How Hard is it to Click the ‘Unlike’ Button?

NOM supporters are still discovering the Protect Marriage: One Man, One Woman Facebook page has changed course. Louis Marinelli changed his views on marriage equality weeks ago. He cannot change the title of the page unless the member count goes below 100 people.

The Unlike button is regularly pointed out to those who act surprised and unleash a hurl of hate. Take Patricia M Hamilton Weaver who sports her kids as her profile picture.

2 thoughts on “How Hard is it to Click the ‘Unlike’ Button?

  1. Patti Weaver

    You set a trap. You are NOT telling the truth. Your real enemy is Islam, they want homosexuals dead.’ I don’t agree with that at all.” I would never hurt anyone or wish them dead. That is evil. I love homosexual friends of mine and they would tell you that. I also have friends that are X-homosexuals. You made this fake page up about “marriage is between 1 man and 1 woman,” with a individual administrator that was pretending to be a Christian. Then, after you tricked enough people long enough…made this big announcement, that you got to the administrator and that our boy had turned homosexual. You taunted, provoked and called us filthy names and blasphemed our Lord and Savior. But that’s okay, that’s how you play. Your tolerance only goes on way. I will be getting an attorney about the above post. I want it down. You only show one side.

    1. culturecheck Post author

      You set your own trap. Not once did we put the words in your mouth or demand you type the things you typed.

      Do your research before making accusations. We are in no way affiliated with Louis Marinelli. If you have issues with him, take it up with him.

      We’ve heard the lawyer threats before. This isn’t our first time at the rodeo.


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