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Friends of Brian Brown, National Organization for Marriage

Brian Brown heads up National Organization for Marriage. An organization dedicated to stripping away the rights of the GLBT community through various scare tactics, intimidation, lies and bigotry.

You can tell a lot about an organization by the very people who run it. Who they associate with. In this case, Brian Brown is friends on Facebook with two individuals who have fake profiles. The advantage of a fake profile is, one can go to a pro-equality page spout hate and not be responsible for it. It’s cowardly. But hey, it works. Meet Justin Boudreaux and Jessica Thibodeaux (with the fake profile picture). You are who you associate with. They’re doing Brian Brown’s dirty work. Jessica Thibodeaux was on the NY senators’ pages pushing the usual NOM rhetoric and would leave as people would call out her fake profile.

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And here is one of Jessica Thibodeaux’s posts on Senator Greg Ball’s wall:

Marriage Equality for New York!!!! NOM Now Threatens Pro-Equality Politicians, Supporters Ask for Another 9-11 and Gays to be Burned.

Marriage Equality for New York passed 33-29. What an amazing victory. National Organization for Marriage sure was mad. So much in fact, it vowed a whopping $2 million dollars to unseat the Republicans who voted for marriage equality. Sore losers.

Here’s what they ran on their facebook page.

NOM even used a picture of Jesus!

There is a brilliant blog dedicated to exposing NOM that goes into greater detail of this subject: Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters

The homophobic comments that followed after New York Marriage Equality passed were too much to keep up with. Here’s a posting of some. One really stands out.

One NOM supporter even asked for another 9-11 to prove his point.

NOM Plays Ugly and Sends it Supporters to Post Onto New York Senators Facebook Pages, Threaten Equality Supporters

The fight for marriage in New York rested in the hands of a few Republicans. National Organization for Marriage wanted to win over the senators so that they would vote No for the Marriage Equality Bill. While NOM was pumping in my money and showing itself in Albany, its supporters were told to go to their pages and post their ‘support’ for traditional marriage. It turned ugly. NOM supporters tried a variety of things. And FAILED. But the fact that NOM now has obvious lies and tactics in its toolbox, they pretty much got caught deceiving New Yorkers and the United States.

I have since heard from a follower that the picture is of his daughter,one of many which was stolen by the convicted felon Jahnmaud Lane, and used to create fake profiles. Yes, Lane actually sank so low as to steal pictures of toddlers. And Brian Brown actually shook hands with this man…

One posted this on one of the senator’s walls. A fake profile, intended to make gay people seem like monsters…

Another one admits to using a fake profile. Shaun Vicari actually created a Facebook profile of a well-known pro-equality person to spread hateful comments. Here’s his confession:

New Protect Marriage: One Man One Woman Page… Every post has “queers” and “homos.” Yet, Facebook allows it to exist.

This page was mentioned once before on this blog. This used to be a somewhat “friendlier” page until Rick Walston handed control over. They are still at work posting all sorts of things that are untrue, derogatory and just mean towards the GLBT community. Isn’t it interesting how they’ll call people “queers” and “homos” in one post and then the next claim they are followers of God’s word?

The NOM Propaganda Machine Hard at Work, Supporters Emphasize Their Hate and That God is On Their Side

June is a month that many families celebrate graduations, Father’s Day, weddings, lazy days at the beach. You’d think people would spend more time with their families now that the kids are out of school. National Organization for Marriage keeps up its propaganda machine,  instilling fear into the hearts and minds of whoever will listen. Yet, its supporters continue to post things that would have the average American wondering if NOM is a hate group. They are against the LGBT community marrying but many are pretty much against their existence altogether. Just take a look at what they’ve been posting this month on NOM’s facebook page and elsewhere…

Leroy Soloman
is known to quote white supremacist sites to make an argument.

More Outrageous Claims and Statements from NOManiacs

It’s been a slow week for the National Organization for Marriage. Illinois civil unions take effect this week. The grave for DOMA is getting deeper and deeper. So NOM concentrates on scaring parents that the “radical gay agenda” is coming to an elementary school near them. Or that Senator Ruben Diaz who led the hate parade in the Bronx last month where he said gay people are worthy of death is now apparently receiving death threats. NOManiacs criticized a Gallup poll last month that revealed Americans are more favorable of gay marriage than ever. Now they are latching onto a Gallup poll that says people believe gay people were born gay has flatlined. Again, very slow week for the haters.

The NOManiacs are hard at work spewing their hatred and misinformation:

And in the same breath…

And it wouldn’t be complete with commentary from Wayne C Cooper, a reverend from Lincoln Avenue Baptist Church in Pasadena, California, made famous by this blog about his tirades on anal sex and feces. And somehow he knows the best interest of children?

Rob Haldeman claims gay people will never be equal to him because they “can’t make biological children with the partner they love.” A very popular NOM argument.  Yet, there are millions of couples, gay and straight, who cannot have children for medical reasons and many who do not want to have children. Are they not equal either?

And NOManiacs love to create fake profiles in order to say things they don’t have to be responsible for. Yet their allegiance to National Organization for Marriage makes NOM responsible.