NOM can’t even keep a musical act intact…

When NOManiacs broke the news that the Lee Boys were bailing on performing at National Organization for Marriage’s marriage protest, we rejoiced. This was truly a NOManiacs first. While Good As You is a great blog and we highly recommend you read it daily for all marriage equality news, it was quick to claim it broke the news. But NOManiacs was first. Even the editor, Jeremy Hooper, of Good As You contacted NOManiacs to figure how we got confirmation before he did. We already had the story on this blog published. How did we move so quick? The answer: we had a quick message for the Lee Boys – read our flyer.

That’s fine. We’re in this fight together. And while NOManiacs’s readership has skyrocketed, we could use the readers and credit.

We ask that you distribute this flyer to those who “think” they know NOM’s mission. Because it isn’t pretty.

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