Jeanette T Runyon – National Organization for Marriage Supporter & Public Offender

UPDATE: Was contacted by WordPress that the subject of this post had contacted the company to have this post removed. She didn’t get her way so she filed a copyright infringement complaint to have the photos taken down even though the Mecklenburg County mugshot is public domain. It worked, except she embarrassed herself in the WordPress forum and we’ve acquired many new readers because of her complaints ( NOManiacs has always been about seeing both sides fairly and we’ve given people featured on this blog the opportunity to explain their side. Jeanette Runyon, care to shed some light on your hate for gay people and posting misleading, inaccurate and untrue things about the GLBT community and why you believe you’re above the law?

She goes by Jeanette Victoria on Facebook. She’s very vocal about her disapproval of homosexuality and marriage equality. She’s entitled to that. But it’s interesting to know what people know about these individuals who are quick to criticize, point fingers, post inaccurate material against a minority group. Some have a really dark past. We profiled Jahnmaud Oshe Lane, a NOM supporter who shot a police officer with an AK-47. While these people are entitled to their opinions, we also have the right to know where and whom these comments are coming from.

Sure, we’ve been pulled over by the cops for speeding or running a stop sign every now and then. But have you ever committed fraud to traffick a baby to the U.S. from the Ukraine? Jeanette Victoria is legally Jeanette T Runyon. She has been indicted by the U.S. Government on just that. Just another foot soldier for National Organization for Marriage. Oh, let’s also point out that she has prior arrests for Battery, Disturbing the Peace, Driving with a Suspended License and being a Repeat Offender.

Here’s the indictment against Runyon:

29 thoughts on “Jeanette T Runyon – National Organization for Marriage Supporter & Public Offender

  1. jessi

    This woman is obviously beyond any rational response, but is it really fair to tie her to NOM? Is she anyone more than a supporter? Is NOM aware of her? Do they condone any of her actions?

    I’m all for exposing vicious and ignorant hate groups, but I can’t support singling out a single person who is in support of their hatred and using her as an attack on NOM. Unless there is legitimate reason to believe that her support is reciprocated, this seems to be little better than NOM picking out an AID’s infected, rapist, husband-beater, child molester, drug addict and using him as an attack on the gay community.

    …except NOM isn’t nearly as far from Jeanette as that man is from the gay community.

    1. culturecheck Post author

      You bring up a really great point. This particular person has repeatedly posted some vile things directed towards the GLBT community to the point she’s become a well-known figure. She doesn’t need NOM to be pointed out as anti-gay. People are entitled to their opinions even if they are against the gay community. Opinions aren’t always facts, as demonstrated here in Runyon’s conversation with Jinger Jarrett. And not all NOM supporters are felons. But they’re certainly relying on misinformation, hate speech and so-called religious values. Which NOM has clearly demonstrated in themselves and their supporters.

  2. Layla S (@OohLaLayla)

    Hmmm, funny how they are always the first to call the LGBT community monsters, but how many of us actually have these felonies listed in our background? She wants to shield her children/family from the dangers of homosexuality, seems to me they should be shielding themselves away from her. Battery? driving under a suspended licencse? She and Lane are putting innocent people’s lives in danger, and for what? What selfish, disgusting people.

  3. Anon Anon

    Baby trafficker? Felon? Seriously, folks!

    It isn’t that hard to find the real story. The only thing this woman did was fill out a form in error. She wound up paying all of a $10 fine. Apparently the government recognized it as an honest mistake on her part, which is more than I can say for whoever posted this phony article.

    Is “marriage equality” really served by demonizing anyone who expresses an opposing opinion? In this case all you did was make an ass out of anyone who believed you.

    1. Steven Roberts

      that indictment sure isn’t phony lol You Christian fascist are the worst people. You are full of hate and lies. It’s people like you who used to burn people alive in the dark ages.. hmmm cool when Religion ruled the world they called it the Dark ages haha.

      1. Anon Anon

        Do you even know what an indictment is?

        The issue has since been investigated and resolved… and the reason why her cyberstalker isn’t using a more recent document should be obvious. A $10 misdemeanor doesn’t support the effort to assassinate her character.

        Whoever is behind this blog should be ashamed. All you are doing is making gullible people look like fools.

      2. culturecheck Post author

        You are more than welcome to provide that part of the story. I find it interesting you’re posting as anonymous. If you know the truth, then by all means, provide it. Jeanette has contacted WordPress to have this blog taken down. She’s been in trouble with the law before – including Battery. The “black market baby” is just interesting. Any regular person doesn’t get into that type of situation. We find it interesting that Jeanette claims this is stalking, yet she’s willing to post awful, untrue, misleading, hateful things about GLBT people and their families. It’s a two-way street. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, so to speak. Anon Anon, are you Jeanette Runyon? Probably.

    2. culturecheck Post author

      Anon Anon = sutterfacts = Lady Predator. Jeanette Runyon has used this name in the past. Which leads me to believe Anon Anon is Jeanette Runyon.

    3. Jason Whitfield

      Actually there was far more than a “$10 fine” There was an extensive Federal investigation, a large bond posted, she plead guilty and there are EXTENSIVE court documents in the public domain to show this. The case involved trafficking CHILDREN!

      Why are you anonymous?

  4. Grace

    So this how you people think you will get marriage equity” by posting lies and half truths about someone who thinks marriage is just between a man and a woman. The screen shots of what she wrote aren’t even very bad.

    Are you so insecure about your cause that you have to demonize and intimidate those that disagree with you?

    There was no charge of human trafficking in either country in fact she was charged with a misdemeanor.

    It seems to me blog does a poor job of promising your cause. In fact it does a fine job of convincing people of just the opposite.

    1. culturecheck Post author

      Marriage equality. Not marriage equity. And certainly not Mirage equity. A couple of NOM supporters cannot even spell “Marriage.” Though you got that part right. Congrats.

    2. Matthew

      This ignorant sow (Grace) is another racist friend of Jeanette’s. On twitter this bigot goes by @asideofbacon (And she looks like a side of beef).

  5. Steven Roberts

    I posted a link to this page on my facebook and facebook had it removed because it said i “infringed on their copy rites”
    well would think that getting all this out to more people would be a good thing.

  6. Steven Roberts

    I posted a link of this blog on my Facebook page and Facebook removed it saying I was infringing on this public blogs infringement rites REALLY.
    and whats wrong with this stupid blog! no one ever answers shit!

  7. RevTruth!/aksyur

    Aksyur Yuriy Aksyonov
    I learned your story from the press and the Internet. I was very indignant of such attitude to you from my state.
    29 Mar 10

    Aksyur Yuriy Aksyonov
    Then I learned all the libel that yours enemies write about your in your country.
    29 Mar 10

  8. Sam Smith

    If her Jeanette Victoria/Runyon/Woodslayer’s God had wanted this blog taken down, it would have been. She is an anti gay Scott Lively supporting obsessive, and deserves to be exposed.

  9. Bob Davis

    Currently, Jeanette Runyon is @No1Important00 on Twitter. She’s really doubled down on her bigotry. Many of her tweets are racist & she has taken to announcing that women never should have been given the vote. She also makes an ass of her self potatoing – she’s in her 60s & calls people “luzer” & “cray cray.”

    Also, her antipsychotics have given her tardive dyskinesia so she is constantly sticking her tongue out . . .


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