NOM Fudges Bronx Marriage Rally Attendance Figure

National Organization for Marriage’s Brian Brown locked arms with politician Ruben Diaz, staunch opponent of marriage equality, Sunday in the Bronx. Rain kept attendance low, even prompting some NYPD officers to go home because of low turnout. The actual turnout remains a mystery, especially after various news organizations pegged the number not more than 2,500. If even that. Yet, National Organization for Marriage Facebook page was lit up with the following message:

Success would have been the 20,000 participants they garnered in 2009. Yet, that was not the case.

But the mystery is “Well over 5,000.”

Let’s do a little comparison…

Village Voice: 1,000 – 1,500
Joe.My.God: “over 1,000” (but no 5,000)
Fox News New York: “hundreds”
WNBC: 1,000
LGBTQ Nation: 2,000 2,500
National Organization for Marriage: 5,000

Even more interesting is how NOM piggy backs news articles that don’t actually cite numbers. The New York Daily News article that NOM cites doesn’t actually mention the 5,000 figure. They are using the article’s word “massive” to illustrate their so-called 5,000 figure.
Take a look for yourself:

Anything interesting development at the rally. NOM supporters also stated gays deserve death.

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