National Organization for Marriage is an anti-gay organization that constantly feeds the minds of Americans with lies, misinformation, hate speech and fear about the GLBTQ community (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered, Questioning). Of course, NOM supporters (NOManiacs) and other anti-gay people dispute that claim. This blog keeps them honest. Warning: This blog aggregates actual homophobic, ignorant or untrue comments and can be graphic in nature.

If you are featured on this blog you have every right to tell your side of the story. Let us know why you chose to post homophobic comments. Let us know if you no longer support National Organization for Marriage or other hate groups and what you’re doing (or not doing) to support marriage equality.

UPDATE: You have every right to tell your side of the story, but spamming the blog and making demands revokes this courtesy. If you are featured in one or more screen captures on this blog making a homophobic statement/hate speech, we are not taking it down. So don’t even bother asking. 


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    1. culturecheck Post author

      Thanks for your comment, cameorn. It illustrates EXACTLY the ignorance and homophobia that NOM encourages. C’mon, the website is a “pithy excuse”? Trying to figure out why you’d call something “pithy” when the blog is nothing more than posts from the National Organization for Marriage facebook page. Thanks again for your comment.

  1. Ed

    for the second time I have asked the my name and information about me be removed from your site. You do not have permission to post it and try and cause intimidation toward those you do not agree with. I have been receiving malicious malware and virus attacks since your posted my name and my administrator is connecting it to you. Remove my name and others you are trying to harrass .

    1. culturecheck Post author

      Hi, Ed! My apologies for not responding to your message earlier. I was still celebrating the NY Marriage Equality win. Isn’t it great that millions of fellow Americans are treated less as second-class citizens?

      I learned today that the group, in which you are a member, is no longer in public view. I will most certainly remove the member images which displays your name association. However, the minute I see that this group is back on public view, and since member lists are public, it will be reposted.

      I find it a little silly that you say I’M trying to harass you. How so? If you had nothing to hide, you wouldn’t mind that everyone can see you associate with a homophobic group. And if it’s in public view, as were the comments at the time, is fair game. You put it out there, deal with it.

      Thanks for your message!

      1. Penelope

        I wish you to remove all the information you have published on this site about Darren Clifft. I agree with Ed, it is disgraceful how you are copy and pasting conversations, and harrassing and persecuting people who have general views on life. You are commiting a terrible act by targetting individual people. Darren portrays himself differently online to actual real life, and a daresay a lot of these young people do too. The internet has a knack of doing that to people, and you should know that. I’ve told him to post no more on the net, and to give him a fresh start I am asking you to take off everything you have on this site. And I hope by publishing this comment on this site that I will not have the same problem as Ed with viruses being sent to be online.

      2. culturecheck Post author

        Thank you very much for your post. However, if you’d read further you would understand why this blog exists. It is not intended to harass, but to hold people accountable for what they post on Facebook. Darren has personally contacted this blog, offered an apology, we published a whole section on it (including his apology), yet he is back at it once again posting very hateful, inhumane comments.

        “You are commiting a terrible act by targetting individual people.” Really? Ask Darren about his ties to the so-called Praetorian Party and how he wants to “exterminate” gay people, Muslims, etc. His comments are hateful.

        “Darren portrays himself differently online to actual real life.” That’s not an excuse. Darren is an adult. He is responsible for his actions on and offline.

        We DO NOT push things under the rug just because you don’t like them. Darren posted on a PUBLIC page, therefore it’s fair game.

        As for Ed comments about viruses… we do not send out viruses and we do not set out to harm you computer. Get a copy of Norton Antivirus if you believe you are being infected.

        Let’s see how the “fresh start” goes. Because, he’s been there and done that already. And he lied.

    2. Nathan Durrant

      Would you mind removing me from here also please. Obviously some things were said in the heat of the moment and like the felow abive, they no longer exist on Facebook.

      1. culturecheck Post author

        They no longer exist on Facebook because they were removed for violating Facebook’s terms and conditions. We don’t remove screencaps simply because they no longer exist on Facebook. You’re out of luck. Next “heat of the moment” don’t threaten someone’s life just because you disagree with them.

    1. culturecheck Post author

      “Your mom” (original, by the way) Whom are you referring to that are “living worthless unemployed lives?”

      Are you referring to the NOM supporters who find the time to post every hour something homophobic? Or are you referring to the people (gay and straight) who show the world that NOM is a hate group?

      Unemployment is certainly an issue that needs to be fixed. A lot of GOP politicians have made it a point to ignore the job problem and instead focus on other things.

    1. culturecheck Post author

      Thanks for the nice comment. It’s nice to know that we have readers that are above and beyond the haters that are featured on this blog. So, thank you!

  2. Jared Jenkins

    My very best friend is a gay man and right now he is in the hospital with severe anal fissures from all of the group sex he has weekly. He has told me that gay men are sick with raw lust for other men and that even if they can get married it wouldn’t matter because in the gay world everyone knows that there is no loyalty to any one person. If that’s true, then you guys need to stop what you’re doing.

    1. culturecheck Post author

      Jared, with an attitude like yours towards gay people, I doubt you have ANY gay friends, let alone a best one. But thank you for highlighting the seemingly endless obsessive fascination you and the rest of the anti-brigade have with other people’s sex lives. We’re not sure WHY you have it, all we know is that you DO.

      To be honest it’s nosy at best. Perverted at worse…

      1. Jared Jenkins

        I think you guys have to be realistic about what you do and how you live your lives. Everyone knows of the many problems that gay folks have when it comes to their mental and physical health. Here is Great Britain, the suicide rate is the highest in Europe among gay men. Like others around the world, we here that it is due to the taunting and ridiculed from heterosexuals, but I don’t believe it for a moment. There’s something not right with gays and my dear friend, as I said previously, is in the local hospital for severe anal fissures. He has told me that as soon as he gets out, he will find the help he needs to get out of that deadly way of life.

  3. Wade MacMorrighan

    Indeed, Jared, the very same thing can be said of str8 people who enjoy group sex. Why then should we allow swingers to marry, or those in “open relationships” because, by your logic, marriage *can’t* mean anything to them.

  4. culturecheck Post author

    Jared, we believe you as much as we would a cheap watch. No ‘friend’ would put up with your level of obsession with their sex life and the derogatory way in which you speak of them. Any ‘friend’ of mine who spoke in that manner to me would soon find themselves at quite a distance.

    We wish your imaginary friend well…

  5. culturecheck Post author

    Jared, I am removing your post as it contains a link to sexually explicit images. This is not what I want associated with my blog. You also fail to recommend this link to straight people, who are equally as susceptible to STD’s. In addition you fail to recognise that lesbians are one of the lowest transmitters of many STD’s. Your post is a flat-out insinuation that all gays are diseased and only serves to highlight the depths to which your side will stoop. If you are to post in future, I suggest you bear this in mind.

  6. J. Patrick Morgan

    Always glad to see another ally in the fight for LGBT rights and Marriage Equality! If you’d like, please check out the following material at The Cybersattva weblog, a fellow PRO-LGBT Rights advocate on WordPress:




    Your ally,
    J. Patrick Morgan / The Cybersattva

  7. Jimmy

    This Blog is excellent! Keep up the great work in documenting the absolutely deranged thinking of NOM and its supporters! Kudos for putting in the effort – LGBT people need to have their attention drawn to what they’re up against – however it seems to me that as time moves on, the arguments of the likes of ‘same gender sodomy’ Clarence and god fearing Rick McCarrell become more and more absurd – surely a sign that they’re running out of ideas.

  8. Gary Cook

    Thank you for doing this blog! It takes a significant amount of work and your efforts are much appreciated!

  9. RockinRolla

    the administrator is an OUTRIGHT Idiot who can’t seem to grasp that every person knows what Homos do and you don’t need to be obsessed about it to point out that homosexuals have aLOT of STD’s and MANY other problems,as well as soaring rectal cancer rates!Ofcourse it is much more convenient and P.C to just call them a bigot or homophobe!What a BUNCH of LOSERS this site is made up of!

    1. culturecheck Post author

      If you’re going to post anonymously from Lima, Ohio, better to not use an IP address. This administrator does not approve comments that are intended to be anonymous. Choice is yours.

    2. culturecheck Post author

      Thanks for your comment, always nice to hear from a fan!

      Now, I could dissect your moonshine and incest-inspired ramblings, highlighting the irony of you not only labeling me an idiot but also the fact that you admit you know a lot about gay sex – more than the gay people who have it, it appears – but to do so to someone of such inferior intellectual capacity would be unfair. I mean, I can’t really engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed man, can I? It would be the debating equivalent of fighting kittens with a flamethrower.

      So, what I’m going to do is leave your misguided, ill-informed, vitriolic comments up, to serve as a highlight as to exactly why this blog exists, to wit, showing the need for exposure of hatred and discrimination in an age where we really should be past all that. Consider it the blogging parallel to leaving heads on spikes outside the city wall.

      And I hope the people of Lima, Ohio aren’t all tarred with the same brush of degenerate idiocy…

  10. Jared

    Are you gays that insecure about what you do? Homosexuality is not a normal sexual practice; it is a horrible behavior.

    1. culturecheck Post author

      Hi Mr. Jenkins – as admin and author I can see your e-mail – thanks for your comment. Normally abusive posts like this aren’t approved and usually deleted, but this admin has decided to allow them to highlight exactly the need for such a blog to exist in the first place.

      We are in no way insecure about who we are or what we do. After all, the point of this blog is to highlight OTHERS who are insecure in their own feelings or marriages that they feel the need to attempt to legally oppress a section of society based on their own personal religious feelings. We’re secure in the fact that under the law we deserve equal treatment. As for ‘normal sexual practice’, you do realise that the concept of ‘normal’ is subjective, right? As a gay woman I could no more imagine myself normally sleeping with a man than you would. As for your description of homosexuality being a horrible behaviour, consider the following scientific viewpoint. Within the whole spectrum of the animal kingdom – and unless you are a Bible-thumping Creationist you cannot deny we belong to this – homosexuality has been exhibited in approximately 1,500 species. Dislike and hatred of others based on an innate trait – basically homophobia like yours – is only exhibited in one. Which seems horrible now?

      Hope we icky gays didn’t disturb your lunch at Bella Elegante. Perhaps you shouldn’t really be concerned with what two people do in the privacy of their own bedrooms. I don’t want to know about your frenetic masturbation sessions, can you not worry about what I and my wife do please?


      1. Jared

        In all of your talk, you said nothing of any truth and substance. I think that gay people are very insecure with themselves because they know from within that what they do with each other is not only tragic, but it is proven to be life-threatening and put one’s health at severe risk as indicated by all of the medical data.

        Homosexuality is an awful behavior that needs to be legally unlawful once again, and the punishment for such behavior should be severe as it causes the medical cost to skyrocket, especially for homosexual men. For you personally, I would hope that the New Year will give you new perspective and that you will realize that slurping on another woman’s vagina is not a normal nor natural act or behavior, and for men to practice “rimming” with other men with their mouths should be punishable by jail time and a heavy fine. For a man to have poop all over his penis from his partner’s ass is as low and shameful that anyone can stoop. The tears are fallin from my eyes!!!

      2. culturecheck Post author

        I could very well use your own first line back at you, Mr. Jenkins. This blog is not in existence for you to graphically describe gay sex in a manner that suggests a worrying overfamiliarity with the subject. I’m not sure if Charter Communications in Pasadena is where you work, but if it is, then I’m pretty sure trolling anti-hate blogs with tales of faecophilia and cunnilingus isn’t really part of your job description. As admin, I have the privilege of seeing where you are posting from. I’d also like to point out that all the practices you list can, and are, engaged in by people both gay and straight.

        And is the line ‘slurping on another woman’s vagina is not a normal nor natural act or behavior’ an admission of your own repressed homosexuality? For surely you as a male must engage in this practice? If not, I feel for your partner. Rabid obsession with complete strangers’ sex lives, which, incidentally, are completely irrelevant in relation to marriage, seems to be the calling-card of those whose own insecurities about their sexual feelings creates schisms in their mental states. I can never quite understand why someone else’s private sexual activities are of any business but theirs.

        I politely request that you do not turn my blog into a smut-fest. Any further comments along this line will not be approved. I will also contact the IP address owner informing them of your activities. If you have nothing of value to add, you are not welcome here.

  11. Sergio

    Hey culturecheck,
    I want to share with you my NOM experience this weekend. After reading your blog, I decide to check NOM’s Facebook page. After debunking many of their failed arguments mostly being made by Jim Slade (the porn star) and Clarence, I decided to expose them with links to this blog. Guess what happened… All my comments were immediately deleted and my ability to write comments on their page removed. But the best part is that they still allows for me to “share” their vile message. Ahahahaha! Aren’t they generous? They are the first one to scream freedom of speech unless that freedom is used to expose their lies, of course.

    1. culturecheck Post author

      You are so right on! Firstly, though, thank you for reading the blog AND posting links to this blog. NOM cannot handle that this blog exists. They lose supporters (and $) everytime a link is posted on their page. So they ban good people like you and I and pretend they’re all about not suppressing free speech. Meanwhile you have fake accounts and actual homophobes like Mary Alice Susan Jennifer Wendy Prieboy (or whatever her name is) posting actual slurs and hate speech and are allowed to do so.

  12. Thomas

    Anal sex has a number of health risks. Anal intercourse is the riskiest form of sexual activity for several reasons, including the following:
    •The anus lacks the natural lubrication the vagina has. Penetration can tear the tissue inside the anus, allowing bacteria and viruses to enter the bloodstream. This can result in the spread of sexually transmitted infections including HIV. Studies have suggested that anal exposure to HIV poses 30 times more risk for the receptive partner than vaginal exposure. Exposure to the human papillomavirus (HPV) may also lead to the development of anal warts and anal cancer. Using lubricants can help some, but doesn’t completely prevent tearing.
    •The tissue inside the anus is not as well protected as the skin outside the anus. Our external tissue has layers of dead cells that serve as a protective barrier against infection. The tissue inside the anus does not have this natural protection, which leaves it vulnerable to tearing and the spread of infection.
    •The anus was designed to hold in feces. The anus is surrounded with a ring-like muscle, called the anal sphincter, which tightens after we defecate. When the muscle is tight, anal penetration can be painful and difficult. Repetitive anal sex may lead to weakening of the anal sphincter, making it difficult to hold in feces until you can get to the toilet. However, Kegel exercises to strengthen the sphincter may help prevent this problem or correct it.
    •The anus is full of bacteria. Even if both partners do not have a sexually-transmitted infection or disease, bacteria normally in the anus can potentially infect the giving partner. Practicing vaginal sex after anal sex can also lead to vaginal and urinary tract infections.

    Anal sex can carry other risks as well. Oral contact with the anus can put both partners at risk for hepatitis, herpes, HPV, and other infections. For heterosexual couples, pregnancy can occur if semen is deposited near the opening to the vagina.

    Even though serious injury from anal sex is not common, it can occur. Bleeding after anal sex could be due to a hemorrhoid or tear, or something more serious such as a perforation (hole) in the colon. This is a dangerous problem that requires immediate medical attention. Treatment involves a hospital stay, surgery, and antibiotics to prevent infection.

    And we are told that what homos do is normal. I don’t think so according to this accurate information from the US NAVY MEDICAL BAY. If I were the US SURGEON GENERAL, I would immediatley put out a bulletin to stop all forms of homo sexual activity and would initiate leglislation to make such activity punishable under the law.

    1. culturecheck Post author

      So, let’s get this on the record… you want to outlaw marriage equality just because of anal sex? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FAIL.
      Um, do you realize how many straight couples practice anal sex? Are you going to police their bedrooms, AND MARRIAGES, too?
      What about marriages that do not have sex? Trust me, there are even more of those – gay or straight.
      Guess what, you’re not US SURGEON GENERAL. Keep dreaming. So all you can do is anonymously post on a blog that called you or your friends out for their bigotry. “Thomas,” is it? Man up. Someone has been hanging out with Clarence TheScribe Warren or Wayne Cooper too much. Happy Dreaming!

  13. Mike

    Hey, great blog-
    I love reading your recaps to the cast of idiots I see on NOM’s page.
    One question, have you noticed this Anita Bidet and her relentless posts calling for gays to be stoned to death “because that’s what my Lord demands”?
    she’s your typical elderly nut with one hand on her bible and one foot in the grave, but her obvious approval and encouragement of harming a gay person concerns me. Not because I find her personally to be a threat, hell, she’s so old she probably went to school with Jesus. But her constant rumblings could very well inspire some other religious nuts to do something stupid.
    I’ve reported her countless calls to violence, but Facebook apparently can’t be bothered to shut her up. I’ve even attempted to call her out on NOM’s wall, asking if she’s gonna agree with the “putting to death the homosexuals” as Leviticus states, is she gonna agree with the rest of what Leviticus says? i.e. been to Red Lobster lately? but I get no response from her.
    Anyway, just wanted to put this nut on your radar, if she’s not already there. check out her posts when you get a chance, if you haven’t seen them already.
    keep up the good work! I’ll keep reading!

    1. culturecheck Post author

      We are aware of Anita, and it is obvious she is a fake profile who appears to be posting messages like that as a mockery of those on the NOM page. We can see the people who like the comments and are working on identifying them.

      1. James Bradshaw

        Anita Bidet, folks …. it’d be a great drag name, no? Too bad our sister “Anita” was taken seriously and not as the satire she was (obviously) intended to be! 😉

        Watch out for them on the NOM sites … too bad that the hysterical rantings of the *actual* NOM supporters make them hard to pick out.

  14. Staci Dawkins

    I have much of the information on this weblog and think you guys are crazy to argue over homosexuality. I have no dog in the fight, but I know that a woman can’t do a thing for me. A gay male friend of mine found out just today that he has colitis and his doctor says it is from anal sex. It is really a sad case of what people have become.

    1. culturecheck Post author

      With all due respect, i.e. none, a marriage sex does not make. You, like many others, have fallen into the bear-pit of male gay sex, which, as it must be noted, given your attention to the subject, a good number of the anti-gay, anti-SSM, pro-Bible shouty fuckwits seem to focus upon, ‘Stacy’. I’m sure there are many support groups for people with gay sex fixations in New Jersey, which is where you come from, given your IP address…

  15. Scott Hutcheson

    I adore this site but I’m curious why you don’t highlight the commenters on the NOM blog. Some of those are just as bad and they’re heavily moderated and approved by the NOM staff.

    1. culturecheck Post author

      To be honest, Scott, that is a very good question, and one that deserves an honest answer. At this point in time we only have three editors, two working full time and the other with a lot of other commitments. It takes all our time just to scroll through and capture the hatred found on the NOM Facebook page without having to go through all of their blog posts as well. As much as we wish we could do it, sometimes we simply don’t have the capability. It also takes anywhere between two to four hours to construct a blog post, especially when there are a lot of screencaps to add.

      We have in the past included some of the comments but they, by and large, seemed to be from the same dozen or so people haunting the NOMblog page. We will, however, try to accommodate any comments that you rightly pointed out ARE approved by the NOM Director of Communications, who we have featured here before, as and when we get the chance Thanks for the comemnt and for following the blog, and hopefully we can only improve on what we are doing at this time!!

  16. Nathan Durrant

    Sorry I missed that. Dont remember threatening to kill anyone. Anyway, have your day in the sun.

    1. culturecheck Post author

      Then have another look at the posting you are featured in. You mention or insinuate the following:

      Hunting down and beating up a gay man, because that is the rational thing to do.
      Asking a gay man why they deserve to live.
      “To be honest Alan, I would say you deserved death.”
      “I would love to run a sword through you”
      “Paul needs a hard slap. Kate needs a hard slap. Manuel needs a good kicking. Feel free to forward to the Police.”

      And this is BEFORE we look at your constant repeated admonishments that gays are perverted, paedophiles, sick, twisted… (continued ad infinitum).

      Heat of the moment? Don’t lie. Your constant attacks over a continued period show you know full well what you were saying.
      You didn’t threaten to kill anyone? Don’t lie. It’s there, captured forever, for anyone to see your direct and insinuated threats.

      I’m not surprised you are changing your name, because when any potential employer Googles your name for a job, they will see your atrocious attitude towards the LGBT community and quite rightly will want to have absolutely nothing to do with you. Overt, potentially violent homophobes are a high risk factor when it comes to getting sued for discrimination.

      I notice you accuse us of stalking and defaming in another comment. The irony of you not seeing your own attempts to stalk and defame Ms. Lee, who asked me specifically to write this piece, and others, is beyond excoriating. Like any cowardly little bully, you cannot stand it when the tables are turned on you. I have no sympathy for you and your attempt to martyr yourself is as pathetic as your attitude towards LGBT. Someone like yourself is not fit to work with the public.

      Have a truly awful day…

  17. Nathan Durrant

    Seems like the majority of your arguments go like this. ‘You know what gays do, therefore you are gay’ or ‘we know where you live’. On another note, my name is changing back to my mothers name by depoll soon. Something I have been meaning to do for years. Sorryto render all your stalking and defaming meaningless.

  18. Frank Nero

    Culturecheck,so glad I found your site. Thank you for exposing NOM hate web pages.
    My partner of 41+ years and I got married in CA over one year ago and it feels great.
    People here (Marina Del Rey/VeniceBeach) accept us equally.We’ve live in the area since 1976,owned several restaurants (my husband was a five-stars French Chef,cooked for Jacques Cousteau) and I must say we never experienced homophobia;at least overtly.
    We are both retired and living the American dream. And,at our age,a bit of financial security is the icing on the marriage-equality cake.
    P.S. If you need,we may help you with fundraising idea to enrich your valuable web site.
    Bon appetit et Bonsoir.

  19. SayNoToLGBTerroist

    “Exposing NOM” i.e. people who believe in traditional marriage. What right do you have to tell everyone they have to accept your version of marriage and the gay lifestyle? I can say that most hatred you see is in reaction to people like you demanding everyone accept homosexuality and it’s views.
    On your Twitter you put “talk smack about the LGBT community” i.e. anyone who has an opinion you don’t like. You attack individuals and businesses who don’t share your view and then you act befuddled you get hatred. Look at how gays were purposely going around to find Christan businesses to refuse them for their gay ceremony in order to sue them….and once again yet you wonder why gays are hated..

    Put this image in your head..having sex with your bed ridden dementia great grand parent..that negative gut reaction you should have had(who knows that may be your thing too) is how people feel about homosexuality..but you people want to force it on others who only want to be left alone. the LGBT is the Hate Group the LGBT are the ones using violence(government) to get it’s way. I know we will never agree but the difference is I am not going to gay businesses, gay social places, gay individuals and forcing my views on them and trying to ruin them if they don’t..that is what your kind is doing and eventually something got to give..#LGBTPurge

    1. culturecheck Post author

      Is your email really SayNoToLGBTerroist@yahoo.com? I guess ‘no’ because you’ve spelled “terrorist” wrong.

      “Put this image in your head..having sex with your bed ridden dementia great grand parent..that negative gut reaction you should have had(who knows that may be your thing too) is how people feel about homosexuality”
      That’s real deep. I don’t think about this very often, if ever. Maybe that’s your problem? You have a wild imagine, indeed, kiddo.

      So, in addition to calling us “terrorists,” you also provided an interesting hashtag, #LGBTPurge. Your message seems to be encouraging violence, or a “purge.”

      This is believing in traditional marriage?

    2. culturecheck Post author

      We might also add that we welcome comments on American issues from the Netherlands which your ISP address is indicating.

  20. Upset U.S. Army Veteran

    I am not even sure where to begin. I found your blog post where you had tagged me, and you made some pretty strong accusations against me without bothering to ask what I meant, or to actually fact find to determine if the comments you made about me were true. You labeled me a homophobe for voicing my opinion, and you provided no proof at all to back up your accusations. You also claimed associations for me without any facts in evidence to back up your claims.

    So let’s start at the beginning.

    1. You mentioned Facebook in this thread, so I am assuming that the comment I supposedly made was done on Facebook. You mentioned Jeanette Victoria in the blog post, said that she and I were friends and that I was part of some organization I had never even heard of called NOM.

    I have thousands of “friends” on Facebook. That doesn’t mean I know them all, know them very well or even associate. I had to look up Jeanette Victoria to find out who you were talking about. I have checked my Facebook friends list, and I see no one by that name on my list. If you have any other aliases for her, then please let me know so I can check. If you have a problem with her, then feel free to take it up with her. Do not involve me in it.

    We are hardly friends. In fact, I don’t even know the woman. We’ve never met in person, and all the stuff you said about her was news to me. If you want to continue to make the claim that a. She and I are actually friends, b. I am part of some organization called NOM, and c. that I am a homophobe, then please do so. Had you provided a screen shot of the comment you claim I made, then I would actually believe you. Which leads me to my next point.

    2. I am an honorably discharged U.S. Army veteran. I served my country not one, but twice, and when I signed my contract, it didn’t give me the option to pick and choose who I was willing to give my life for. I was willing to lay my life down for all Americans whether I liked them or not, whether I agreed with them or not, and whether I wanted to associate with them or not.

    Did you serve in the military? Are you willing to lay your life down for my right to voice my opinion and disagree? If not, then you have no right to point the finger at me and accuse me of hating other people when I was willing to give my life to preserve the freedom of all Americans. Is there a reason you feel a particular hatred towards veterans? This is another case where you failed to do your due diligence.

    3. If I did make the comment you claim that I made, then it was based on reading Kinsey, among other things. In Kinsey’s studies, he said that only 9% of those who said they were homosexual believed they were born that way. Unless you have some scientific studies that have been peer reviewed that you would like to share with me, then I can only conclude that homosexuals are the way they are because of some childhood trauma, one of which could have been childhood molestation. I have no idea. On this I am giving you my opinion based on my personal experience of talking to homosexuals I have known and observing their behavior.

    4. I believe that to promote marriage at the federal level is unconstitutional. The reason is that it violates the rights of the states under the 9th and 10th Amendments because marriage is not a federal issue, it is an area that is handled by the states. As defined by the Constitution, it is not a right because the Constitution didn’t include it. So long as what you are doing does not restrict or violate my rights in any way and does not break the law, it’s really none of my business.

    I neither stand for nor against this issue because it doesn’t affect me. I don’t have time for getting involved in another cause simply because veterans’ issues keep me very busy, and I help all veterans regardless of whether or not I agree with them or even like them. Veterans have way too many problems with PTSD, alcoholism, homelessness, health and lack of benefits for me to take the time to get involved in anything else.

    You don’t need my approval, and you certainly don’t need my permission to to live your life the way you want. Honestly, I’m getting tired of being drug into others’ fights. In the future I would highly recommend you do your due diligence before making such sweeping generalizations against others, particularly lies. I could sue you for libel since not only did you post something that wasn’t true, you tried to destroy my business and my business reputation in the process. I have contacted Google over this issue because I don’t want my search engine rankings affected, and I have also taken measures on my sites to protect them. I ask that you untag me from the post.

    Jesus told us to love God and then love others as we love ourselves. I do my best to follow that. I don’t always get it right. It’s not my place to judge you or anyone else. In the end, it’s not between me and you. It’s between you and God. Only you get to choose your life.


    Jinger Jarrett
    SGT, United States Army
    Michigan Army National Guard

    1. culturecheck Post author

      Let’s first start with your comment that you posted on Jeanette’s public Facebook page:
      “Their whole lifestyle is predicated on child molestation and that’s largely cause of their lifestyle.” – Jinger Jarrett

      We ask you to provide facts and scientific research that backs your claim.

      1. Comment was made on a public Facebook profile. The screenshots were removed (we can always repost them) because Jeanette filed a complaint. Her mugshot was removed among many other things. Google realized this was public information and restored it. We did not ask for your screenshots to be restored.
      2. We take offense to using your veteran’s status as some sort of justification to post hate speech on Facebook. Many people featured on NOManiacs have had respectable positions and have posted hate speech (sometimes even worse than yours). Should we look the other way because they served int he military? Frankly, have no point. “Are you willing to lay your life down for my right to voice my opinion and disagree? If not, then you have no right to point the finger at me and accuse me of hating other people when I was willing to give my life to preserve the freedom of all Americans.”
      3. “On this I am giving you my opinion based on my personal experience of talking to homosexuals I have known and observing their behavior.” This isn’t scientific research.
      4. Thanks for stating your opinion, but again, it has nothing to do with why you posted what you did.

      “In the end, it’s not between me and you. It’s between you and God. Only you get to choose your life.”
      Please spare the sermon. You posted hate speech and you are obviously not apologizing. Just making excuses.

      We will delete the section where you are mentioned in the post. We will not delete this thread of comments. Just so you know, this is the first time ever that we’ve deleted content based on someone writing us and requesting that we do so. Our advice to you, watch what you post on Facebook. People thank you for service, but that does not give you the right to post hate speech on Facebook.

      NOManiacs Staff

  21. Upset U.S. Army Veteran

    Although I disagree with you that what I said was anything more than simply a statement of my opinion, thank you for taking time to resolve this. Pointing out my military service wasn’t mean to be a justification for hurting someone’s feelings. It was simply meant to point out the fact tht I was willing to lay my life down for all Americans. That hardly makes me a hater. Thanks.

    Also, had I known all this stuff about Jeanette, I would have never allowed her on my friends’ list. I certainly would never ever condone those types of criminal acts.

  22. Upset U.S. Army Veteran

    Again, my statement was based on my opinion. It wasn’t meant to offend anyone or hurt anyone’s feelings. I’ll be happy to take a look at any science you offer. My biggest concern, because I am pro life, is that if science does determine that homosexuals are born this way, it’s another excuse to increase abortions, and I think that is a terrible reason to murder anyone.

    I may not agree with you and what you believe. That does not mean I won’t defend your right to think and believe whatever you want. I don’t believe it is right to harm someone because they believe differently than I do, and I would never ever condone a hate crime for this reason. For that I am willing to apologize since you were willing to take me off the post.

    I did do a search for your post. It bothered me that I couldn’t find this woman on my friends’ list. The only name I had was Jeannette Victoria, and apparently I spelled it wrong. I copied the name from your post, and I was able to find her that way. I did unfriend her because I don’t associate with people like that. For that I thank you because she sounds like trouble. Let this be the end of it. I wish you the best in your endeavors.


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