NOManiacs Rejoice As Anti-Gay Bill Clears Minnesota House, Tennessee’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill Advances

The Minnesota House cleared a bill 72-60 that would allow Minnesotans to vote on the civil marriage equality of others. No doubt, after some wins in Rhode Island and Delaware in the past couple of weeks, NOM had to cling onto something to get their NOManiacs talking.

Notice that she used the word “queers” just after referencing God. The homophobic comment got a few likes, including from Randy Dyer and Steven Bates, who oppose marriage equality but usually are reserved in their comments.

Comparing the GLBTQ community to pedophiles, rapists, child abductors, murderers????

Regarding Tennesse….

“People who can not create biological children should have no say in what’s taught in the public school system.” Wow, so the single teachers who teach children aren’t qualified? The single parents? The couples who cannot conceive a child?
We’ve seen how bullying affects our children. They need to be taught tolerance early so that they do not grow up to be like the people featured on this blog.

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