Wannabe NC Senator urges people to vote for him, says gay parades caused 9-11

When you read Mark Tipton’s comments posted on the Anti Gay Marriage page (a favorite of NOM supporters) on Facebook, you have to chuckle at first. Is this guy seriously thinking about running for NC State Senate for 2012? Mark Tipton identifies from Robbinsville, NC. Even if Mark doesn’t take himself seriously, his 9-11 comment is disgusting – whether it’s a joke or not. This is not the behavior we should expect from a senator or even someone who deems their self worthy of such a position.

Claiming that someone (“gay-actiuist”) hacked his account:

Mark proceeds to hit on an equality supporter.

Mark, the wannabe NC senator, weighs in on 9-11.

Claims to have caused harm to gay people. Even if it’s a joke, it’s disgusting:

10 thoughts on “Wannabe NC Senator urges people to vote for him, says gay parades caused 9-11

  1. Ioan Lightoller

    Mark Tipton’s remark about 9/11 is disgusting but then so is everything of his shown here. Hard to believe that someone who writes such illiterate screeds thinks he has a shot at the Senate. But given how backwards much of North Carolina is, he just might manage to pull it off.

    This creep is more sick and twisted that any GLBT person that I have ever known and since I came out almost 40 years ago, that is quite a few.

  2. Alison Pryde-Fields

    Since then he’s implied violence against me in a face to face meeting, called me a f****t, claimed the FBI are on to me and that I’m going to get charged with all manner of crimes. This man is a first-rate fantasist who claims to have assaulted police officers despite working with a sheriff’s office, and that he has taken down all manner of corrupt individuals, despite him having a criminal record himself.

    If he ever stands for office, his claims are going to come back, very quickly, to haunt him…

  3. yaozi

    As a gay person and a teacher of languages i can’t tell if i am more appalled by this man’s bigotry, his spelling errors, or his risible grasp of English (which i guarantee you is the only language he is likely to claim to know, monolingualism is a handicap, not something to be proud of!)

  4. Alison Pryde-Fields

    I’ve got a First in English, and his spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax are terrible, I will agree! However, he may not be long for facebook. He posted a long ranting diatribe against gays culminating in several violent threats against them. The post was removed after I reported it and warned him, but not before I screencapped it and posted it to a couple of different pages. If you want to see what he put, follow this link:


    I, and many others, will be reporting this to his local law enforcement as I now genuinely believe that he is a physical danger to gay people. If whoever runs this site wants to use the screencap I took, you are more than welcome. A simple credit is thanks enough 🙂


  5. Pat

    So when he says we can recognize the gay actiuist hacker by the misspelled words, does he mean because there weren’t enough of them?

    1. culturecheck Post author

      It’s hard to tell what Mark Tipton was trying to say. His hate was certainly evident. And he’s claimed that he doesn’t affiliate with NOM and doesn’t know what NOM is… then why is he commenting on NOM’s facebook page? This guy needs to understand he’s not making his side look any better… then again Maggie Gallagher isn’t the poster child for valid arguments either.

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