OUTED: NOM Supporter Michele Verret-Ayala Creates Fake Profile to Continue Posting Hate Speech

NOM supporter Michele Verret-Ayala has been very vocal on the National Organization for Marriage page since the beginning of the holidays. Today, “onemanonewomanmarriage” was outed as having a fake profile. She claims people are attacking her family. Interesting, considering just last week she posted this to a marriage equality supporter:

This was reported as Hate Speech to Facebook including her other numerous posts. Facebook banned her from posting, so instead of throwing in the towel, she goes out of her way to create fake profiles. Normally, many people would dismiss this behavior but Michele was quick to point out fake profiles created by marriage equality supporters because NOM banned them for posting things that went against their cause.

Here are the other Micheles:

Created when she was temporarily banned from posting:

When someone recognized Onemanonewomanmarriage’s posts matched those of Michele’s, she confessed (after posting Hate Speech for days):


Protect the people you love? Well, if you go onto a public page and attack other peoples’ families, you should expect some animosity. That goes for same-sex couples. Insulting someone’s partner, as Michele has, deserves attention.

And for what it’s worth, here’s Michele criticizing someone else for doing something she’s been doing all along…”trolling.”

2 thoughts on “OUTED: NOM Supporter Michele Verret-Ayala Creates Fake Profile to Continue Posting Hate Speech

  1. Lance Anderson

    Note that she only admits to these things when she is absolutely, totally cornered. Not an honest bone in the woman’s body.

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