June 26. We won. Equality nationwide. Whether or not some want to acknowledge it or not, throw unkind words our way, try to deny marriage licenses, hurl passive-aggressive insults and junk science in the form of a whiny book (ahem, Mr. Anderson), we won. To deny anyone the fundamental right to marry or object to the marriage of two consenting adults, is ridiculous and frankly bad character on their part. And unAmerican. To all the anti-gay people out there, we no longer have to take your bullshit. You had your chance and you failed. We realize your hate speech and death threats have been at an all-time high since June 26. Who the fuck cares anymore?

NOManiacs is no longer relevant because National Organization for Marriage and its supporters are no longer relevant. Brian Brown needs a job. His final days of employment and a paycheck are here whether he wants to realize that or not. Sure, these bigots claim to “keep fighting.” As long as the donations keep coming in. Guess what? Crickets. People like Brian Brown and Ryan Anderson vow to keep “fighting” because they need a job. They somehow think marriage equality is like abortion — a fight that will last for decades. Again, they need SOMETHING to do. They can spend every last breath and cent to write books, get speaking or television appearances. For someone like Ryan, it’s an ego boost. But being on the wrong side is their ultimate demise. They can blame the Supreme Court like cowards that they are and praise the justices who voted in their favor (no surprise as to who and why given their background). Their egos are bruised. Their job security is periled. Yet they knew this even before June 26. Their desperation shows. And it’s not pretty or even a bit civil.

So, go ahead and spew hatred. Some may continue to call you out on it. But we will not. Go scratch. You’ll join the others who tried to block civil rights. You are as relevant as Westboro and will be treated as such. Marriage equality is the law of the land and it is not our job to kindly remind you of that.

To our supporters who’ve been a crucial part of exposing the hate speech and death threats, we want to thank you. Since 2010, we’ve shown the true face of NOM and its supporters. To date, several dozen NOM supporters have contacted our blog pleading with us to take down their screencaps. Some have threatened legal action. Some used threats and others took the initiative to contact us just to explain they really aren’t upset they’ve been exposed — even when they obviously are livid. Employers can google their name and see their hate speech and, sometimes, death threats towards LGBT people, their family and allies. We pulled the rug out from a smarmy young political candidate in Wisconsin, Jacob Dorsey. Our team found racist and homophobic comments made by Jacob on social media. A day later, he ended his campaign and embarrassed the Wisconsin GOP. We couldn’t have done that without your help. That is truly winning.

We can and should celebrate. And give a #ByeFelicia to those who think they still have an opportunity to deny LGBT rights.

All NOManiacs posts will still be viewable (bad news for those profiled and exposed). The only difference is we will not be answering their pleas or demands to take down their screencaps. The Internet is forever.


The Llama

My Name is Michael Kibbee and I’m a NOM Supporter and I Think “ingesting fecal excretions does not constitute marriage”

Yikes. This guy has totally lost his zen. Meet Michael Kibbee from Denver, Colorado. You’d think a guy sporting a profile pic of Buddha would be calm and collected. This guy speaks for himself — and National Organization for Marriage because they haven’t removed him or his posts from their page.


This guy apparently teaches online.

In addition, Michael Kibbee runs his own Facebook page (Destroying Homophobia Exposed) that is a real head-scratcher. He has posted a profile picture with bullet holes and blood. “Homophobia Exposed” is very similar to NOManiacs, committed to calling out anti-gay posts. Michael Kibbee is one mad individual. Unfortunately, many others are entertaining him, including Mariah Brown who constantly instigates anti-gay posts and hate speech on NOM’s Facebook page.


My Name is Aaron Ringewold and I’m a NOM Supporter and I Think Gay People Are Just Like Pedophiles (Like Me).


This is truly classic. We’ve highlighted some interesting National Organization for Marriage supporters in the past but Aaron Ringewold is quite interesting. Ringewold has posted some pretty homophobic comments on NOM’s public Facebook page comparing gay people to pedophiles, which is a pretty common post. So…who is this guy? We asked the question and Google provided the answer in 0.61 seconds.

Photo: Henderson Police Department
Aaron M. Ringewold, a substitute teacher at the time, was arrested and sentenced in 2009 for child pornography. Here’s the news report.


My Name is John Keith UMSC and I’m a NOM Supporter and I Think If You Don’t Like NOM and Their Supporters “Go Suck Dick at the Gay Club…”

Oh boy. This guy has quite a potty mouth. Facebook Terms of Service violations with almost every post. Yet, National Organization for Marriage doesn’t ban him or remove his posts from their public Facebook page. John Keith is originally from South Carolina and lives in Austin, Texas. He is a former recruiter for the United States Marine Corps.


My Name is Lisa Graham and I’m a NOM Supporter and I Think the Bakers Should Have “made the cake and SPIT in it…”

National Organization for Marriage is trying to divert attention away from their catastrophic losses last week. Their not-so-new poster children are Melissa and Aaron Klein of Sweet Cakes by Melissa. The owners of an Oregon bakery that made national headlines last year after turning away a pair of lesbian brides-to-be are now facing a fine of up to $150,000, which could reportedly leave them bankrupt. (Huffington Post, 10/1/2014)

Lisa_Graham Photo
Meet Lisa Graham of Anchorage, Alaska. After seeing NOM’s post on its Facebook page, Lisa had quite the idea:

(Lisa Graham: Maybe they shoulda just made the cake & SPIT in it, added some poo, urine, etc!!!)

Kathlyn Cobb-Wells who identifies as being self-employed at Financial Distribution Services in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, suggests:

(Kathlyn Cobb-Wells: I say bake the cake 5 days early & present lol. Leave it out to go bad.)

Feel the love? Because poisoning a cake is so Christian. National Organization for Marriage and Brian Brown has been made well aware of the comments through Twitter. NOManiacs is unable to directly comment to these posts because NOM has banned us from posting anything that dissents or points out their bigoted statements.

Others have suggested that the lesbian couple go find another bakery, not pay the fines or sue them. Huh? Sweet Cakes by Melissa owners believe it was their religious freedom to deny service to the lesbian couple. However, that is not in accordance to the Oregon law.

In July, a series of photos appeared on Sweet Cakes by Melissa’s official Facebook page, which showed desserts prepared by the company for Restored Hope, a group which has advocated for reparative, or “ex-gay,” therapy. (Huffington Post, 10/1/2014)

More comments from resident NOM supporters calling for continued discrimination, comparing LGBT people to Islamists, pedophiles, sheep…






NOM Supporter and Wisconsin State Assembly Candidate Gives Up After Anti-Gay Tweet and Racist Posts Resurface

UPDATE 9/17/2014: We have learned late Tuesday that Jacob Dorsey has suspended his campaign for State Assembly 44th District (Janesville, Wisconsin). Read news story here. NOManiacs would like to thank the Janesville community, Wisconsin press, political leaders and organizations (both Republican and Democrat) in Wisconsin who stepped up and denounced his hate speech, our Twitter friends and followers. We hope Jacob Dorsey truly regrets his posts. America needs leaders at all levels who champion diversity and are committed to represent all. Dorsey was not yet that person. 

UPDATE 9/16/2014: NOManiacs has discovered Youtube comments made by Jacob Dorsey (jdorsey1995)

Meet Jacob Dorsey. Last Christmas, he was angry that Utah was allowing gay marriages to take place. He sent out a Tweet. 9 months later, even after it was deleted, NOManiacs received a notice from Facebook that the screencap of the Tweet was removed. We wondered why. Turns out, this 19-year-old Mormon kid halted his studies at BYU-Idaho in order to run for Wisconsin State Assembly in Janesville. Made sense — he wanted that screencap removed. So we reposted it. We sent it to the Janesville press, various media outlets. The people have a right to know who and what they are voting.

Within a week, Jacob Dorsey has “apologized” to the press in a statement. He claims he “promptly deleted it” which is untrue. He deleted the gay slur DAYS after and only after getting unwanted attention for it.

Now he’s getting support from an anti-gay Facebook group. He even went as far as to personally thank them.

Here’s how it played out (click to expand graphic):

My Name is Joe Garcia and I’m a NOM Supporter and I Think Gay People Should Be Murdered


Meet the new loudmouth supporter on NOM’s Facebook Page, Joe Garcia. The last thing NOM needs right now is ANOTHER supporter calling for the death of gay people. Why hasn’t he been banned, NOM?

Like Mary Marcolin, featured in our last post, he, too, hails from a state where marriage equality exists.



Joe has a friend, Eddie C Simolin, who agrees with his murder comment and anything Joe posts. He goes so far to defend him on NOM’s Facebook page.



My Name is Mary Marcolin and I’m a NOM Supporter Obsessed with Anal Sex


Really, NOM? You just posted recently about “trolls” on your Facebook page who turn out 9 times out of 10 being people who politely disagree with you. Yet, people like Mary Marcolin are not banned despite using hate language or graphic references to fuel her animus. 

Times are tough for NOM and Mary (she lives in Maryland where there is marriage equality). She reminded us of resident anus-expert Wayne C Cooper