Someone Send NOM’s Jennifer Roback Morse the Memo: The Band Pulled Out

**UPDATE: It is now 7:16pm, Sunday, March 17 and NOM’s Jennifer Roback Morse still has not learned that the Lee Boys have canceled on NOM. Ooopsie.

NOManiacs thought it was interesting that Jennifer Roback Morse of National Organization for Marriage and heads up the Ruth Institute was posting on their March page that the color scheme would be red, white and blue. Soooo original, by the way.

But at 12:30am on Sunday, March 17, Jennifer Roback Morse still thinks the Lee Boys are performing at NOM’s marriage protest later this month. Brian Brown, a simple phone call to Jennifer would be ideal at this point, right? Tell her: “the Lee Boys learned of our radical agenda from NOManiacs and decided they weren’t playing.”

After all, she’s a PHD! That economics degree is very useful. But she’s 36 hours late on the news.


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