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Brian Brown and Ex-Con Jahnmaud Lane Celebrate Taking Rights Away From North Carolinians

National Organization for Marriage leader Brian Brown was in NC the night Amendment One passed. It sure was a far cry for his sobbing in his seat the night New York passed marriage equality. This time, Brian made sure to shake hands with NOM supporter and felon, Jahnmaud Mondre Lane. Lane was convicted of shooting someone with an AK-47 years ago (see offender profile) and has been a very homophobic voice on NOM’s Facebook page.


Here’s a taste of what Jahnmaud likes to post on NOM’s Facebook page:



NOM Posts Biased Amendment News from NC; NOM Supporters Resort to Bullying & Homophobic Posts

North Carolina will go to the polls in the next few days to vote on Amendment One, which defines marriage is to be only between a man and woman. The Amendment has been receiving less and less support over the past few weeks because of the hidden dangers to unmarried couples, children, the elderly, etc that is not mentioned by the supporters.

National Organization for Marriage is hoping their $300,000+ contribution will go far on May 8 despite the consequences of the Amendment. The anti-gay organization has been posting updates on their Facebook page with confidence that the amendment will pass and reports that their pro-marriage signs have been vandalized (yet they did not report about the man in NC who shot a Against One sign and another who urinated on an Against One sign).

NOM supporters have turned these posts into a forum of hateful messages, attacks and even bullying a gay couple.

We’ve seen posts from Antranae Lee in the past, but we were left wondering… “on their backs”?

In regards to the reports that pro-Amendment signs are being vandalized:

Here’s who liked Laurie Snyder’s comment:

Brooke Gardner and Antranae Lee resort to bullying a marriage equality supporter and his husband:








Celeste Creighton, according to her public Facebook page worked as a Sunday School Director, follows it up:

In the same NC post, NOM Page resident Rick McCarrell contradicts himself by posting he believes in persecution of gay people:




Ummm, what???





A “natural lie”? What is that? Do you find that on the shelves of Whole Foods?




Regarding Republicans in NC who are actually against the Amendment because it goes too far: