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My Name is Michael Kibbee and I’m a NOM Supporter and I Think “ingesting fecal excretions does not constitute marriage”

Yikes. This guy has totally lost his zen. Meet Michael Kibbee from Denver, Colorado. You’d think a guy sporting a profile pic of Buddha would be calm and collected. This guy speaks for himself — and National Organization for Marriage because they haven’t removed him or his posts from their page.


This guy apparently teaches online.

In addition, Michael Kibbee runs his own Facebook page (Destroying Homophobia Exposed) that is a real head-scratcher. He has posted a profile picture with bullet holes and blood. “Homophobia Exposed” is very similar to NOManiacs, committed to calling out anti-gay posts. Michael Kibbee is one mad individual. Unfortunately, many others are entertaining him, including Mariah Brown who constantly instigates anti-gay posts and hate speech on NOM’s Facebook page.


My Name is Aaron Ringewold and I’m a NOM Supporter and I Think Gay People Are Just Like Pedophiles (Like Me).


This is truly classic. We’ve highlighted some interesting National Organization for Marriage supporters in the past but Aaron Ringewold is quite interesting. Ringewold has posted some pretty homophobic comments on NOM’s public Facebook page comparing gay people to pedophiles, which is a pretty common post. So…who is this guy? We asked the question and Google provided the answer in 0.61 seconds.

Photo: Henderson Police Department
Aaron M. Ringewold, a substitute teacher at the time, was arrested and sentenced in 2009 for child pornography. Here’s the news report.


My Name is John Keith UMSC and I’m a NOM Supporter and I Think If You Don’t Like NOM and Their Supporters “Go Suck Dick at the Gay Club…”

Oh boy. This guy has quite a potty mouth. Facebook Terms of Service violations with almost every post. Yet, National Organization for Marriage doesn’t ban him or remove his posts from their public Facebook page. John Keith is originally from South Carolina and lives in Austin, Texas. He is a former recruiter for the United States Marine Corps.


Another NOM Supporter Threatens Violence to LGBT Community with Firearm

And guess what? Several hours later, Mark Tipton is still allowed to post on the National Organization for Marriage Facebook Page.


Mark Tipton is no stranger to the NOManiacs blog. In 2011, he posted some interesting, yet disgusting, comments about gay people causing Sept. 11.  And yes, he is sporting a picture of a child for his profile. And gay people are harmful to children?!?!

Mark stands by his earlier threat.

Can you believe NOM allowed this to stay up on their page?

It just got crazier and crazier. Maybe because he was being paid very little attention.


Respect and common decency? Wow, after you just threatened people with a gun and said they have AIDS?



Mark started sounding a little Westboro (but he’s all yours, NOM) with this post. He blames gay people, Obama, for any natural disaster over the last couple of years.


Then he starts droning on about how the Big Bang Theory never happened, yada yada.

But back to his gun threat post…. National Organization for Marriage is responsible. It’s in your hands, Brian Brown. Are you going to shake hands with him too?

P.S. Juan Pablo Garza also contributed to the conversation. And “good-Christian” Leila Habra Miller didn’t even say anything about Mark’s threat and joined in to attack William P, a marriage equality supporter.

NOM cries victim, claims it is not a hate group, nor anti gay…

Yes, they are actually turning their wave of anti gay hatred into a cry of martyrdom. Expect a furious diatribe from me very, very soon. See below;

NOManiacs 070213a

NOM appears to be under the impression that their oft-lying, homophobic, right-wing-Chrisitan, anti-gay organisation is suddenly a victim, even though nothing actually happened to them. Only yesterday we saw them resort to making up ‘facts’ about the UK gay marriage vote. Now they’re plumbing the depths of fear in order to garner donations. If you read the end of the previous post, you will see I mentioned exactly this tactic. This is how they put it across.

NOManiacs 070213b

Right, I underlined several points in this self-effacing, self-martyring heap of horseshit to highlight exactly why he and his organisation are listed as a hate group for very good reasons.

1 – Putting the word marriage in speech marks, as if it has no actual standing. News for you Brian, you complete fucking ignoramus, it DOES have standing. In that little thing called the law with which you seem to have so much trouble differentiating from the ‘facts’ in your Bible. This tactic reeks of demeaning and degrading the officially recognised loving union of two people who, and why don’t you just try being honest for once, make you feel icky? Nothing more, Brian, nothing less.

2 – The reason you are labelled ”hate groups” is not only what I just highlighted, but also because you allow your followers and supporters to use all manner of foul, abusive, vulgar, sexually graphic, insulting, hateful comments on your facebook page and NOMblog page without fear of them being removed, yet when someone complains, or even voices a  dissenting opinion. you instantly ban them. If you look at the posts and screencaps – of which there are well over a thousand – featured on this blog you will see exactly what I mean.

3 – See point 1 and 2. Your words have consequences. Usually those consequences are for your followers to publicly demean, castigate, demonise and outright hate on gay people. Even something so small as  putting the word marriage in speech marks can have a knock-on effect. If you look at the comments featured immediately after this blog post, you will see what I mean;

NOManiacs 070213c

Look me in the eyes and tell me you and your supporters are not a homophobic hate group, Brian. I fucking defy you to. Come to the UK, look me square in the face and tell me you and your followers do not hate gays.

4 – Scroll back up if you need reference points. Is ‘reportedly admitted’ the same as ‘we don’t know, but we need to make ourselves look like the victim so let’s make some shit up’ – cite your sources or we’ll simply think you’re lying – you have previous form for this, let us remind you.

5 – Irresponsible? What the actual fuck? You claim your organisation is not anti-gay, yet you spend your life, and your six-figure salary, actively trying to oppose legal equality of the people you claim not to be against, you cataclysmic hypocrite. Your Facebook page and blog consist of about 95 percent gay-focused material and literature. We’ve highlighted in the past your reluctance to talk about anything other than gays, and you responded by posting about divorce. Once. Then went back to talk about the gays. Allowing the litany of hatred on your pages is irresponsible, Brian, given how many violent homophobic incidents we continually hear of.

5b – You don’t want to be labelled as a hate group? Then might I suggest you order your director of communications, who painted himself as a massive bellend by continually trying to talk over gay rights activist Peter Tatchell on a recent interview, to actually do what the hell you pay him to do and start removing the pandemic anti-gay hatred that features on your facebook page. If you want any examples, look at pretty much any blog post here – there are about 1,200 or so to choose from, and about 400-450 different people featured.


In summation, Brian, you are scared, and a coward. You have been picking on gays for years upon years, and your religion has been doing it for centuries. Now, finally, when someone hits back – and no, I do NOT condone Mr. Corkins’s actions – you suddenly cry victim and martyr yourself. Perhaps if you hadn’t been so public with your constant harassment, abuse, denigration and demonising of a section of society, perhaps they might not be so aggravated as to actually take things this far? Instead of trying to create further rictions, we would highly suggest you actually try heal the rifts you have caused and work with us.

Note – I have emailed both of the public relations officials cited in the NOMblog post asking for a direct comment from Brian Brown about the content listed not only in this blog but also in all of the other ones featured, as well as the constant stream of hate-rhetoric on his blog and Facebook page. I will let you know their response in due course.


Thanks for reading.

Brightest Blessings.

National Organization for Marriage caught lying. Again. Maggie and Brian, you just got busted.

We here at NOManiacs know that it’s not only the followers of this corrupt, greedy hate group that are prone to manipulating stats, twisting facts and, from time to time, outright lying. Let’s just put it simply, they learned it, like the good sheeple they are, from the poisoned teat they suckle from. The only innocence – and I use this term very loosely – these unfortunate, unlearned and unquestioning individuals have is that they believe every spoonful of vinegar NOM feeds them.

NOM recently posted on their Facebook page that gay marriage advocates – there was, in fact, one, not multiple, though this is not the lie – were ‘very afraid’ of DOMA and Prop 8 going to the SCOTUS. They provided a link to their blog where they expanded upon the opinion as if it were fact. See below

NOManiacs 111212k

Now, please note that NOM stated on 10 December 2012 that the article they are citing in relation to the very recent DOMA/Prop 8 Supreme Court submission was written within the previous week. They are intimating that an expert on the matter has indicated, given the submission to the Supreme Court very recently, that NOM expects to win. You have to admit, funneling $400,000 of their followers donations into pushing it this far, they need to give off the image that they’re winning. Unfortunately, they’re not. The image below was taken directly from the website from which the NOMBlog references an can be found by clicking here;

NOManiacs 111212l

Again, note the highlighted section.

So this article, which NOM claims is related to the recent submission from early December, was in fact in relation to speculation made in SEPTEMBER, a whole SIX WEEKS beforehand.

FAO Brian Brown and Maggie Gallagher – You are liars. You are not to be trusted. You are what is wrong with the United States. Not homosexual people.

You make me doubt the very faith I have in humanity.

NOM Supporters Insist LGBT Community Responsible for FRC Shooting; NOM Supporters Echo Same Sentiment That Got FRC Classified as a Hate Group.

We agree that the shooting at the Family Research Council was tragic and not the answer. While we were gathering details about the shooting, National Organization for Marriage within hours was using the shooting to paint the LGBT community as responsible and use it to their advantage. NOM even pointed fingers at the Southern Poverty Law Center over its classification of the FRC as a legitimate hate group – calling on it to drop that classification. NOM’s supporters, well-fed on Chick-Fil-A sandwiches, starting posting ridiculously homophobic comments, some that were removed by Facebook. The recurring theme – ‘homosexuals are perverts’ and that their ‘attempts at marriage are futile.’ In the end, their comments are painting an even grimmer picture of the National Organization for Marriage who in recent weeks has become so desperate – supporting Chick-Fil-A (when they insist on companies remaining neutral on the marriage issue – yet insist its supporters boycott Starbucks and General Foods). Now they want their sister organization, Family Research Council to not be considered a hate group. Yet, FRC has equated the LGBT community with ‘perverts’ and ‘pedophiles.’ And surprisingly (sarcasm), NOM supporters are echoing that same sentiment that got FRC classified as a hate group.


Homosexuality isn’t illegal. But this NOM supporter thinks so.


Rick McCarrell insists the “ss” (Same-Sex supporters) are the ones to blame. Yet, if you remember, Rick McCarrell participated in a 4-hour rant about homosexuality and anal sex. You can read it here.



Lexi Hastings, a resident NOM supporter, has equated the LGBT community to the Taliban. She has also thumbed up homophobic comments that basically state gays are solely responsible for AIDS and spread the disease on purpose. Recently, she attacked a gay couple by stating her daughter’s marriage, which she just attended, was real and theirs was not. (see below)


Somehow Kristin Small assumes she is the authority on what constitutes a marriage. Yet, she does not issue marriage licenses, only insults.



Anne Miller has a theory on gay suicides – the ones bullying aren’t to blame! How ridiculous. She insists that being gay is the cause of one’s suicide – not the people, her people and NOM. This blog documents many homophobic/bullying comments. A couple of years ago, one supporter even championed herself as encouraging gay people to commit suicide. You can read about that here. Kristin Small adds that “EVERYONE of those children were sexually abused at some point in their lives.” Wow. Just wow.



Once again, the focus returns on the anus. Anuses and glory for God in the same comment. Yet, still hate speech.

Claiming her bigoted comments don’t make her a hater. It does, Glinda Henderson Spivey. Reread the comment above this one.

Blatant racism here.

Funny how the KKK was brought up. There was a NOM supporter a few months back cutting and pasting from a white supremacist site. You can read it here.

Equating gay people to pedophiles. Yawn. However, this is common sentiment of the NOM supporters and the criteria that enabled SPLC’s classification of FRC as a hate group.


More propaganda regarding the LGBT community as ‘perverts’ and ‘pedophiles.’ To make her homophobic banter seem like “scholarly discussion,” Anne Miller posts a link. Where are they finding this stuff?! Why are they that concerned with gay peoples’ lives?

Umm, what?

Glinda Henderson Spivey and Rick Ritchie bully a marriage equality supporter who is legally married to a person of the same-sex. Where is the respect?