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NOManiacs frustrated with NOM’s Facebook Page Create ANTI-Gay Marriage Group

UPDATE: This group is no longer in public view. The comments reposted below were obtained before the group went private.

Take a look:

This is the new OPEN group created by NOManiacs. For several weeks now, Facebook NOM supporters have been pestering Maggie Gallagher to exterminate gay people from the page. Marriage equality supporters have been banned for no reason other than debating — which apparently causes extreme inconvenience to NOManiacs who pull in God to complete their argument.

This new group is interesting. The ground rules are well laid out, except they don’t follow them (such as no foul language). They ban whoever has an opposing viewpoint calling it “disruptive influences.” One of the moderators (there are several), Steven Bates, a well-known anti-gay NOManiac from the NOM page has already boasted to have banned several people just for having a viewpoint that “opposes God’s Word.” Let’s just say Church only matters and State doesn’t in here. If these people were given control over America, it would could look like this.

This member didn’t get banned:

Nor did Justin. (Justin Boudreaux is also Facebook friends with NOM President Brian Brown.)

The outlandish, contradictory postings are nothing new from Mel Spencer and other NOManiacs. They just know that they can post here and have no one challenge them. For if they do, they are banned.

Mel Spencer, another well-known NOManiac, starts off saying she has nothing against gay people then she ends it saying they need to be quiet – basically voiceless with no opportunity to challenge the misinformation that is crafted from people like Mel Spencer.

Then this:

Then she applauds when Steven Bates bans a pro-equality supporter. Remember when she said they need to be quiet? She wasn’t lying.

This guy believes the GLBT community should live a “life of chastity.” Now they want to determine not only who can marry who but who is allowed to have sex?

Here’s some more information about the Group. Notice the ground rules, yet NOManiacs have already violated them. Yet, they scream hypocrite at any dissenting opinion. Click image to enlarge.

Hypocritical. Just an example.

Jo Ann Brown has been a vocal supporter of one man, one woman. Except that she’s a hypocrite. She plays the victim card really well, yet just months ago posted some very vile personal attacks. Now, today, she claims that whenever she touts her one man, one woman opinion, she gets attacked.

Here’s Jo Ann playing the victim card. Notice how she says she’s opposed to name-calling but in the last comment she writes ‘fudge packer’:

Here’s Jo Ann’s personal attacks on pro-equality supporters.

You may not like this blog. But people have a right to know.

When you post something so hateful, untrue or just mean on Facebook, there are consequences. You get reprimanded by Facebook. You get challenged by other people who disagree. Someone may like it giving it the thumbs-up. Or the comment made by you gets posted on this very blog. If you’re going to publicly post something so vile directed to a minority group, such as the LGBT community and its family, it’s only fair that the majority gets to see it. National Organization for Marriage and other anti-gay extensions have opened up dialogue  and have closed it because they are being challenged and don’t like the inconvenience. We know that NOM’s leadership has been inundated with requests from NOM Facebook supporters to close the National Organization for Marriage Facebook page from pro-equality people. Why? Because some cannot debate without resorting to hate speech which NOM has encouraged and fostered, directly and indirectly. Their loss in New York has left anti-gay individuals the fuel to employ some pretty ugly tactics – including posting pro-equality supporters’ employment information on public walls, threats of bodily harm and other personal attacks (all of which are Facebook Terms of Service violations).

If you see a comment that you’ve made reposted here, take responsibility.
Do nothing and hope that no one Googles your name and finds your name tagged to YOUR comment.
Comment on the article as “David Oslow” has done in the previous post with a fake name with more homophobic and hateful comments.
3. Provide more context or even try to justify the comments you’ve made on a public wall; which has been done by a young man named Darren Clifft who took the time to provide some context, and even apology, to his hateful comment he posted.

The choice is yours. They are YOUR comments.

NOM likes to demand the public vote on a civil right such as marriage. Does this same public have a right to see what is being posted publicly by homophobic individuals who pledge allegiance to NOM and anti-gay groups like it?

Weeks after marriage equality bill passes in NY, NOM and its supporters still sore.

There’s no doubt we’ve seen the ugliest tactics used by National Organization for Marriage weeks leading up to, during and after the passing of the marriage equality bill in New York. National Organization for Marriage has vowed to ruin the 4 Republicans who voted in favor of marriage equality. NOM and its supporters have even indicated that it will look into protesting these marriages. This Westboro Church-like behavior is appalling, but not surprising. Weeks have passed and the comments posted by NOM supporters have been especially hateful. Here’s Urban Dictionary’s definition of NOM:

“Sore Loser: Someone who can’t simply be honorable, by accepting defeat and/or trying again [not an option for NOM]. On the contrary, said individual or group engages in childish pissing and moaning; bitching about how it’s not fair and the other side cheated, etc.”

Since the win, NOM supporters have been urging NOM and even contacting Maggie Gallagher directly to ban all marriage equality supporters from the NOM Facebook page.

NOM supporters also like to get graphic in their posts:

According to these NOM supporters, not only are gay people unfit to teach/raise children, they are also not allowed to serve your food:

NOM Supporter has a dark past…as in felony.

The National Organization for Marriage likes to claim they are purveyors of the moral high ground. They rely on religion to captivate those who ‘follow God’s rule.’ Then there are those that post homophobic comments, criticize others because of their sexual orientation, and so on. Turns out, NOM supporter, Jahnmaud Oshe Lane is one of them. He also happens to be a convicted felon – served over a year in prison for shooting someone with an AK-47 (see link below). Back to the moral high ground that NOM and its supporters tout. Jahnmaud apparently claims that God sent him to prison. Twice. He claims he has repented and we must respect that. But now he’s on facebook posting comments that demean fellow human beings and proclaiming homosexuals do not deserve rights. When the marriage bill was being passed in NY, Jahnmaud armed with NOM’s talking points flooded various senators’ walls. Here’s some homophobic comments he has made in the past:

Here’s a link to Jahnmaud’s Public Offender Profile:
Notice how he added “Oshe” as his middle name and dropped the “Mondre.”

Also, Jahnmaud has posted on a Christian help site for those struggling with same sex attractions and/or porn addiction. As ugly as repression may be, it is not a valid reason to oppress others. And the series of exchanges reveals that Jahnmaud has anger issues. (Click images to enlarge)

In my last post, I gave Darren Clifft the opportunity to tell his side of the story. I also extend the invitation to Jahnmaud Oshe Lane to add his explanation/side of the story/etc to post here. This blog holds truthfulness and fairness in the highest regard.

Christian who advocated execution of gays takes back comment with change of heart, straight ally intervenes

***Please read the update to this posting***

National Organization for Marriage supporters and anti-gay people in general like to cling to religion as giving them the solid basis to discriminate and call for legislation and actions that impact the GLBT community and its families. Many claim to be Christians. Gay people are not against Christians, yet anti-gay people insist we are. Many gay people actually believe you can be a Christian and still support marriage equality. Why not?

One thing is clear. Gay people have not called for a war against Christians. And we sure haven’t advocated violence against them. Or called for execution.

This comment appeared on the Anti Gay Marriage page on Facebook. It was taken down hours after it was posted.

This individual has a profile on a Christian networking site. Does killing people, because you don’t agree with them, being Christian-like?

Darren Clifft seems like a great guy, except when he made the “execute them all” comment. He is more than welcome to respond to this blog with an explanation of why he would say such a thing and then identify as a Christian. Here’s a testimonial he wrote for St Albans Church:

Turns out, Darren Clifft, author of the homophobic statement made days ago, has had a change of heart and takes back his comment. One of our straight allies who follows NOM and its supporters closely had a series of discussions with this young man in which he genuinely expressed his sincere apologies in which he deleted his Facebook account. It can happen. Look at the change of heart Louis Marinelli had after 5 years working for the very organization that spews lies and hatred to demean the GLBT community and its families. Good for you, Darren Clifft. And great work to our straight ally who took the time to converse with him and help him see the error of his ways. While he still believes in traditional marriage only, he has made it clear that he doesn’t support or advocate violence or execution to the GLBT community.

He took up the offer to provide explanation and some context for his comment. Here’s Darren Clifft in his own words:
This is Darren here, the guy you wrote about in your blog. As you probably already know, I am a conservative christian who lives in the secular UK where there is a large LGBT community which is accepted and celebrated by the vast majority of the population.

Recently I haven’t been myself, and I’ve been very angry and upset with one particular person in the LGBT community. I didn’t handle the situation correctly, and decided to take my anger out on anti-gay facebook pages by posting obscenities, abuse and hatred against homosexuals. I am writing you this letter to assure you that I do not have anything against the LGBT community and that I am truly sorry for all the trouble I have caused and for all those who I’ve offended. Although I am a christian who believes in traditional marriage, I understand that the vast majority of people in this day and age do not share my beliefs, and that whatever the law is in my country I should obey it and respect other peoples rights to marry.

Again, I am sorry for causing offense and trouble-making on the internet. I hope you accept my apologies, and I wish the best for you and your friends who I have offended.

Susanne “Onyx” Siniard:
On June 28th, I set to task to talk to key players in the anti-same sex marriage campaign. One in particular, Darren Clifft, was a person who I saw anger in and that was the exact type that needed an intervention. After several emails back and forth, we got to the bottom of his feelings and he really saw what was right and what was wrong.. without bastardizing his religious belief system. I can vouch for him and tell you, he had a true change of heart and I couldn’t think of a better example of someone coming to terms with their inner emotions, than Darren. He really, contrary to his posts of the past, has a kind heart and a gentle spirit.

Please feel free to use this email on your blog, as I think it will assist your readers in understanding that when faced with angry people.. the best way to approach, is kindly, gently and compassionately. They may just be surprised at what they find.

Wannabe NC Senator urges people to vote for him, says gay parades caused 9-11

When you read Mark Tipton’s comments posted on the Anti Gay Marriage page (a favorite of NOM supporters) on Facebook, you have to chuckle at first. Is this guy seriously thinking about running for NC State Senate for 2012? Mark Tipton identifies from Robbinsville, NC. Even if Mark doesn’t take himself seriously, his 9-11 comment is disgusting – whether it’s a joke or not. This is not the behavior we should expect from a senator or even someone who deems their self worthy of such a position.

Claiming that someone (“gay-actiuist”) hacked his account:

Mark proceeds to hit on an equality supporter.

Mark, the wannabe NC senator, weighs in on 9-11.

Claims to have caused harm to gay people. Even if it’s a joke, it’s disgusting: