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Dear NOM…

Dear NOM, you asked the following question,

NOManiacs 250213a

Let me provide you with the very simple answer. Since your hate group has been in existence, your supporters have called us, suggested to us and threatened us with the following. Sadly, this is only a small percentage of  the abuse we have suffered at the hands of so-called ‘loving’ Christian NOM fans. You will find a lot of it catalogued in the form of over 1,000 screencaps here on this blog. Again, this is not a comprehensive list.

To run us over; homos; losers; queer; homosex; abomination; child molestors; morally bankrupt; perverted; disease spreaders; diseased; criminals against nature; bullies; far from sanity; we end society; Reprobates; evil; controlled by demons; homos; perversions; same as paedophiles, murders and rapists; agents of Satan; to be choked to death; Stupid Dyke; idiots; sheep-shaggers; threats to bring a war; faeces-eaters; obsession over male gay sex; unnatural; we should be castrated; that we will face a vicious end; our condemnation awaits us; to stop being gay; Satanic; we will never be equal; fags; fairys; a condemnation; having a mental disorder; the homosexual lifestyle…

That we should never be parents; abnormal; disgusting; having had hundreds/thousands of partners; perverts; shameful; sick; communists; gays can’t be happy; we are all dying of AIDS; undeserving of equal treatment; that we all have sex in public; mentally ill; sociopaths; threat to National Security; degeneracy; to be put on trial; to be hung in the public square; to be hung without trial; we will die of hate/AIDS/loneliness; another 9-11 is needed because of gays; all gays should be burned…

Hoping gay people don’t wake up; we need mental/hormonal treatment; AIDS-causers; sodomites; dummass fags; sexually explicit offers to turn lesbians straight; gays caused 9-11; twisted queers; calls for ‘fagbashing’; repugnant; all child molestors are gay; we have a sickness; scum; perv; a desire for ‘fags to thrash’; claims to be a ‘serial fag-basher;’ a mockery; sick and unjust; ‘execute them all’; not deserving of civil rights; gay sex is rape;gay people shouldn’t touch food/shake hands; filthy; freak shows; retarded; a cry for attention; not raised properly; sinful; fudge-packers; wild animals; disgusting and wrong; being told to get AIDS; stalking preteens; promiscuous HIV-spreaders; faggots; queer hypocrites; trash; to live a life of chastity…

The above comments were taken from just FOUR of the twenty-four months worth of blog posts from here on NOManiacs, from our inception in April 2011 to the end of July 2011. And I never included anything on Brian Brown’s bestest convict buddy Jahnmaud Lane, whose hobbies included shooting people with AK-47’s, making graphic sexual suggestions to 15 year old British girls and stealing pictures of infants to label their fathers as gay paedophiles. Lovely people you surround yourself with, Brian. Especially as a lot of the above comments were made by people on your friends list on Facebook.

Simple tip, NOM;

Clean your own fucking house before you cry victim and criticise ours.

Lesson fucking over.

NOM’s mass banishment appears to be working. Well, mostly.

Now, after the excoriating bollocking that NOM’s Communications Director, Thomas Peters, likely received, whether after his abjectly poor, rude and ineffective display against UK gay rights advocate Peter Tatchell, his woeful attempt to recruit pro-life supporter Kathy Ireland that ended in him being told to ‘stop the hate’, or the feature here on NOManiacs about his inability to stop rampant anti-gay hate on the NOM Facebook page and blog that has helped lead to their rightful classification as a hate group, you’d have thought that he might have kept a closer eye on matters to avoid such a scenario happening again and actually do the job NOM pay him for, and his incompetency being exposed on a blog that has had 12,000 hits in the last 2 1/2 months…

Well, think again. Slowly but surely the ‘pro-traditional-marriage’ supporters, as they call themselves, came crawling back to the NOM Facebook page. NOM, perhaps reminded again by this blog about their inability to talk about anything but ‘the gays’, decided to dedicate their latest post about National Marriage Week to strengthening marriages, reducing divorce, promoting marriage before childbirth etc. Not a mention of the LGBT community, for once in about 500 posts. The only misnomer they published was on the NOMblog, where they falsely stated children do better when raised by mother and father – frequent studies have shown this to be false as they do equally as wel with LGBT couples. Other than that, not a mention. See below;

NOManiacs 130213a

Their followers, on the other hand, had different ideas. Like Pacer Metzenberg, John Colbert and Jeffrey Bonderman, who attacked the LGBT community, posted links to notoriously anti-gay organisations and made personal attacks respectively. Screencaps below;

NOManiacs 130213b

NOManiacs 130213c

They weren’t the only ones, however.  The language and tone got worse. While the most insulting was from an obviously fake profile, the fact remains that NOM remains, and will always remain, a magnet for homophobes, bigots and hatemongers. See for yourselves;

NOManiacs 130213d

NOManiacs 130213e NOManiacs 130213e

Mr. Peters, you are fighting a losing battle. If you truly don’t want NOM to be classed as a hate group, you would have to start by banning all those making anti-gay statements on your pages. Which would presumably remove half your supporters. Then there is the innumerable links your group posts attacking gay people. And that’s before we look at the lies and misinformation you routinely post. That said, it’s people like Leslie here who make your job difficult to the point of incompetency. I’d advise looking for another post very soon;

NOManiacs 130213fNothing like espousing pretty much every lie NOM has ever fed to its followers over the course of its lifetime.

NOM has, and always will be, a hate group, regardless of how many people they ban, because they have spent years feeding the lies that now infest their page. This classification is their own doing. They created this monster, and now they cannot control it.


We have no sympathies.

Thank you for reading and following x

Brigtest Blessings x

NOM cleans house, clears itself of the worst offenders. Well, some of them.

No speeches, no diatribes, no pontificating. Just a short, sweet, simple post to inform you all that NOM has, very shortly after this author e-mailed NOM’s public relations representatives regarding the hate speech on their Facebook wall and blog, removed a large percentage of the right-wing, fanatically anti-gay supporters.

This author’s e-mail suggested that having such rabid, frothing, homophobic extremists might somewhat negate NOM’s stance that they are not a hate group, and that their misjudged diatribe at the SPLC for being responsible for an individual targeting the FRC and their own similar classification as a hate group would be severely damaged by the kinds of speeches seen there on not just a daily basis, but an hourly one.

The e-mail I sent is below. My name is hidden. The ones of NOM’s public relations team are not, as they are open-source material found on the NOMblog itself.

NOManiacs 090213a

All dates/times are GMT – UK time. Note that barely 24 hours after this e-mail was sent, at the same time the blog post referenced was published, the mass-clearout commenced. So far the known casualties are Peter Kobylarz, who was featured very recently for his graphic gay sex tirades, Roets David, a thoroughly unpleasant individual who we were, until recently, planning on covering in a feature-length post due to his vile comments about both individuals and the LGBT community in general, and none other than Clarence Warren, who has disgraced these pages on countless occasions.

This panic-induced clearout of NOM’s more loyal haters might have been induced by the threat of media exposure here in the UK. Too little, too late. The damage has already been done. We e-mailed these same people a year ago about the regular hatred going on. The response – they declined to even comment on the matter. Maybe they think that clearing the boards of the more rabidly homophobic of their number will allow them to claim that they aren’t a hate group. We have 90 posts and 1,000-plus screencaps that tell a different story.

We are still intending to go ahead with this media story, NOM. You alone have been the most vocal, most fervent, and most determined to legally treat gay people as second- and third-class citizens using religion as an excuse. You have allowed your followers to make all manner of disgusting, crude, personal, insulting homophobic attacks on an hourly basis for years while blocking any individual who might voice a dissenting opinion. If you are that desperate for your position to not be challenged, then it might be that your position is not a very strong one.

OK, so I lied. I said no speeches, but in a victory like this one, one has to address those who have helped by reading, redistributing and recognising the work we do in exposing NOM for what it really is.


Thanks for reading x

Brightest Blessings x

NOM cries victim, claims it is not a hate group, nor anti gay…

Yes, they are actually turning their wave of anti gay hatred into a cry of martyrdom. Expect a furious diatribe from me very, very soon. See below;

NOManiacs 070213a

NOM appears to be under the impression that their oft-lying, homophobic, right-wing-Chrisitan, anti-gay organisation is suddenly a victim, even though nothing actually happened to them. Only yesterday we saw them resort to making up ‘facts’ about the UK gay marriage vote. Now they’re plumbing the depths of fear in order to garner donations. If you read the end of the previous post, you will see I mentioned exactly this tactic. This is how they put it across.

NOManiacs 070213b

Right, I underlined several points in this self-effacing, self-martyring heap of horseshit to highlight exactly why he and his organisation are listed as a hate group for very good reasons.

1 – Putting the word marriage in speech marks, as if it has no actual standing. News for you Brian, you complete fucking ignoramus, it DOES have standing. In that little thing called the law with which you seem to have so much trouble differentiating from the ‘facts’ in your Bible. This tactic reeks of demeaning and degrading the officially recognised loving union of two people who, and why don’t you just try being honest for once, make you feel icky? Nothing more, Brian, nothing less.

2 – The reason you are labelled ”hate groups” is not only what I just highlighted, but also because you allow your followers and supporters to use all manner of foul, abusive, vulgar, sexually graphic, insulting, hateful comments on your facebook page and NOMblog page without fear of them being removed, yet when someone complains, or even voices a  dissenting opinion. you instantly ban them. If you look at the posts and screencaps – of which there are well over a thousand – featured on this blog you will see exactly what I mean.

3 – See point 1 and 2. Your words have consequences. Usually those consequences are for your followers to publicly demean, castigate, demonise and outright hate on gay people. Even something so small as  putting the word marriage in speech marks can have a knock-on effect. If you look at the comments featured immediately after this blog post, you will see what I mean;

NOManiacs 070213c

Look me in the eyes and tell me you and your supporters are not a homophobic hate group, Brian. I fucking defy you to. Come to the UK, look me square in the face and tell me you and your followers do not hate gays.

4 – Scroll back up if you need reference points. Is ‘reportedly admitted’ the same as ‘we don’t know, but we need to make ourselves look like the victim so let’s make some shit up’ – cite your sources or we’ll simply think you’re lying – you have previous form for this, let us remind you.

5 – Irresponsible? What the actual fuck? You claim your organisation is not anti-gay, yet you spend your life, and your six-figure salary, actively trying to oppose legal equality of the people you claim not to be against, you cataclysmic hypocrite. Your Facebook page and blog consist of about 95 percent gay-focused material and literature. We’ve highlighted in the past your reluctance to talk about anything other than gays, and you responded by posting about divorce. Once. Then went back to talk about the gays. Allowing the litany of hatred on your pages is irresponsible, Brian, given how many violent homophobic incidents we continually hear of.

5b – You don’t want to be labelled as a hate group? Then might I suggest you order your director of communications, who painted himself as a massive bellend by continually trying to talk over gay rights activist Peter Tatchell on a recent interview, to actually do what the hell you pay him to do and start removing the pandemic anti-gay hatred that features on your facebook page. If you want any examples, look at pretty much any blog post here – there are about 1,200 or so to choose from, and about 400-450 different people featured.


In summation, Brian, you are scared, and a coward. You have been picking on gays for years upon years, and your religion has been doing it for centuries. Now, finally, when someone hits back – and no, I do NOT condone Mr. Corkins’s actions – you suddenly cry victim and martyr yourself. Perhaps if you hadn’t been so public with your constant harassment, abuse, denigration and demonising of a section of society, perhaps they might not be so aggravated as to actually take things this far? Instead of trying to create further rictions, we would highly suggest you actually try heal the rifts you have caused and work with us.

Note – I have emailed both of the public relations officials cited in the NOMblog post asking for a direct comment from Brian Brown about the content listed not only in this blog but also in all of the other ones featured, as well as the constant stream of hate-rhetoric on his blog and Facebook page. I will let you know their response in due course.


Thanks for reading.

Brightest Blessings.

If I were a NOM contributor, I’d want a refund for being lied to so often…

Now, we all know that NOM is not afraid to lie, cheat, manipulate, distort and twist things in order to not only bolster their extremely shaky and fragile egos, but also in order to keep their sheeple in the blissfully ignorant state of feeling like they’re winning.

You might also know that we here in the UK yesterday – Feb 05 2013 – put a gay marriage bill through the House of Commons, where MP’s had a free vote on it – a free vote basically means that the party whips do not instruct the MP’s how to vote, which is usually done when one party wants to trounce another’s legislation. Bear that in mind. They voted at 1900GMT. The results were in by about 2000GMT. If you’d read NOM’s blog post about this vote, you might have thought the bill had been shot down in flames;

NOManiacs 060213a


Unfortunately, NOM once again fell into that bear-trap of not actually reading into the context of the headlines, the story, or any other media that decided to cover the event. Want to know what really happened? Here you go.

NOManiacs 060213b


Yes, the bill PASSED with a near 70-30 split in FAVOUR of the new legislation. Hardly a disaster, methinks…

This ‘disaster’ that NOM are mentioning appears to be one for SSM in the UK – many of the first commenters on this Facebook post certainly seemed to think so – until quite a spectacular number of pro-SSM advocates, rightly overjoyed with this step in the right direction that the UK is taking, took to the boards to highlight exactly what your erstwhile author has just done here. The ‘disaster’ that the headlines were in response to the fact that half of the Tory MP’s voted against the measures, which if anything displays the level of rebellion that Cameron faces. Just remember, though, this also meant that half voted FOR it. And many from opposing parties also voted for it. Which means that this had support from across the UK and the political spectrum.

That said, the legislation will only affect England and Wales. With Scottish devolution, this matter was not one for their Parliament and will have to be brought up in a separate bill in due course.

The fact still remains that NOM will plumb any depths to scrape even a morsel of credibility for their hackneyed, contrived, disillusioned and pathetic attempt to legitimise homophobia and beg for donations. You’d have to be a pretty die-hard, dyed-in-the-wool hardcore NOM fan to not see that NOM is misleading you. Why you’d give money to people who lie to you is beyond me, but that said, most of you attend Church, so to be honest it should not be that much of a surprise.

Thank you to the 400 MP’s who voted this in. For the 175 who didn’t, history will remember you. Though not for good reasons. For the 25-30 who abstained, you missed your chance.

Thank you for reading.

Brightest Blessings x

P.S – If anyone wants to see who voted for and against the gay marriage Bill, follow this link to the BBC website

Peter Kobylarz, NOM Supporter’s Hate Speech Rant

Peter Kobylarz continues to post on National Organization for Marriage’s Facebook page while others are banned for posting a dissenting opinion. Peter is a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University, Rutherford, NJ. From the looks of profile, he looks pretty religious. Hmmmmm.





For someone who doesn’t care about a gay male’s sex life – again, not a peep on gay females’ sex lives – he not only seems awfully clued up on the matter, as well as obsessed to the point of always talking about it. We suspect he’s so deep in the closet his best friends are Mr. Tumnus and the Beavers…





That’s a REEEEAL man for you. What a winner.


Oh, and this guy had something to say:
And guess who liked his post? Jennifer Wade-Abbott and Laurie Snyder. Surprised?