NOM Supporter and Wisconsin State Assembly Candidate Gives Up After Anti-Gay Tweet and Racist Posts Resurface

UPDATE 9/17/2014: We have learned late Tuesday that Jacob Dorsey has suspended his campaign for State Assembly 44th District (Janesville, Wisconsin). Read news story here. NOManiacs would like to thank the Janesville community, Wisconsin press, political leaders and organizations (both Republican and Democrat) in Wisconsin who stepped up and denounced his hate speech, our Twitter friends and followers. We hope Jacob Dorsey truly regrets his posts. America needs leaders at all levels who champion diversity and are committed to represent all. Dorsey was not yet that person. 

UPDATE 9/16/2014: NOManiacs has discovered Youtube comments made by Jacob Dorsey (jdorsey1995)

Meet Jacob Dorsey. Last Christmas, he was angry that Utah was allowing gay marriages to take place. He sent out a Tweet. 9 months later, even after it was deleted, NOManiacs received a notice from Facebook that the screencap of the Tweet was removed. We wondered why. Turns out, this 19-year-old Mormon kid halted his studies at BYU-Idaho in order to run for Wisconsin State Assembly in Janesville. Made sense — he wanted that screencap removed. So we reposted it. We sent it to the Janesville press, various media outlets. The people have a right to know who and what they are voting.

Within a week, Jacob Dorsey has “apologized” to the press in a statement. He claims he “promptly deleted it” which is untrue. He deleted the gay slur DAYS after and only after getting unwanted attention for it.

Now he’s getting support from an anti-gay Facebook group. He even went as far as to personally thank them.

Here’s how it played out (click to expand graphic):

15 thoughts on “NOM Supporter and Wisconsin State Assembly Candidate Gives Up After Anti-Gay Tweet and Racist Posts Resurface

  1. Terri Holland

    Disgusting and hateful idiot posing as a caring person. Wisconsin dodged a bullet. I imagine he will find loving open arms at BYU.

  2. Terri Holland

    Thank you for doing the research. Not only did it take him out of the race, (thank god) but it probably ruined any hopes he may have had for a political career. He’ll be fine; finding a home in the racist and bigoted arms of the LDS Church and BYU, but he won’t be polluting the body politic – we do not need hateful, bigoted racists using the N word, calling for another civil war and focusing a little too much on homosexuals – using slurs of course, just like the good ole white Mormon boy he is. His comments are pathetic and his hubris amusing. I can’t imagine what kind of home life he must have had. Wow.

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  7. Lee

    Dorsey in no way represents the LDS church or any of its affiliates. From his postings, he appears to be a hate-filled bigot with no understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Church reversed its practice of not allowing black membership and has admitted it was an erroneous practice based on the culture of the 1800s. We were always taught to love everyone . . . never to hate or persecute. There is now a dedicated effort to clear the fog surrounding past misunderstandings about homosexuality which once permeated most of society regardless of religion. Many, many members of the LDS church are out in front in this effort. People like Dorsey represent only a very small faction of the Mormon population, and they do NOT exemplify what we’re about.

    1. culturecheck Post author

      Thank you, Lee, for your comment. We do appreciate civil and insightful posts. We do not get this very often.

  8. Justin

    As a Mormon, a Utah native, and a former BYU student, I can firmly say that my experience has been very different from this Jacob Dorsey’s. I find his posts offensive and reprehensible. He is not a poor representative of the culture of Utah and of the LDS community that I was raised in. I’m glad he’s withdrawn from the race, I don’t need anyone associating him and his views with me.

      1. culturecheck Post author

        Thanks, Justin, for your comment. Rarely do we receive civil and insightful comments like yours.

        The LGBT community receives a lot of animus from the Mormon community. There’s no denying that. Many of the people we expose claim to be Mormon. While we can hope for change, we must also remind ourselves acceptance is not always the goal. People like Jacob Dorsey may not represent a larger group, but sentiment like his aren’t rare either. We have Prop 8 to remind us of just that.

  9. Sarah L Nield

    Long time lurker, first time poster.
    I’ve been over to the site Victims of Gay Bullying I found a link to on this site and it’s full of the usual suspects, gays choose to be gay, gays=paedophiles, transwomen=men dressing up as women to assault women in public restrooms and one that is (thankfully) new to me, there are camps exclusively for under tens set up by homosexuals to make little gays!
    Oh yes, and Jimmy Savile was a bi-sexual. When the facts came out to the general public, these ‘Christians’ didn’t say a word because all the victims were female, bad girls, from homes and borstals. But as more facts came out and it was obvious the manipulative old monster dipped his wick everywhere, they had to underline the bi-sexual bit because we all know bi’s are worse than anything. Even worse than fondling brain damaged little girls or corpses.
    I commented a couple of times but, it made my feel sick, the lies being pedalled and in the name of the Christ they say they fellow.
    I wrote something about, did any of them feed the hungry or visit the sick or prisoners or give a cup of cold water away? That Jesus had no time for the religious leaders of his day, comparing them to whitewashed tombs.
    I also made a comparison I thought was apt.
    Are left handers born that way?
    Was the late King George VI a right hander or a left hander made to write right handed to fit in with the Victorian/Edwardian ideas of what was right at the time?
    As for being obsessed with anal sex. I would say some of the NOM commentators think and talk of it more in public than gay porn actors.

    1. culturecheck Post author

      We’re familiar with Victims of Gay Bullying. Trust us. It does their anti-equality cause any good. Yawwwwwn. In a way, we must thank them. And NOM too for that matter. Americans are realizing that homophobia is ridiculous and usually reflects the dark inner struggle of the individual. NOM’s days are numbered. Unfortunately, this is not the only organization whose employees get up every morning and head off to work to go limit the freedoms and rights of gay people. Again, reflects the dark inner struggle of the individual. Many of NOM’s biggest supporters suffer from foot-in-mouth disease. Oddly, those individuals (no matter how disgusting or obscene their comments are) seem to never get banned by NOM’s FB administrator. Let them soak in their own stew. Because more Americans are realizing that they don’t want none of that.

      Now… was the late King George VI a right hander or a left hander? Hmmmm.


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