Wayne C Cooper on “Gay Bowel Disease”

Wayne C Cooper is no stranger to NOM’s facebook page. He is also a “Religious Leader” at Lincoln Avenue Baptist Church in Pasadena, CA. He changes his profile picture frequently but has been using a profile picture of children. This particular NOM post: “OBAMA’S REAL STANCE ON MARRIAGE? — Good Question!”

Here’s Wayne C Cooper’s comment to a pro-marriage equality supporter:

Here was another comment directed towards a pro-marriage equality supporter regarding having his partner’s picture on his desk at work.

Here’s more on Wayne C Cooper. If you want to know more about “Gay Bowel Syndrome,” you can contact him.

7 thoughts on “Wayne C Cooper on “Gay Bowel Disease”

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  2. eva

    Wayne Cooper..what the fuck are you talking about?..are you really right in your head..By this statement of yours you really are showing the rest of the civilized world that you’re just another ignorant and insane american who don’t care about anyone but yourself and people like you..You and those Nomers are just a bunch of hateful religious babbeling nutcases with no braincells left..except for that one you have to use a drip-stand for it to work..You are all a discrase to America..and we are just laughing at you here in Sweden and probably the rest of the world are too..At least those countries that are going forward and not backwards as you are..Wonders why America has fell down from the peidistal..With people like you..i’m not surprised at all

  3. eva

    Homosexuality is NOT a disease and therefore it can’t be cured..Don’t you homophobic ignorant brainwashed religious people get that in your thick narrow heads….

  4. Casey

    I’ve argued with him more than once. He thinks I’m a fake Christian and a naive little girl for understanding The Constitution and the Separation of Church and State. He claimed today he’s done with The Protect Marriage (now marriage equality) page, but I’m not so sure…
    Marriage Equality for the win!

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  6. John Tustin

    Wayne the stain is a typical hypocritical Christ merchant, selling Jesus as a commodity on the streetcorner, licking the bowels of the lowest common denominator. I used to battle with him on Facebook. He began to message me with hateful things, and when I responded by posting his blather on a public page, he blocked me. The Wayne C Cooper’s of this world should start living by Christ’s example, and stop pretending to be His mouthpiece.


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