Band to play for NOM’s Marriage March decides to cancel


National Organization for Marriage was quick to post this one. Two bands were slated to play for NOM’s marriage protest later this month – The Lee Boys and Ultra Montane. At this point, many people know exactly what the National Organization for Marriage stands for – protecting traditional marriage, eh, no, marriage only for straight religious people and suppressing rights of the LGBT community. NOManiacs blog has been there to call out NOM and its supporters for its continued hate speech and lies.

Today, NOManiacs has learned that the Lee Boys who were to perform for NOM’s protest this month has in fact pulled out. The reason?

“Thanks for the info, we really didn’t know. And we would never want to hurt anyone… Were not playing the show…” That was from a band member who saw our post on the Lee Boys page informing them about National Organization for Marriage and the flyer we had created.

We thank Lee Boys for reconsidering the offer from NOM to perform. And we don’t blame you for not wanting to be a part of that.

While NOM still has the post up, NOM supporters aren’t too happy:


Natalie N Johnson was really excited when NOM posted that the Lee Boys were to perform at the protest. Notice how quickly she dismissed them and made a generalization about gay people.

7 thoughts on “Band to play for NOM’s Marriage March decides to cancel

    1. culturecheck Post author

      Please do. We need to get the word out as much as possible. We are hoping that flyer makes its rounds in DC during the March.

  1. XF

    That’s right. Real men do not cower to men who think they are women, and by real men… I speak of Men of God. Repent you people, and stop living in fear. You LGBTs act like somebody is always out to get you. The only One who wants you is Jesus Christ. He wants you to repent. “And saying, Repent ye: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand” (Matthew 3:2).

    1. culturecheck Post author

      Natalie, the excoriating irony of you saying “You LGBTs act like somebody is always out to get you” in the middle of a religious tirade against us is not lost on anyone, sweetie. We have frequently stated on here that religious haranguing will get you nowhere. You are not the first to try it. No-one has succeeded before, so why you think you will is a mystery to us. Thank you for your fervent God-recruitment comments, but no-one here is A) sold or B) that stupid. Have a nice day x


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