‘Gay Men Eat Feces’ According to NOM Supporter Rev Wayne C Cooper

This wouldn’t be the first time Wayne C Cooper has shared his insight on anal sex, “Gay Bowel Disease.” Now, he claims gay men regularly eat their partner’s feces. According to Rev Cooper, it’s a ‘well documented’ fact, yet he provided no documentation or CDC links. As you may know, Wayne C Cooper is a “religious leader” at Lincoln Avenue Baptist Church in Pasadena, CA. His congregation may know that he speaks out regularly about homosexuality, but they may not know his fascination with anuses and feces.

14 thoughts on “‘Gay Men Eat Feces’ According to NOM Supporter Rev Wayne C Cooper

  1. eva

    Wayne Cooper..what the fuck are you talking about?..are you really right in your head..By this statement of yours you really are showing the rest of the civilized world that you’re just another ignorant and insane american who don’t care about anyone but yourself and people like you..You and those Nomers are just a bunch of hateful religious babbeling nutcases with no braincells left..except for that one you have to use a drip-stand for it to work..You are all a discrase to America..and we are just laughing at you here in Sweden and probably the rest of the world are too..At least those countries that are going forward and not backwards as you are..Wonders why America has fell down from the peidistal..With people like you..i’m not surprised at all…

  2. Alison Pryde-Fields

    This guy is seriously delusional. I mean, we all know he’s talking bollocks here, but if this were true, how would he know this goes on? Is he a gay man who partakes in this activity? No? Then the only way his statement can be ‘accurate’ (heavy sarcasm there) is that he is a voyeuristic pervert who watches gay sex acts.

    We all know what homophobia REALLY means, don’t we?

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  4. Marissa 'Havoka' Callahan

    So much to say about his bigotry, but I’ll just skip to…

    Even if a couple wanted to eat each other’s feces, what the hell does Wayne care? I personally wouldn’t do it, but I wouldn’t try to outlaw it. Why make legislation based on what you think two people might do? Fool…

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  6. Kenny William

    I know plenty of gay men and everyone of them has said that they have participated in eating their sexual partners feces. “John” actually said “it is a ritual for gay men to check each other s commitment and loyalty.” I don’t know the other persons mentioned here but it is not the first time that I have heard about this kind of acitivity amongs gay people.

  7. Jared Jenkins

    It is true that many gay people have been known to share each other’s poop and urine. With the men it is usually poop and with the women it is the urine. I don’t get why gays will balk at this because they have to know that there is lots of truth about this. That’s my three cents.

    1. None of yer business

      Christians are evil and disgusting monsters who feast on the raw flesh of children. There is lots of truth about this. That’s my three cents.

      See? Saying such stupid things and claiming “There’s lots of truth about this” doesn’t make it any more true, cupcake.

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