NOM Supporter and Bestiality Expert Leila Habra Miller

UPDATE 12/8/13: Leila Habra Miller is demanding that this blog repost comments made by others in order to give context to her homophobic comments. We have day jobs, Leila.  We not a public relations service. And no, we are going to your blog to debate why your bestiality comments weren’t taken seriously. We’ve already made our case using your own words. 

There’s nothing more fetching than when a NOM supporter latches onto a subject like bestiality in an attempt to somehow connect it with the LGBT community. What usually happens (and did) is that we learn a little more than we want to know about the person attempting to make such a connection. Leila Habra Miller got angry when her bestiality arguments weren’t being taken seriously on the National Organization for Marriage Facebook page. She obviously is not interested in reality or pertinent subjects about marriages. While the majority of Americans are smart enough to know that bestiality is not homosexuality and it is not comparable. Bestiality doesn’t represent the LGBT community no more than it does straight people, Catholics, Jews, African-Americans. A topic like bestiality, she knows, creates fear. NOM capitalizes on fear.


Interestingly enough, Leila has been posting the same message for quite some time. Take a look at a similar statement Leila made a few months ago.


And it worked. Mark Tipton, a well-known NOM supporter who last year said gay people caused Sept. 11, fell for it.


More on Mark Tipton later (he threatens to use a gun on gay people in a later post that “good-Catholic” Leila conveniently ignores).

Clearly, Leila has done her careful and extensive research on “the zoophile movement.” We can only imagine how that goes over well at home. The following is satire…
Dean: Whatcha doing honey?
Leila: Nothing. [quickly closes out of the computer window but we hear animal noises]
Dean: Hmmm. Why are there cow noises? No, wait, horse noises? Are you watching cows being slaughtered?
Leila: I’m protecting marriage.
Dean: What?
Leila: Protecting marriage.
Dean: With cow and horse noises?
Leila: And goats…. No, Dean, I’m researching about bestiality and homosexuality.
Dean: Why?
Dean: From goats, horses and cows?
Leila: [holds up one finger] And gay people.
Dean: I see you’ve been talking to that Michele Verret-Ayala too much. I’m off to bed.

Somewhere in her research, Leila came across an article from a Florida newspaper called “Those Who Practice Bestiality Say They’re Part of the Next Sexual Rights Movement.” Again, in order to make the failed bestiality-homosexuality connection she posted the article’s link. Anything to demean the LGBT community and create fear.


Obviously, she has been challenged before when it came to consent. Animals cannot consent. So her arguments have nothing to do with same sex marriage. Nice try, Leila.

Another attempt by Leila to get bestiality and homosexuality into one line.


We laughed at this one. Really, Leila? I can almost sniff the desperation.


After being dismissed by marriage equality supporters for her crazy comments and views on bestiality (hate speech), Leila gets PISSED, drops the subject and plays victim. And then defends Michele Verret-Ayala, a well-known NOM supporter who likes to dish personal insults and homophobic remarks, but cannot take it when it is pushed back to her. She creates fake profiles and then criticizes others’ when they do it.


“Reasonable debate”? We think not. We just think you’re a little obsessed with bestiality.


5 thoughts on “NOM Supporter and Bestiality Expert Leila Habra Miller

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  2. culturecheck Post author

    Oh, we see how this works. Leila makes demands forgetting the fact that this is not her blog and because you are friends, you are defending her. We don’t go to your Catholic blogs and make demands. We are not entertaining Leila’s demands. If you are going to post homophobic things on Facebook, these are the consequences. Too bad you got caught. Leila got caught. And frankly, your name, Joanna Wahlund, is familiar as well.

    We are not here to debate. NOManiacs exists to show the world that people like Leila are using religion and other silly arguments to belittle people. Whatever you’re struggling with, go figure it out. Stop posting hateful things on Facebook. SHAME ON YOU.

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