NOM Supporter has a dark past…as in felony.

The National Organization for Marriage likes to claim they are purveyors of the moral high ground. They rely on religion to captivate those who ‘follow God’s rule.’ Then there are those that post homophobic comments, criticize others because of their sexual orientation, and so on. Turns out, NOM supporter, Jahnmaud Oshe Lane is one of them. He also happens to be a convicted felon – served over a year in prison for shooting someone with an AK-47 (see link below). Back to the moral high ground that NOM and its supporters tout. Jahnmaud apparently claims that God sent him to prison. Twice. He claims he has repented and we must respect that. But now he’s on facebook posting comments that demean fellow human beings and proclaiming homosexuals do not deserve rights. When the marriage bill was being passed in NY, Jahnmaud armed with NOM’s talking points flooded various senators’ walls. Here’s some homophobic comments he has made in the past:

Here’s a link to Jahnmaud’s Public Offender Profile:
Notice how he added “Oshe” as his middle name and dropped the “Mondre.”

Also, Jahnmaud has posted on a Christian help site for those struggling with same sex attractions and/or porn addiction. As ugly as repression may be, it is not a valid reason to oppress others. And the series of exchanges reveals that Jahnmaud has anger issues. (Click images to enlarge)

In my last post, I gave Darren Clifft the opportunity to tell his side of the story. I also extend the invitation to Jahnmaud Oshe Lane to add his explanation/side of the story/etc to post here. This blog holds truthfulness and fairness in the highest regard.

28 thoughts on “NOM Supporter has a dark past…as in felony.

  1. Denise Jean Doubeux

    Oh, no response I see. Well, that’s disappointing, I was looking forward to one. “HOMOSEXUALITY IS EVIL AND THE SUBCULTURE IS PAEDOPHILIA” is his tired, ever-repeated motto, that he signs off every retort with. Perhaps he hasn’t come to defend himself because he’s down in the hood having it tattooed on his ass cheek with a rusty needle in a dingy garage. This guy is just plain evil and I am glad you called him out. Interesting that when invited to actually make a statement, instead of just trolling opinions, they have big fat zero to say for themselves!

    1. David Oslow

      You are worse than he will ever be. Homos (most but not all) are completely worthless. I’ll be watching you.

  2. David Oslow

    You sound like your really helping things along…only in the wrong direction as is your usual. I hope your taken to court then to jail for a few years. Do you good. Then you can come back and tell everyone how “good” homosexuality is.

    1. culturecheck Post author

      So David or should I say, Millard. What am I actually going to court for? Reposting public comments on a blog?

      It’s been proven you have fake profiles. That’ll be next blog posting actually.

      1. David Oslow

        So you still want to call me Millard. Fucking dumb ass homo. You need to learn how to read AND comprehend idiot. Oh, and you can call whoever the hell ever you want. At least I’m not afraid of using my name. You must be afraid of something or you would not have come up with some shitty name like “culturecheck”. You really think your smart. Actually your so fucking dumb, no one really gives a flying shit about you to start with. Have a good day….moron.

      2. culturecheck Post author

        Gosh, David. I don’t know what to tell ya. These aren’t my comments being reposted – they’re yours and other anti-gay people. Sorry you don’t like the blog but if you’re going to put something so hateful out there directed to a minority group, it’s only fair that the majority gets to see it. Right? And like I mentioned in my posts, Jahnmaud and any other person is welcome, like you have done so, to explain/add/correct to their postings. You’re “homo” comments are very Millard… I mean David Oslow.

  3. David Oslow

    Oh, btw, “culturecheck”, just how many skeletons are in your closet? I think we need to find out so we can post that all over the internet. Your having fun at someone else’s expense, lets have some at your expense. You want equality? There ya go, see, all equal now.

  4. Denise Jean Doubeux

    How many pockmarked, drug-addled skeletons are in your closet Milltard? If any further proof is needed, I have screencaps of Kinnison being caught out as David Oslow not once but TWICE – in May, as well as in July of this year. Both times he’s slipped up in between switching between the two accounts on threads. He’s beyond irrefutably busted.

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  6. Alison Pryde-Fields

    Millard (we have proof it’s you – cowering behind fake profiles only highlights the courage of your convictions), are you honestly saying you support Lane and his actions? We have further screencaps where he has accused people (without proof) of child molestation, and late last year when he was caught describing graphic rape to a 15 year old whom Lane claimed had been abused by her entire family. Again, without proof.

    Associate yourself with people like him if you want. We’ll be happy to tie your respective morals together and further highlight your standards of morals.

  7. Melissa Kennedy

    Millard , all the information in this post is available publicly. The posts were made on PUBLIC Facebook pages and Mr Lane’s records are available PUBLICLY.
    If he so desires that this kind of information not be posted on the web then he should cease making hateful posts on public Facebook pages.

    It’s that simple. There are always consequences to actions as Serena Nino and Wayne Cooper have found out. In this age of the internet it is very difficult to hide.

  8. Joe

    Sounds like Milliard has fallen off the wagon. Not very Christian of you using the potty mouth. Did Serena make you do this?

  9. Samantha Schwartz-Cohen Esq.

    There is a difference between having information seen publicly and having information being held and used against you in the form of defemation of character. What you are doing is illegal and if I were to contact Jahnmaud and inform him of his rights and how he can contact a lawyer in reference to this page someone is going to be in a lot of hot water. Taking people’s comments on Facebook and using it to tear down their character while taking there comments out of context (1) ignoring their right to free speech (2) is wrong. I suggest you think twice about what you are doing as I have said these people have no knowledge of what you are doing with their pictures, names and comments and I could contact each of them directly and direct them to this page in addition to information on how to contact an Attorney regarding cyber bullying.

    Have a wonderful day

    1. culturecheck Post author

      You’re entitled to your personal opinions but they do not excuse the fact that these are public domain. Please provide examples of where I am using their homophobic comments out of context. Sorry you don’t like the blog. We don’t like homophobia.

      “I could contact each of them directly and direct them to this page in addition to information on how to contact an Attorney regarding cyber bullying.”
      So NOM supporters get a free pass when it comes to cyber bullying? If you’d actually take a good look at the reposted comments, you’d see the ones who call people “faggot” and wish death on them are in fact the cyber bullies. And you want to defend these people? GO RIGHT AHEAD.

  10. Alison Pryde-Fields


    First of all, the word is ‘defamation’. As in removing the fame, not feme. Secondly, Facebook, according to my wife (who actually works in law, unlike most of the Internet shysters), is a public domain. Anything on there can be used as it is in the ToS when you join up. She works in family law and has collared a couple of people with their facebook rants against their ex’s.

    Thirdly, Lane has accused myself, and about a dozen others, of being child-molestors. We still have the screencaps. He then attacked my friend’s 18 month old daughter, going so far as to repeatedly call her a “mutt bastard” (a racist comment which, yes, we still have the screencaps for), while accusing the friend in question of racism (please explain that!?). He also repeatedly told a 15 year old UK girl that she was raped by all male members of her family, even going so far as to graphically describe the rapes, several times, despite repeated protestations to cease and desist.

    So go ahead. Let a lawyer know what’s happened here. And we’ll happily let the courts know what a vile, filthy and disgusting person Jahnmaud Lane actually is. I’ll even arrange the press conferences showing them the filth he likes to throw at anyone and everyone.

    So, Samantha. Care to press on? Please do reply and let me know how your legal challenge goes. I’ll be happy to give evidence.

      1. culturecheck Post author

        Hi Michael Ejercito. Thanks for the comments. I’m a little confused as to what screencaps you’re referring to? We have screencaps of your homophobic comments as well, are you wanting us to post these? Please advise.

  11. Alison Pryde-Fields


    If you go to the 1,000,000 Strong Against Gay Marriage group on Facebook, specifically this thread ( ), you will find Jahnmaud Lane accusing myself of being no better than a paedophile, along with him accusing two other people, Bob Terwill and Chyyna Dahl, of being paedophiles.

    You wanted evidence? You got it. Do you agree with what he is saying or do you disassociate yourself from him?


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  14. Millard

    Can’t wait until those supporters of SPEWW come out with their dark past so we can post it all over facebook. Should be interesting.

    1. Alison Pryde-Fields

      Feel free, Millard (I see you’ve given up on using your fake accounts – good boy!). All that’s been highlighted is that people on your side seem to be more inclined to be extremists who are prone to violence – need we mention Darren Clifft?

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