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NOM Supporter and Wisconsin State Assembly Candidate Gives Up After Anti-Gay Tweet and Racist Posts Resurface

UPDATE 9/17/2014: We have learned late Tuesday that Jacob Dorsey has suspended his campaign for State Assembly 44th District (Janesville, Wisconsin). Read news story here. NOManiacs would like to thank the Janesville community, Wisconsin press, political leaders and organizations (both Republican and Democrat) in Wisconsin who stepped up and denounced his hate speech, our Twitter friends and followers. We hope Jacob Dorsey truly regrets his posts. America needs leaders at all levels who champion diversity and are committed to represent all. Dorsey was not yet that person. 

UPDATE 9/16/2014: NOManiacs has discovered Youtube comments made by Jacob Dorsey (jdorsey1995)

Meet Jacob Dorsey. Last Christmas, he was angry that Utah was allowing gay marriages to take place. He sent out a Tweet. 9 months later, even after it was deleted, NOManiacs received a notice from Facebook that the screencap of the Tweet was removed. We wondered why. Turns out, this 19-year-old Mormon kid halted his studies at BYU-Idaho in order to run for Wisconsin State Assembly in Janesville. Made sense — he wanted that screencap removed. So we reposted it. We sent it to the Janesville press, various media outlets. The people have a right to know who and what they are voting.

Within a week, Jacob Dorsey has “apologized” to the press in a statement. He claims he “promptly deleted it” which is untrue. He deleted the gay slur DAYS after and only after getting unwanted attention for it.

Now he’s getting support from an anti-gay Facebook group. He even went as far as to personally thank them.

Here’s how it played out (click to expand graphic):