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NOM Continues to Bring Out Homophobic Rants From its Supporters; NOM Supporters Quiet about NOM’s Photo Fakery

National Organization for Marriage has been caught altering a photograph last week to make it look like more supporters attend their rallies. They used an Obama rally photo to clone in supporters. See the story here.

NOM didn’t say a word but quickly took down the picture. And continued on for the repeal of marriage equality in NH. They even publicized a poll that initially went in favor of repeal, until it quickly changed.
“As of mid-day Thursday, 55% of respondents agreed that New Hampshire should repeal same-sex marriage—although that percentage was reversed in a couple of hours as hundreds of gay marriage supporters inundated the site Thursday evening.) Advocates of gay marriage know they are not really winning the battle for hearts and minds, and so they are unleashing a new set of arguments.” – Brian Brown of National Organization for Marriage.

They’ve seen their failure in NY and will now to go any length to “win” the war for straight marriage only. That includes defending individuals who speak out against gay people and their families. Often in a vile, homophobic, misleading manner. They claim they are defending their freedom of speech. Yet, those who speak out against the homophobic posts on NOM’s facebook page usually are kicked off after being labeled as “trolls.” Freedom of speech? Huh?

Here’s how NOM is (as Brian Brown calls it) “winning the battle for hearts and minds” :

And here’s Rev. Wayne C Cooper of Lincoln Avenue Baptist Church in Pasadena, CA.:

Because Gov. Cuomo lead the charge for marriage equality in New York, Rev. Wayne C Cooper believes it’s because he’s gay:

NOM Calls Disagreeing With Homophobic Comments “Un-American” and Creates Hypocritical ‘Marriage Anti-Defamation Alliance”

Desperation. National Organization for Marriage is ramping up its rhetoric by calling those who disagree with NOM supporters/anti-gay people and their views as “Un-American.” Brian Brown, who heads up this group, sent an email this week calling this new project a defense of “religious liberty and free speech rights from being trampled by the SSM lobby” and that their goal is to “create a community of Americans who adhere to the core Gospel value: ‘Be not afraid!’

With marriage equality victory in New York, the tone has become hateful. And hypocritical. National Organization for Marriage Facebook page kicks off anyone who displays too much opinion in support of marriage equality. Many of the comments reposted on this blog are taken DIRECTLY from the National Organization for Marriage page. Some are vulgar. Some incite violence. Yet, those that make those comments are rarely removed. NOM can dish it but cannot take criticism.

I find it absolutely ridiculous that NOM claims its supporters have been “bullied, threatened, even fired from their jobs.” Teen suicides are being talked about frequently in the news. New York politicians are being targeted (with the help of donation money) by NOM because they voted in favor of marriage equality. NOM is refusing to release public information about their donors (it’s illegal to not release this information). Teachers who make disgusting homophobic comments are being reprimanded, but supported by NOM. Yet, NOM plays the victim card – for itself and its supporters.

Let’s be fair here… Brian Brown, Maggie Gallagher are you going to protect my freedom of speech and privacy rights when NOM supporters are threatening me? Here’s Carmen Pereira, a NOM supporter, who specifically targeted me just after marriage equality was won in New York.

Carmen not only is bullying individuals who disagree with her but she also posted my employer’s information, address, and phone number.

Not all NOM supporters are like Carmen Pereira. But they’re still supporting NOM, which provides a forum and encouragement for this type of behavior.

In the end, my employer informed me that no call was ever received from Carmen Pereira. Yet, the threat was still there. In the United States, some states can fire you for your sexual orientation. My employer is a huge equality advocate. Even if Carmen did call, she would be told where she could take her complaint.

“Homosexuals are not fit for military service.” Why Silly Statements Like These Cemented Repeal of DADT

DADT is dead. And there are plenty of NOM supporters pissed about it. Rick Vee certainly is. Their only hope is that a GOP presidential hopeful gets lucky, somehow wins the Presidency and reinstates DADT. If that is even possible.

But one argument stood out among the “showering with straight soldiers” silliness that we heard day in and day out up to repeal… “Not fit for military service.” What? This comment made by an Admin of the Facebook Page Restore DADT, solidifies why repeal of DADT passed.

The last comment is a gem. Not only are gay service members unfit to serve, discrimination of gay people is just according to this coward. Thank goodness most Americans aren’t on the same page.

Another post on Restore DADT page. Dale Rosser believes because “Gays are not monogamous” it’s reason to reinstate DADT. And heterosexual people are entirely monogamous?

NOM Supporters Vow to Treat GLBT Community as Second Class Citizens, Resort to Racial Epithets

National Organization for Marriage loves to cause a stir. They’ll post something on their Facebook page and their supporters rally around their every word, resorting to hate speech, even Terms of Service violations. Sometimes it’s promptly removed by Facebook. Sometimes it sits for days for the world to see that this organization is, in fact, a hate group. Yet, when the GLBT community and its allies point out this type of behavior, it’s quickly labeled as an attack on religious freedoms. Yet, most of the NOM supporters resort to ‘religious’ reasons for their intolerance, hate, hypocrisy and bigotry. Do you find love from these comments?

Michael Ejercito has said some pretty awful untrue things about gay people and their families. Was the racial epithet really necessary?

If you’re gay or lesbian or as Milo Chloe likes to refer as “homos,” you’re not welcome to be employed by his company or do business. Does this sound familiar, as in pre-1960s familiar? “PRAISE GOD” for discrimination? Milo says yes.

Then there’s a NOM favorite, Paul Liebe Sr. who is more of a liability for NOM with his use of “homo” and labeling GLBT people as “deviant” and “Paedophile.” And don’t you dare “dye your hair perple” as people may judge you. Perple? Ohhh, purple! Not judging you, Mr. Liebe. By the way, in German, “Liebe” means “love.” Full of it. Full OF IT.

Ladies and Gents, you have that wonderful, fuzzy, loving organization called NOM. And you thought Antranae Lee was a liability.