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NOManiacs Create New ‘Protect Marriage’ Page

After Louis Marinelli’s defection from NOM last month, the NOManiacs went crazy (crazier than they already are). Marinelli, who came out in support of marriage equality, has kept the Protect Marriage: One Man, One Woman page open. One by one, NOM supporters have been posting some pretty interesting things, mostly claiming they are being deceived.

So now, they’ve created a newProtect Marriage: One Man, One Woman‘ page. Creative, huh? Since it’s creation in mid-April, it has gone from a discussion page (where both sides can debate) to a one-sided “let’s keep the gays out” page full of hate language.

Here’s how it began:

Try not to laugh… They even wanted to ‘hire’ people to be admins:

Then it starts getting more and more desperate. With desperation comes lack of dignity.

Here’s the admin who created this new “Protect Marriage: One Man, One Woman” page. His intention was to keep it civil. He handed over the controls to the page 2 days later after creation. Unhappy of how the page has turned into a hate-fest, he has left the page.

“Have now also removed myself from the page altogether,” Rick said. “It is sad that people cannot discuss issues with decorum and simple human respect.”

In response to the homophobic Admin posts, Rick points out “These ‘admin comments’ were by two different admins (maybe more). I really have no idea how many people are admins on the page.”

Protect Marriage: One Man, One Woman – Louis Marinelli States He’s For Marriage Equality. NOManiacs VERY Unhappy.

The Protect Marriage: One Man, One Woman Facebook Page still belongs to Louis Marinelli (even though he changed his stance on marriage equality – he’s now for it). The 290,000 people who like the page are quickly dropping like flies (without leaving nasty comments directed towards Louis and marriage equality supporters).

National Organization for Marriage Facebook Page Becomes Platform for Marriage Equality Proponents; NOManiacs Create Pro-DOMA Page

Protect Marriage: One Man, One Woman Facebook Page no longer exists after Louis J. Marinelli defected from NOM last week. All 290,000 supporters (and opponents) are lost. NOM didn’t keep an archive to invite those lost onto its new National Organization for Marriage Facebook Page. Since the new page, marriage equality supporters have overtaken it, challenging NOManiacs who believe marriage is one man, one woman. NOManiacs are clearly frustrated. Some have even created their own page, DOMA [4] Life that has a… drumroll… 62 followers, most of which are marriage equality supporters. However, this is the new refuge for NOManiacs. Pro-equality voices are quickly banned. Debate isn’t allowed unless it is pro-DOMA. If a corrupt dictator ran a Facebook page, this would be it. Let them have their page. After all, 62 supporters? Really, whose grasping for straws now? It’s now survival of the most bigoted. In response, NOManiacs are now claiming they are being bullied. The numbers are just simply against them. They are a well aware and know how to play the ‘victim card.’

From the DOMA [4] Life Facebook page…

Pro-Marriage Equality Supporters Banned From NOM’s New Facebook Page.

Realized as I was scrolling through these comments on the National Organization for Marriage Facebook Page that I had been banned from posting. including many other pro-marriage equality supporters. Odd – because I didn’t use profanity, bully – just disagreed with the rhetoric. Apparently, they listened to people like Millard Kinnison and Michael Worley.

Susan claims the page was “overwhelmed with SSM supporters antagonizing supporters of traditional marriage.”  Antagonizing? Really? What’s this then?…..