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‘Gay Men Eat Feces’ According to NOM Supporter Rev Wayne C Cooper

This wouldn’t be the first time Wayne C Cooper has shared his insight on anal sex, “Gay Bowel Disease.” Now, he claims gay men regularly eat their partner’s feces. According to Rev Cooper, it’s a ‘well documented’ fact, yet he provided no documentation or CDC links. As you may know, Wayne C Cooper is a “religious leader” at Lincoln Avenue Baptist Church in Pasadena, CA. His congregation may know that he speaks out regularly about homosexuality, but they may not know his fascination with anuses and feces.

NOM Supporter Turns Debate Into Hate Speech

National Organization for Marriage posts regularly to its Facebook page. When it’s a slow news day, you’ll find posts that really just aren’t newsworthy. These become opportunities for NOM supporters to sound off, especially if someone disagrees with them. Hate speech is thrown around quite regularly. Yet, NOManiacs insist they are protecting not only marriage but morality as well. Sometimes it requires using the word ‘dyke’ or calling people ‘perverts’, multiple times after a lengthy discussion about his prostate:

NOManiacs Rejoice As Anti-Gay Bill Clears Minnesota House, Tennessee’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill Advances

The Minnesota House cleared a bill 72-60 that would allow Minnesotans to vote on the civil marriage equality of others. No doubt, after some wins in Rhode Island and Delaware in the past couple of weeks, NOM had to cling onto something to get their NOManiacs talking.

Notice that she used the word “queers” just after referencing God. The homophobic comment got a few likes, including from Randy Dyer and Steven Bates, who oppose marriage equality but usually are reserved in their comments.

Comparing the GLBTQ community to pedophiles, rapists, child abductors, murderers????

Regarding Tennesse….

“People who can not create biological children should have no say in what’s taught in the public school system.” Wow, so the single teachers who teach children aren’t qualified? The single parents? The couples who cannot conceive a child?
We’ve seen how bullying affects our children. They need to be taught tolerance early so that they do not grow up to be like the people featured on this blog.

NOM Claims Mothers and Fathers Are Not Interchangeable; NOM Supporters Agree And Contradict Themselves

National Organization for Marriage once again reiterated their attack on the GLBTQ community by posting a summary of a study done by a family research professor that sways in their favor as a reason to deny fellow human beings marriage equality. Once again, NOM supporters took the opportunity to weigh in against pro-marriage equality supporters that being gay is sinful and those who are gay do not have the rights as everyone else.

So in order to be a good parent, you must not support marriage equality?

Comparing gay people as inanimate objects, like a lampost?

Suzanne Reed Miranda apparently wants to preach what God says, but on her profile she answered this question:

How Hard is it to Click the ‘Unlike’ Button?

NOM supporters are still discovering the Protect Marriage: One Man, One Woman Facebook page has changed course. Louis Marinelli changed his views on marriage equality weeks ago. He cannot change the title of the page unless the member count goes below 100 people.

The Unlike button is regularly pointed out to those who act surprised and unleash a hurl of hate. Take Patricia M Hamilton Weaver who sports her kids as her profile picture.

NOM Fudges Bronx Marriage Rally Attendance Figure

National Organization for Marriage’s Brian Brown locked arms with politician Ruben Diaz, staunch opponent of marriage equality, Sunday in the Bronx. Rain kept attendance low, even prompting some NYPD officers to go home because of low turnout. The actual turnout remains a mystery, especially after various news organizations pegged the number not more than 2,500. If even that. Yet, National Organization for Marriage Facebook page was lit up with the following message:

Success would have been the 20,000 participants they garnered in 2009. Yet, that was not the case.

But the mystery is “Well over 5,000.”

Let’s do a little comparison…

Village Voice: 1,000 – 1,500
Joe.My.God: “over 1,000” (but no 5,000)
Fox News New York: “hundreds”
WNBC: 1,000
LGBTQ Nation: 2,000 2,500
National Organization for Marriage: 5,000

Even more interesting is how NOM piggy backs news articles that don’t actually cite numbers. The New York Daily News article that NOM cites doesn’t actually mention the 5,000 figure. They are using the article’s word “massive” to illustrate their so-called 5,000 figure.
Take a look for yourself:

Anything interesting development at the rally. NOM supporters also stated gays deserve death.