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If you can’t see the bitter irony here, you’re a NOM supporter…

NOManiacs 241212a

Dear NOM. You desperately need a proof reader – I’d volunteer but I wouldn’t want to come within 1,000 yards of you or your supporters. And you need to find a new way to finance your 6-figure salary leeched from gullible people who earn a tenth of what you do by hate rhetoric, intolerance, discrimination, fear-mongering and slippery-slope led panic inducement.

I hear the NRA are in the market for bullshit-merchants. Especially after LaPierre’s recent, abjectly awful parody of a man trying to talk sense…

Gordon Lee Day loses it spectaculary on the NOM page, and Jim Slade – aka Darren – spouts verbal diarrhoea

After the spectacular effort that was yesterday – 19 Dec 2012 – that saw us not only fire well past 25,000 blog hits – award yourselves a medal and 100 bonus points – but also saw our busiest day ever, I was planning to chill out today and play 360 in my underpants listening to a bit of heavy metal. And I was. Until I was tipped off by a previously featured – in a positive sense – poster on the NOM page that he was attracting poisonous barbs there.

Now, I couldn’t see the insults in question. Why? Because they were made by old NOManiacs foaming-mouth lunatic Gordon Lee Day, who in his incredibly insular world blocks ANYONE – and I’m not joking here, literally anyone – who voices a dissenting opinion from his. He must enjoy shouting into caves if all he likes hearing is the same thing over and over. And no, that was not a rude metaphor about his wife’s nether regions. Simply for the fact I don’t think there’s a woman around who could stand to be near him.

Anyhoo, Gordon was  engaged in a battle of wits – well, a one-sided ass-kicking of wits in which he was on the receiving end – with previously mentioned WeMustDissent – WMD for short, who is fast growing in favour with us here at NOManiacs. The following comprises a list of angry insults and increasing frustration for Mr. Day, who in the past has contributed nothing but this to NOM’s Facebook page.

NOManiacs 201212

Rant 1

NOManiacs 201212b

Rant 2

I hope everyone else noticed, like I did. the excoriating irony of Gordon calling someone a bully and in the same breath telling them they are going to hell. Also note the typing, spacing and capitalisation getting worse, and picture in your head him frothing at the mouth in increasing measures.

NOManiacs 201212c

Rant 3

NOManiacs 201212d

Rant 4

This is the kind of hate speech that NOM not only encourages, but has created, fostered and unleashed onto the world. Usually employing people who don’t know they are being played – simply put, the Christian sheeple. The following character – who to anyone with half a modicum of sense can tell is not just fake but there to troll – and doing it in a hyperbolic fashion – joined in the early hours of the 19 Dec 2012. This was one of there first posts. Guess who still believes, 36 hours on, that they are still genuine?

NOManiacs 201212f

Hyperbole overload.

Poor Gordon. He must have thought he’d found a soul mate. Can anyone reference me the study showing the religious right having, on average, lower IQ’s? Thanks.

Moving on to someone who usually infests the ‘1,000,000 Strong Against Gay Marriage’ page on Facebook. Except it isn’t 1,000,000. It’s 1. Just him. On his own. Chatting with loads of gay people – cough*closeted*cough. Welcoming to NOManiacs the indescribable buffoon that is Jim Slade. Except that’s not his real name. His real name is Darren Barber. He accidentally replied to a post addressed to Jim with his real account. We’ve shown him the screencap countless times. He’s that intellectually challenged that he still refutes it. Yes. He really is that dumb.

Now it seems Jim/Darren has turned his attentions to the NOM page. Previously, Darren/Jim has argued that gays shouldn’t get married because it serves no benefit to society and is immoral – despite him claiming not to be Christian. Here is Jarren/Dim chipping with his tuppence worth – and believe is, it’s not even worth that…

NOManiacs 201212e

Can we point out that no-one – correct, NO-ONE – brought up the issue of civil race rights on that thread. At all. Dim brought this subject up entirely on his own, then claimed to have explained it fully. On other pages, he has referenced it, and brought up the whole ‘choice’ issue. Which still isn’t an argument for denying equal civil rights. Then he goes name-calling. Yes. He REALLY is that stupid…

Thanks for reading.

Brightest Blessings x

Chauvinism, misogyny, feminism and misandry from the boards of NOM. And Clarence Warren invents a new term for both oral and male gay sex.

I didn’t think I’d be called into action again so soon to highlight all the different kind of hate speeches being aired on the festering cesspool that is the National Organisation for Marriage’s Facebook wall. In the past we’ve seen hate speeches about race – remember Michael Ejercito? – the LGBT population – obviously – Obama and the false allegations that he’s a foreign Muslim fascist communist socialist gun-taking abortion-champion – former NOM employee Louis Marinelli was a big proponent of those recently in a shameless, attention-seeking ploy to push copies of his books – it failed, especially if you have a look at how much they are selling.

So why another post so soon after the old one? For one of the first times, it appears that both anti-women and anti-men speech has turned up on the NOM thread plugging a new book that supposedly offers the best in pro-marriage arguments – written by authors who, in the past, have mostly used religion-based arguments and flawed, disproven studies by organisations with a vested interest opposing the legal equal recognition of LGBT couples. As a side note, we see yet another attempt at money-grubbing, along with a card that tells your friends you give money to legally treat gay people as second-class citizens!! Way to spread the message of Christian love at Christmas, NOM. Good fucking job!!

NOManiacs 161212b

I blacked out my bookmarks bar as it has links that might give away this author’s identity. And links to some pretty awesome Catgirl sites. Catgirls – the future…

Back to the point, however. After reading the following comments, your erstwhile writer thought that someone speaking like this in this day and age was obviously a troll or a spoof profile. So I did some research, and this guy has been posting some pretty right-wing stuff for a long while now – June 2009 to be exact. A lot of it pro-gun, Bible-humping, anti-gay, quasi-racist lunatic-fringe dribble. And a lot of rhetoric about the recent CT shootings being because there was no prayer/God/Bible/Jesus etc allowed in schools. If you want a look at this guys seriously twisted ramblings, go here – This was the first of two comments aimed at women;

NOManiacs 161212a

Rolf Anderson was the liker of this post – Rolf is a known anti-gay troll.

And the next…

NOManiacs 161212c

Again, Rolf Anderson is the like on this post…

That said, a recent addition to the NOManiac ranks decided to chip in with her two cents worth.

NOManiacs 161212d

You wouldn’t believe this, but Rolf Anderson is one of those who liked this.

Now, a NOManiacs blog post wouldn’t be complete without NOM’s own resident self-hating closet-case that is Clarence Warren. Now this blog has highlighted in the past – several times actually – that such a fixation on male gay sex by a supposedly straight man – without even a mention of female gay sex – obviously indicates repressed latent homosexual feelings. Usually it’s down to Wayne Cooper to focus on all aspects of the male anatomy, though Clarence did come up with these quite original terms for all things man-on-man…

NOManiacs 161212e

Clarence yet again defining what marriage is because of sexual activities – not realising that straight couples also take part in the very same activities. Any time you want to come out of that closet, Clarence, we’ll be right here waiting for you…


And so concludes another highlight of the vast litany of hatred and, seemingly, infighting over at the National Organisation for Marriage.


Thank you for reading x

Brightest Blessings x

A time of tragedy. Except for these heartless, unsympathetic ‘Christians’

I was going to call all of these people heartless unsympathetic cunts, but the title is the first thing people see and I didn’t want a vulgar title putting people off. Apologies if the language offended anyone. Truly. My level of emotion over this, being the father of a toddler, is running very high and I simply am not in the mood for illogical, Bible-based, buck-passing Teatard logic. Especially bullshit like this, following NOM’s call for prayers for the victims and families of the recent school shooting in Connecticut – for saying this, I thank them. This was the first post on the thread.

NOManiacs 151212a

Sympathy for the victims? Nope. Pushing the Bible.

And in keeping with this blog’s tradition of naming all those who like heartless,  uncaring, self-promoting comments like this, here they are. They will also be tagged.

NOManiacs 151212b

1 of 4

NOManiacs 151212c

2 of 4

NOManiacs 151212d

3 of 4

NOManiacs 151212e

4 of 4

Not only is Dave Cooke completely wrong – see this link for a timeline of mass shootings and note how many educational establishments were affected – he also appears to have absolutely no inhibitions about blaming not the perpetrator, not the lax gun laws that see thousands of American deaths each year, but schools not having PRAYER or the BIBLE in education. Apparently the seperation of church and state means nothing to this callous, soulless being.

Not that he was the only one. Remember Clark LeRay Herlin from a couple posts back? Yep, he chimed in with similar Bible-based bullshit. As did Jeannie N Paul Martin, who went so far as to suggest that since prayer was removed that school shootings had increased. See below;

NOManiacs 151212f

No concern for the victims or families. Why is that not a surprise?

Now, pushing the Biblical agenda at the personal tragic expense of countless others, we can all agree, is selfish, uncaring and craven. Yet NOM’s followers didn’t stop there. We all know NOM’s mission statement – see the last blog – and some of us may have thought that their loyal band of sheeple might have just left the whole issue alone. Oh no…

NOManiacs 151212g

Yes, Nicole decided that not only was it because the perpetrator a single child, but it’s also the ‘decrease in marriage’, which NOM has firmly laid at the feet of the homosexual populace. Again, see the previous blog post.

Simply put, Mikael Delout answered Nicole in exactly the way I would have. Except with a lot less swearing.

NOManiacs 151212h

Well said, Sir. You have my commendations.

And it wouldn’t be a NOM thread without the vile Clarence Warren throwing his stagnant opinion into the ring. While Nicole avoided mentioning ‘teh gays’ by name, Clarence had no such inhibitions. This, and the rest of the posts Clarence made in response, were totally vile.

NOManiacs 151212i

I retract my comments from the last blog post, Clarence. I was obviously wrong.

For once, I will not make all-sweeping statements about the above individuals. Instead, I ask that you do what these supposed Christians cannot, and pray, bless, do a spell for, or do whatever you do, for the children and families affected by this terrible tragedy who truly deserve it.

Thank you for reading.

NOM responds to this blog’s claim they rarely focus on anything but SSM. Their followers display ignorance of NOM’s purpose of existence. Then talk about SSM

Would it be egotistical to think that in response to this blog, NOM posted a link in rebuttal, using a claim – surprisingly recent as well given their last dishonest attempt – by referencing a post by one Ryan Anderson, in which he claims that Conservatives don’t exclusively focus on SSM. As you can see from their FB page, it looks as though they are making the claim about their own page.

NOManiacs 121212a

As anyone who has ever spent time on NOM’s Facebook wall will know that this claim is nothing but utter tosh. Until we highlighted it, 95 per cent or more of their posts discussed nothing other than SSM. And far be it from them to actually use their OWN words to address the claims we raised – no, they had to borrow someone else’s, pass them off as their own, and still fail to acknowledge their problem.

You also need to bear in mind that NOM was set up to combat the legal recognition of SSM. This fact is still up on their ‘About’ section. See below;

NOManiacs 121212e

NOM’s admission that they are attempting to legally class homosexuals as second-class citizen – and the reason why they are close to being labelled as an official hate group.

When someone highlighted the above to a gentleman named Jared Olar, he appeared very reluctant to acknowledge this statement, despite it being himself who brought up the subject!! The screencap below highlights his stubbornness to accept this fact;

NOManiacs 121212d

Please also notice Jared’s admission that he doesn’t consider homosexual people or couples to have gender. And that he appears to think that legally keeping them as second-class citizens is justified…

That said, it didn’t stop their followers chiming in with the same old tired lines;

NOManiacs 121212b

Never gets old, does it? Neither does maths that not even Stephen Hawking could logically explain. If anyone has an answer to the strange, and quite frankly baffling, claim that Jerry Hamilton makes,  please let us know…

NOManiacs 121212c

Lunatic-level mathematics aside, it wouldn’t be a NOM thread without at least one person flagrantly denouncing and verbally abusing homosexual people. Same shit, different day;

NOManiacs 121212f1

And because we believe in the fairness of labeling ALL people who associate themselves with a homophobic post, here are the three who, at time of posting, had ‘liked’ this vile rant.

NOManiacs 121212f2

Note that Al had to like his own post to give the appearance more people agreed with him. Trust me, Al, it failed.

WARNING – The content of the following post may shock you in much the same way it shocked me. I recommend you swallow all liquids – for your laptop’s safety – before continuing.

NOManiacs 121212g

I could honestly not believe my eyes, but, yes, this is the same Clarence Warren who has (dis)graced these pages so often before…

ATTENTION BRIAN BROWN AND MAGGIE GALLAGHER – If one of your most notorious, obnoxious, obstinate homophobic posters is actually challenging the very nature of your page, then you are doing something very wrong indeed. He has highlighted, much like we have, that NOM appears to be doing nothing for marriage other than trying to deny it to a section of society based on little more than Bible rhetoric, which is a clear violation of the Constitution.

What surprised us most of all was Clarence’s frank admission that if DOMA is ruled unconstitutional then NOM, and all it stands for, will become obsolete – and we here at NOManiacs hope that with that ruling it will also be finally classed as an official hate group – and this may be why NOM are shifting their focus away from anti-gay sentiments. Stupid as they often are in getting caught out with their photoshopping, lies and manipulation, the one thing they are clever about is getting money out of people. They obviously realise that a staunch anti-gay stance is not in keeping with public opinion, and if they keep on this track then their incomes may dramatically decrease.

Editors note; Clarence, though it begrudges this author to say so, you have actually made a very valid point that I’m sure not only the readers of this post will muse upon but also Maggie and Brian. Whether they recognise the damage they have been doing is, however, another matter.


Thank you for reading x

National Organization for Marriage caught lying. Again. Maggie and Brian, you just got busted.

We here at NOManiacs know that it’s not only the followers of this corrupt, greedy hate group that are prone to manipulating stats, twisting facts and, from time to time, outright lying. Let’s just put it simply, they learned it, like the good sheeple they are, from the poisoned teat they suckle from. The only innocence – and I use this term very loosely – these unfortunate, unlearned and unquestioning individuals have is that they believe every spoonful of vinegar NOM feeds them.

NOM recently posted on their Facebook page that gay marriage advocates – there was, in fact, one, not multiple, though this is not the lie – were ‘very afraid’ of DOMA and Prop 8 going to the SCOTUS. They provided a link to their blog where they expanded upon the opinion as if it were fact. See below

NOManiacs 111212k

Now, please note that NOM stated on 10 December 2012 that the article they are citing in relation to the very recent DOMA/Prop 8 Supreme Court submission was written within the previous week. They are intimating that an expert on the matter has indicated, given the submission to the Supreme Court very recently, that NOM expects to win. You have to admit, funneling $400,000 of their followers donations into pushing it this far, they need to give off the image that they’re winning. Unfortunately, they’re not. The image below was taken directly from the website from which the NOMBlog references an can be found by clicking here;

NOManiacs 111212l

Again, note the highlighted section.

So this article, which NOM claims is related to the recent submission from early December, was in fact in relation to speculation made in SEPTEMBER, a whole SIX WEEKS beforehand.

FAO Brian Brown and Maggie Gallagher – You are liars. You are not to be trusted. You are what is wrong with the United States. Not homosexual people.

You make me doubt the very faith I have in humanity.

NOM Supporter goes preachy. Then adds link to homosexual therapy website.

Given that this erstwhile editor has been blocked by the more right-wing, moonshine-chugging Bible-humpers – and no, that isn’t a typo – I decided to create a new persona to do my squirreling around on NOM’s Facebook page. Before I even got through the first post I noticed not only a preachy sermon that Wayne Cooper or Clarice – sorry, Clarence – Warren would be proud of, but a link as well.

Innocent enough, you may think, until you realise that this link appeared on this thread, where NOM, for the first time in quite a while, posted something other than biased horseshit aimed at the LGBT community;


NOManiacs 111212a



Good to see you actually DO make posts about protecting already-existing marriages, NOM, even if it is as often as Maggie Gallagher having a salad. Good on you!! Yet your supporters just cannot let go, can they?


NOManiacs 111212b


And the 2 who liked this;


NOManiacs 111212c

As we’ve said before, if you’re going to publicly like stuff like this, we will call you on it.


The fact that Donna talks about ‘common sense’ yet talks as if the story of Noah is an actual, factual event – with the inherent incest and all – shows you the level that she, and most NOMbies, operate on. I believe I also saw the tired, hoary old ‘Adam and Steve’ line.

As for *pretend* marriages, Donna also fails to grasp the simple concept that not only does the Christian faith NOT own the copyright on marriage, but it is also a LEGAL process that requires the square root of bugger-all intervention of any religious institution. Once it’s law, you can *pretend* it isn’t in your Bronze-Age fairytale world – it’s still legal. As for making sodomy illegal, I think that given the definition below, most lawmakers would disagree, lest they get arrested for getting a blowjob from their mistresses. Especially definition #1…


NOManiacs 111212f


Source – “sodomy.” Unabridged. Random House, Inc. 11 Dec. 2012. <>.


But I’m not here to carp on about the tired, repetitive, wheezing, if-it-was-a-horse-it-would-have-been-shot-and-turned-into-glue-by-now arguments of the reality-challenged sheeple of NOM. No, Donna goes a step further. She, like thousands before her who have tried and failed, believes she has the cure.


NOManiacs 111212d

The link she highlights can be reached here – This is a site that claims to be able to suppress homosexual feelings and urges a life of chastity, when we all know, and even the head of Exodus International has agreed, that this does more harm than good. The following is part of their front page. To avoid further embarrassing them, I cropped the part where they shamelessly money-grub for donations at the bottom of the page.

NOManiacs 111212e

Just a quick landmark achievement – this is the 1,000th picture posted by NOManiacs!!!!!! Hooray for us!!


So even when NOM actually does post about other marriage issues, it still appears that they have trained their band of sheeple so well that they have to bring it back around to gay marriage, the gays, sodomy and Christ. As well as trying to push fraudulent cures and money-grubbers.


Well done Brian and Maggie, I hope you’re happy being paid by people to teach them how to hate. You are what is wrong with this world.