. WhatWe areSorry. We ARE here to point out their profligate, iniquitous and shameless actions. NOM has been casting their – in the case of Maggie Gallagher – who should, if she followed her own advice about marriage be called Maggie Srivastava – beady eyes across the Atlantic to events happening in France, where new French Premier François Hollande is looking to implement legal – NOT religious – marriage equality that will officially afford gay and lesbian couples the same rights as other married couples. 

How did NOM address this issueSee below;

NOManiacs 120113a

Now, this Facebook post just smacks of lies from start to finish, as well as a little ill-disguised homophobia thrown in for good measure. Note that they claim the report says that Catholic schools WILL have to stay SILENT, as well as indicating with a graphic that they believe the Bibble actually holds more sense and reason than all academic subjects, when it has been proven time and again that this is the exact opposite. They also ask what would happen if their followers were banned from exercising their religious liberties. Which aside from being a scenario that would never happen, was basically just an open invitation for their followers to attack the LGBT community. Which they soon did.

The truthCatholic schools  in France were NOT told by the French Government to stay silent. They were advised to stay NEUTRAL on the subject. NOM’s galling bending, nay, breaking of the truth could be seen on the link in the above picture. They were so appallingly lazy and naive that they posted the contradictory information not only on their blog, but also invited their followers to see the original post. See the pictures below;

NOManiacs 120113b NOManiacs 120113c

Now, scaring the sheeple with the threat of not being allowed to use their personal beliefs to oppress and openly discriminate against homosexual people, unsurprisingly, sent the mass ignorant on the Facebook page into frenzies of homophobia and anus-fixations. Which we all know Brian and Maggie intended. If you have to resort to lying to scare the crap out of your supporters in an effort to rob them of their hard-earned incomes, it says quite a lot about your cause. And it’s status.

Here are just a few of the more severe cases;

NOManiacs 120113d

Except the Bible is not the Truth. Especially as there are many dozens of variations of said ‘Truth’. Can’t all be right…

NOManiacs 120113e

A marriage is not based on the types of sex it’s participants have, Miguel. The NOM crew have an obsession with gay people’s sex lives that borders on the extremely perverse.

NOManiacs 120113f

Miguel’s anal sex obsession manifesting itself further. Wonder if he thinks the same thing about the mouth. Which would probably explain his obsession with other people’s sex lives. And Karen seems to think that forcibly inserting something into a man is the solution. Even though she spends half her life campaigning against such practices…

NOManiacs 120113g

And when was the last time we used our own personal beliefs to harangue, abuse, insult, denigrate, demean, belittle, asperse, calumniate and malign others, John? I don;t think you know the true meaning of hatred, and by the way, your ignorance is showing…

NOManiacs 120113h

Now, this profile was only created on 03 January, and we suspect it is a troll or a fake designed solely to post inflammatory speeches on the NOM Facebook page. He made further posts that were on the borderline of being genuine and believable. We will continue to monitor him…

NOManiacs 120113i

A visit to the NOM page isn’t complete without inane witterings from the resident anus-fixated Clarice Warren. Here he proselytises that it must be the straight parents teaching their children to have gay sex. Yes, he really, really is that barking mad…

NOManiacs 120113j

There has never been a registered left-handed birth either, Clarence. Yet both gay and left-handed people exist. This obvious attempt at disparaging the genetic argument falls flat on it’s face. Again. This argument will need serious facial reconstruction if it keeps doing that. Ditto the whole homosexuality/mental illness argument. You have to admire his stubbornness…

So ends another sordid, ignoble and grubby chapter of the Hate Group that is NOM and their hateful followers. Sorry if we put you off your dinner. Hatred and lies do that to people. It’s just a pity that the shameless and greedy ‘Christians’ who run this organised maelstrom of gay-bashing don’t realise how their actions affect others too.

Brightest Blessings x

NOM spread themselves thin. Gay sex is like horse sex. Jim Slade – aka Darren Barber – thinks he has the say so on who women should have sex with. And other raving lunacy at NOM…

First off, I wasn’t going to do a post today as it’s ridiculously early and I’ve had about 30-40 minutes sleep while shaking off a really nasty cold. But then I saw this, and simply had to start another post about the sheer toe-knuckled, moonshine-guzzling, paint-huffing stupidity that NOM has managed to instill in their followers. Really. This actually woke me up a bit more…

NOManiacs 050113a

Not only have we heard the paedophilia/beasiality etc etc etc argument 16,387 times ad nauseum, Bryan seems to have difficulty differentiating between homo sapiens and equus ferus. He also appears to have uncomfortable familiarity with both gay sex and horsey sex…

And you know the inevitable laws of the NOM page – once someone mentions a slippery-slope argument then the fanatical obsession with male gay sex rears it’s head again…

NOManiacs 050113b

I find it humourous that DeAnna thinks that anything going in is also waste. That would be a penis, darling. The same thing that men wouldn’t touch you with even if it was ten feet long. And stolen…

NOManiacs 050113b2

The flaming hypocrisy of wanting to prevent spread of STD’s coupled with actively opposing one of the greatest benefactors of making this happen was not lost on anyone who isn’t related to their father by being their brother. But that wasn’t all. She went even more batshit-crazy…

NOManiacs 050113c

Please note that the George character she references did not, at any time, ever equate Homosexuality to Race. DeAnna was, simply put, making up lies and attributing them to people as true. In much the same way NOM does…

Can I just put it very, very simply for you, Laura? Religion has had a free reign to discriminate, hate, torture, murder, abuse, denigrate, demonise and basically run roughshod over anyone it has ever wanted to over the last 16 centuries or so. Stop pissing in your clouts that people have finally noticed and are actually doing something about it. And as for your ‘religious liberties’? That same rule allowing you them also protects the rest of us from them. Stop getting so het up over the fact you can’t have your own way all the time…

A NOManiacs post wouldn’t be the same without up-and-coming raving moron Jim Slade – aka Darren Barber – who seems to be so impressed with this blog that he has amended the name and tried to use it against the followers of SSM* Well, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery… *BLUSH*.

NOManiacs 050113d

Now, I was going to comment after this picture about what a colossal anus Darren actually is, but I thought Demetrius’s response was put more succinctly than I could ever muster in my current condition. I would have used the word ‘bellend’ at least twice too.

Moving on, this admin has sadly missed most of the no-doubt peyote-inspired ramblings of some of the newer NOManiacs currently infesting the bowels of NOM’S page due to being blockeed by most of them, so I decided to have a little look for myself using a back-up account. Prepare yourself for some truly disturbed individuals. You have been warned.

NOManiacs 050113e

WHY does it ALWAYS have to be about sex, sex and more sex. We’re not fucking nymphomaniacs, for crying out loud – and yes, that was a pun…

NOManiacs 050113f

Clyde Barrow – whom we know is a fake, and exactly who is using it to avoid having their real name associated with hate comments like these – once again trying to stop SSM based on his own warped perception of diseases. You’d think it might occur to him that to prevent the spread, allowing monogamy might help – but Clyde is a bit too pig-shit-thick to realise that…

NOManiacs 050113g

Long standing homophobe Jason Conagay, sorry, Bumagay, sorry again, ConaWAY, making his long-unawaited return to our annals. In response, Jason, unless it is legal in 10 states. Period. Or as many countries around the world. Period. You are as welcome as a heavy. Period.
I just get a mental image of a toddler going red in the face stamping and screaming because they are so determined they are right, even with the proof they’re wrong right there in front of them…

NOManiacs 050113h

Another new-ish member features on NOManiacs who can’t stop seeing that everything should be based on her religion. Or using slurs based on her religion. Or casting insults based on… You get the picture…

And another religion-based ramble…

NOManiacs 050113i

Note to Michele – we have a population of 7 billion. Allowing SSM will not stop straight people having babies #realitycheck #youarefuckingdeluded #godisfictional #hashtagsonfacebookdonothing…

NOManiacs 050113j

Basically, in Bi-anca’s befuddled opinion, straight people can have sex, but gay people can’t. OK. Are you a pimp, Bi-anca? Because I’m pretty sure they tell people who to have sex with as well. Also, see the points in relation to Michele’s ramblings based on your Bronze-Age Middle-Eastern goatherders scribblings…

NOManiacs 050113k

New poster. Same message. Different day.

NOManiacs 050113l

Once again the straw-man slippery-slope argument rears it’s tired, battered, wounded, deflated and ragged head. Leila was asked to prove in which of the countries that had allowed SSM that her fearmongering panic-hyperbole had actually happened. Unsurprisingly, she decined. I don’t want to give her any more picture space, but she spent hours banging on about a child needing a mother and father, then stated that she would happily place an abused child with a single parent rather than gay ones…

Right, that’s your lot for now. The tiredness is starting to finally get to me – that and having to scroll through the pathetic bleatings of a people who can not and will not ever see that there are people out there who are just as equal to them. All they see are people to harass, intimidate and bully with their ever-flimsier excuses in a pathetic attempt to boost their own self-importance and ego, which, due to their very own objectionable personalities, lays shivering in the gutter looking for one last fix of obnoxiousness.

Good morning, afternoon or night, wherever in the world you are. I would go to bed but I have to stay up now waiting for a replacement tv remote. Which could take up to another 9 hours to arrive. Joy.

Brightest Blessings to you all in the meantime.

Chauvinism, misogyny, feminism and misandry from the boards of NOM. And Clarence Warren invents a new term for both oral and male gay sex.

I didn’t think I’d be called into action again so soon to highlight all the different kind of hate speeches being aired on the festering cesspool that is the National Organisation for Marriage’s Facebook wall. In the past we’ve seen hate speeches about race – remember Michael Ejercito? – the LGBT population – obviously – Obama and the false allegations that he’s a foreign Muslim fascist communist socialist gun-taking abortion-champion – former NOM employee Louis Marinelli was a big proponent of those recently in a shameless, attention-seeking ploy to push copies of his books – it failed, especially if you have a look at how much they are selling.

So why another post so soon after the old one? For one of the first times, it appears that both anti-women and anti-men speech has turned up on the NOM thread plugging a new book that supposedly offers the best in pro-marriage arguments – written by authors who, in the past, have mostly used religion-based arguments and flawed, disproven studies by organisations with a vested interest opposing the legal equal recognition of LGBT couples. As a side note, we see yet another attempt at money-grubbing, along with a card that tells your friends you give money to legally treat gay people as second-class citizens!! Way to spread the message of Christian love at Christmas, NOM. Good fucking job!!

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I blacked out my bookmarks bar as it has links that might give away this author’s identity. And links to some pretty awesome Catgirl sites. Catgirls – the future…

Back to the point, however. After reading the following comments, your erstwhile writer thought that someone speaking like this in this day and age was obviously a troll or a spoof profile. So I did some research, and this guy has been posting some pretty right-wing stuff for a long while now – June 2009 to be exact. A lot of it pro-gun, Bible-humping, anti-gay, quasi-racist lunatic-fringe dribble. And a lot of rhetoric about the recent CT shootings being because there was no prayer/God/Bible/Jesus etc allowed in schools. If you want a look at this guys seriously twisted ramblings, go here – This was the first of two comments aimed at women;

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Rolf Anderson was the liker of this post – Rolf is a known anti-gay troll.

And the next…

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Again, Rolf Anderson is the like on this post…

That said, a recent addition to the NOManiac ranks decided to chip in with her two cents worth.

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You wouldn’t believe this, but Rolf Anderson is one of those who liked this.

Now, a NOManiacs blog post wouldn’t be complete without NOM’s own resident self-hating closet-case that is Clarence Warren. Now this blog has highlighted in the past – several times actually – that such a fixation on male gay sex by a supposedly straight man – without even a mention of female gay sex – obviously indicates repressed latent homosexual feelings. Usually it’s down to Wayne Cooper to focus on all aspects of the male anatomy, though Clarence did come up with these quite original terms for all things man-on-man…

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Clarence yet again defining what marriage is because of sexual activities – not realising that straight couples also take part in the very same activities. Any time you want to come out of that closet, Clarence, we’ll be right here waiting for you…


And so concludes another highlight of the vast litany of hatred and, seemingly, infighting over at the National Organisation for Marriage.


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Brightest Blessings x

A time of tragedy. Except for these heartless, unsympathetic ‘Christians’

I was going to call all of these people heartless unsympathetic cunts, but the title is the first thing people see and I didn’t want a vulgar title putting people off. Apologies if the language offended anyone. Truly. My level of emotion over this, being the father of a toddler, is running very high and I simply am not in the mood for illogical, Bible-based, buck-passing Teatard logic. Especially bullshit like this, following NOM’s call for prayers for the victims and families of the recent school shooting in Connecticut – for saying this, I thank them. This was the first post on the thread.

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Sympathy for the victims? Nope. Pushing the Bible.

And in keeping with this blog’s tradition of naming all those who like heartless,  uncaring, self-promoting comments like this, here they are. They will also be tagged.

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Not only is Dave Cooke completely wrong – see this link for a timeline of mass shootings and note how many educational establishments were affected – he also appears to have absolutely no inhibitions about blaming not the perpetrator, not the lax gun laws that see thousands of American deaths each year, but schools not having PRAYER or the BIBLE in education. Apparently the seperation of church and state means nothing to this callous, soulless being.

Not that he was the only one. Remember Clark LeRay Herlin from a couple posts back? Yep, he chimed in with similar Bible-based bullshit. As did Jeannie N Paul Martin, who went so far as to suggest that since prayer was removed that school shootings had increased. See below;

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No concern for the victims or families. Why is that not a surprise?

Now, pushing the Biblical agenda at the personal tragic expense of countless others, we can all agree, is selfish, uncaring and craven. Yet NOM’s followers didn’t stop there. We all know NOM’s mission statement – see the last blog – and some of us may have thought that their loyal band of sheeple might have just left the whole issue alone. Oh no…

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Yes, Nicole decided that not only was it because the perpetrator a single child, but it’s also the ‘decrease in marriage’, which NOM has firmly laid at the feet of the homosexual populace. Again, see the previous blog post.

Simply put, Mikael Delout answered Nicole in exactly the way I would have. Except with a lot less swearing.

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Well said, Sir. You have my commendations.

And it wouldn’t be a NOM thread without the vile Clarence Warren throwing his stagnant opinion into the ring. While Nicole avoided mentioning ‘teh gays’ by name, Clarence had no such inhibitions. This, and the rest of the posts Clarence made in response, were totally vile.

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I retract my comments from the last blog post, Clarence. I was obviously wrong.

For once, I will not make all-sweeping statements about the above individuals. Instead, I ask that you do what these supposed Christians cannot, and pray, bless, do a spell for, or do whatever you do, for the children and families affected by this terrible tragedy who truly deserve it.

Thank you for reading.