Brian Brown and Ex-Con Jahnmaud Lane Celebrate Taking Rights Away From North Carolinians

National Organization for Marriage leader Brian Brown was in NC the night Amendment One passed. It sure was a far cry for his sobbing in his seat the night New York passed marriage equality. This time, Brian made sure to shake hands with NOM supporter and felon, Jahnmaud Mondre Lane. Lane was convicted of shooting someone with an AK-47 years ago (see offender profile) and has been a very homophobic voice on NOM’s Facebook page.


Here’s a taste of what Jahnmaud likes to post on NOM’s Facebook page:



8 thoughts on “Brian Brown and Ex-Con Jahnmaud Lane Celebrate Taking Rights Away From North Carolinians

  1. Steve

    It’s so transpatent. All Brian cares about is a photo op with a black person. It’s part of their “wedge” strategy. The NAACP called NOM “cynical” and “underhanded”. The Nat’l Black Justice Coalition called them a “hate group”. So Brown will attempt to counter that by shaking hands with every anti-gay black person he can find. It doesn’t matter if they’re vile or hateful or think fags should be left on fences to die. Brown is just foolish and desperate enough to think that just because they’re black he will somehow be able to create the fiction that he’s on the right side of history.

  2. Alison Pryde-Fields

    If you want more examples of Lane and his hate go to and search for him. There’s many examples

    In summary, he accuses people of paedophilia while describing graphic rape to a 15 year old girl and stealing pictures of another man’s daughter and fiancee to manipulate them and re-post them with malicious slander. He is a truly disgusting creature. I’m not surprised Brown likes to associate himself with such pond-scum.

  3. Jessie

    Wonderful news! And Jahnmaud is my hero – anyone can make a mistake, but it’s only the sick homosexual perverts who refuse to admit their sins and continue to go on living their sin, and try to force it down the throats of normal people. It seems the tide is finally turning. Good for North Carolinians, for standing up to the bullies and saying NO to what 1% of perverts think marriage should be twisted into!

    1. culturecheck Post author

      Jessie? Your name is coming up as Kerry Kelly Gridley. If you think felons are your heroes, that doesn’t say much for you.

  4. Alison Pryde-Fields

    Kerry, Jahnmaud stole pictures of my friend’s infant daughter and used them in a malicious smear campaign against him. If that’s your kind of hero, it says volumes about you.

    That’s before we get to him graphically describing rape to 15 year old girls and accusing their family members of being the rapists.

    Or driving 16 year olds to the brink of suicide by repeatedly claiming they molest young children.

    Or shooting people with an AK-47 because they were gay and Lane was struggling with his own same sex attractions.

    Want me to continue?

    1. hydrophonic

      He’s a sick pup. I did my research on him. Background checks are pretty cheap. If that dangerous man ever comes near my house or my gay brother. Consider him gone

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