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NOM lies yet again. And appear to be shocked when requested to be ‘tolerant’. And their followers publish hate-speech and anus-fixations. Again.

We all know that Maggie Gallagher and Brian Brown are not only unaware of their own scathing personal hypocrisies but also very economical with the truth. This is how they keep their band of followers paralysed with fear in a clever, if not very moral, ploy to solicit money to support their six-figure salaries, which are many multiples of what donors actually earn.

But we’re not here to point out their profligate, iniquitous and shameless actions. WhatWe areSorry. We ARE here to point out their profligate, iniquitous and shameless actions. NOM has been casting their – in the case of Maggie Gallagher – who should, if she followed her own advice about marriage be called Maggie Srivastava – beady eyes across the Atlantic to events happening in France, where new French Premier François Hollande is looking to implement legal – NOT religious – marriage equality that will officially afford gay and lesbian couples the same rights as other married couples. 

How did NOM address this issueSee below;

NOManiacs 120113a

Now, this Facebook post just smacks of lies from start to finish, as well as a little ill-disguised homophobia thrown in for good measure. Note that they claim the report says that Catholic schools WILL have to stay SILENT, as well as indicating with a graphic that they believe the Bibble actually holds more sense and reason than all academic subjects, when it has been proven time and again that this is the exact opposite. They also ask what would happen if their followers were banned from exercising their religious liberties. Which aside from being a scenario that would never happen, was basically just an open invitation for their followers to attack the LGBT community. Which they soon did.

The truthCatholic schools  in France were NOT told by the French Government to stay silent. They were advised to stay NEUTRAL on the subject. NOM’s galling bending, nay, breaking of the truth could be seen on the link in the above picture. They were so appallingly lazy and naive that they posted the contradictory information not only on their blog, but also invited their followers to see the original post. See the pictures below;

NOManiacs 120113b NOManiacs 120113c

Now, scaring the sheeple with the threat of not being allowed to use their personal beliefs to oppress and openly discriminate against homosexual people, unsurprisingly, sent the mass ignorant on the Facebook page into frenzies of homophobia and anus-fixations. Which we all know Brian and Maggie intended. If you have to resort to lying to scare the crap out of your supporters in an effort to rob them of their hard-earned incomes, it says quite a lot about your cause. And it’s status.

Here are just a few of the more severe cases;

NOManiacs 120113d

Except the Bible is not the Truth. Especially as there are many dozens of variations of said ‘Truth’. Can’t all be right…

NOManiacs 120113e

A marriage is not based on the types of sex it’s participants have, Miguel. The NOM crew have an obsession with gay people’s sex lives that borders on the extremely perverse.

NOManiacs 120113f

Miguel’s anal sex obsession manifesting itself further. Wonder if he thinks the same thing about the mouth. Which would probably explain his obsession with other people’s sex lives. And Karen seems to think that forcibly inserting something into a man is the solution. Even though she spends half her life campaigning against such practices…

NOManiacs 120113g

And when was the last time we used our own personal beliefs to harangue, abuse, insult, denigrate, demean, belittle, asperse, calumniate and malign others, John? I don;t think you know the true meaning of hatred, and by the way, your ignorance is showing…

NOManiacs 120113h

Now, this profile was only created on 03 January, and we suspect it is a troll or a fake designed solely to post inflammatory speeches on the NOM Facebook page. He made further posts that were on the borderline of being genuine and believable. We will continue to monitor him…

NOManiacs 120113i

A visit to the NOM page isn’t complete without inane witterings from the resident anus-fixated Clarice Warren. Here he proselytises that it must be the straight parents teaching their children to have gay sex. Yes, he really, really is that barking mad…

NOManiacs 120113j

There has never been a registered left-handed birth either, Clarence. Yet both gay and left-handed people exist. This obvious attempt at disparaging the genetic argument falls flat on it’s face. Again. This argument will need serious facial reconstruction if it keeps doing that. Ditto the whole homosexuality/mental illness argument. You have to admire his stubbornness…

So ends another sordid, ignoble and grubby chapter of the Hate Group that is NOM and their hateful followers. Sorry if we put you off your dinner. Hatred and lies do that to people. It’s just a pity that the shameless and greedy ‘Christians’ who run this organised maelstrom of gay-bashing don’t realise how their actions affect others too.

Brightest Blessings x

Chauvinism, misogyny, feminism and misandry from the boards of NOM. And Clarence Warren invents a new term for both oral and male gay sex.

I didn’t think I’d be called into action again so soon to highlight all the different kind of hate speeches being aired on the festering cesspool that is the National Organisation for Marriage’s Facebook wall. In the past we’ve seen hate speeches about race – remember Michael Ejercito? – the LGBT population – obviously – Obama and the false allegations that he’s a foreign Muslim fascist communist socialist gun-taking abortion-champion – former NOM employee Louis Marinelli was a big proponent of those recently in a shameless, attention-seeking ploy to push copies of his books – it failed, especially if you have a look at how much they are selling.

So why another post so soon after the old one? For one of the first times, it appears that both anti-women and anti-men speech has turned up on the NOM thread plugging a new book that supposedly offers the best in pro-marriage arguments – written by authors who, in the past, have mostly used religion-based arguments and flawed, disproven studies by organisations with a vested interest opposing the legal equal recognition of LGBT couples. As a side note, we see yet another attempt at money-grubbing, along with a card that tells your friends you give money to legally treat gay people as second-class citizens!! Way to spread the message of Christian love at Christmas, NOM. Good fucking job!!

NOManiacs 161212b

I blacked out my bookmarks bar as it has links that might give away this author’s identity. And links to some pretty awesome Catgirl sites. Catgirls – the future…

Back to the point, however. After reading the following comments, your erstwhile writer thought that someone speaking like this in this day and age was obviously a troll or a spoof profile. So I did some research, and this guy has been posting some pretty right-wing stuff for a long while now – June 2009 to be exact. A lot of it pro-gun, Bible-humping, anti-gay, quasi-racist lunatic-fringe dribble. And a lot of rhetoric about the recent CT shootings being because there was no prayer/God/Bible/Jesus etc allowed in schools. If you want a look at this guys seriously twisted ramblings, go here – http://www.facebook.com/dwasmer1. This was the first of two comments aimed at women;

NOManiacs 161212a

Rolf Anderson was the liker of this post – Rolf is a known anti-gay troll.

And the next…

NOManiacs 161212c

Again, Rolf Anderson is the like on this post…

That said, a recent addition to the NOManiac ranks decided to chip in with her two cents worth.

NOManiacs 161212d

You wouldn’t believe this, but Rolf Anderson is one of those who liked this.

Now, a NOManiacs blog post wouldn’t be complete without NOM’s own resident self-hating closet-case that is Clarence Warren. Now this blog has highlighted in the past – several times actually – that such a fixation on male gay sex by a supposedly straight man – without even a mention of female gay sex – obviously indicates repressed latent homosexual feelings. Usually it’s down to Wayne Cooper to focus on all aspects of the male anatomy, though Clarence did come up with these quite original terms for all things man-on-man…

NOManiacs 161212e

Clarence yet again defining what marriage is because of sexual activities – not realising that straight couples also take part in the very same activities. Any time you want to come out of that closet, Clarence, we’ll be right here waiting for you…


And so concludes another highlight of the vast litany of hatred and, seemingly, infighting over at the National Organisation for Marriage.


Thank you for reading x

Brightest Blessings x

A time of tragedy. Except for these heartless, unsympathetic ‘Christians’

I was going to call all of these people heartless unsympathetic cunts, but the title is the first thing people see and I didn’t want a vulgar title putting people off. Apologies if the language offended anyone. Truly. My level of emotion over this, being the father of a toddler, is running very high and I simply am not in the mood for illogical, Bible-based, buck-passing Teatard logic. Especially bullshit like this, following NOM’s call for prayers for the victims and families of the recent school shooting in Connecticut – for saying this, I thank them. This was the first post on the thread.

NOManiacs 151212a

Sympathy for the victims? Nope. Pushing the Bible.

And in keeping with this blog’s tradition of naming all those who like heartless,  uncaring, self-promoting comments like this, here they are. They will also be tagged.

NOManiacs 151212b

1 of 4

NOManiacs 151212c

2 of 4

NOManiacs 151212d

3 of 4

NOManiacs 151212e

4 of 4

Not only is Dave Cooke completely wrong – see this link for a timeline of mass shootings and note how many educational establishments were affected – he also appears to have absolutely no inhibitions about blaming not the perpetrator, not the lax gun laws that see thousands of American deaths each year, but schools not having PRAYER or the BIBLE in education. Apparently the seperation of church and state means nothing to this callous, soulless being.

Not that he was the only one. Remember Clark LeRay Herlin from a couple posts back? Yep, he chimed in with similar Bible-based bullshit. As did Jeannie N Paul Martin, who went so far as to suggest that since prayer was removed that school shootings had increased. See below;

NOManiacs 151212f

No concern for the victims or families. Why is that not a surprise?

Now, pushing the Biblical agenda at the personal tragic expense of countless others, we can all agree, is selfish, uncaring and craven. Yet NOM’s followers didn’t stop there. We all know NOM’s mission statement – see the last blog – and some of us may have thought that their loyal band of sheeple might have just left the whole issue alone. Oh no…

NOManiacs 151212g

Yes, Nicole decided that not only was it because the perpetrator a single child, but it’s also the ‘decrease in marriage’, which NOM has firmly laid at the feet of the homosexual populace. Again, see the previous blog post.

Simply put, Mikael Delout answered Nicole in exactly the way I would have. Except with a lot less swearing.

NOManiacs 151212h

Well said, Sir. You have my commendations.

And it wouldn’t be a NOM thread without the vile Clarence Warren throwing his stagnant opinion into the ring. While Nicole avoided mentioning ‘teh gays’ by name, Clarence had no such inhibitions. This, and the rest of the posts Clarence made in response, were totally vile.

NOManiacs 151212i

I retract my comments from the last blog post, Clarence. I was obviously wrong.

For once, I will not make all-sweeping statements about the above individuals. Instead, I ask that you do what these supposed Christians cannot, and pray, bless, do a spell for, or do whatever you do, for the children and families affected by this terrible tragedy who truly deserve it.

Thank you for reading.

NOM responds to this blog’s claim they rarely focus on anything but SSM. Their followers display ignorance of NOM’s purpose of existence. Then talk about SSM

Would it be egotistical to think that in response to this blog, NOM posted a link in rebuttal, using a claim – surprisingly recent as well given their last dishonest attempt – by referencing a post by one Ryan Anderson, in which he claims that Conservatives don’t exclusively focus on SSM. As you can see from their FB page, it looks as though they are making the claim about their own page.

NOManiacs 121212a

As anyone who has ever spent time on NOM’s Facebook wall will know that this claim is nothing but utter tosh. Until we highlighted it, 95 per cent or more of their posts discussed nothing other than SSM. And far be it from them to actually use their OWN words to address the claims we raised – no, they had to borrow someone else’s, pass them off as their own, and still fail to acknowledge their problem.

You also need to bear in mind that NOM was set up to combat the legal recognition of SSM. This fact is still up on their ‘About’ section. See below;

NOManiacs 121212e

NOM’s admission that they are attempting to legally class homosexuals as second-class citizen – and the reason why they are close to being labelled as an official hate group.

When someone highlighted the above to a gentleman named Jared Olar, he appeared very reluctant to acknowledge this statement, despite it being himself who brought up the subject!! The screencap below highlights his stubbornness to accept this fact;

NOManiacs 121212d

Please also notice Jared’s admission that he doesn’t consider homosexual people or couples to have gender. And that he appears to think that legally keeping them as second-class citizens is justified…

That said, it didn’t stop their followers chiming in with the same old tired lines;

NOManiacs 121212b

Never gets old, does it? Neither does maths that not even Stephen Hawking could logically explain. If anyone has an answer to the strange, and quite frankly baffling, claim that Jerry Hamilton makes,  please let us know…

NOManiacs 121212c

Lunatic-level mathematics aside, it wouldn’t be a NOM thread without at least one person flagrantly denouncing and verbally abusing homosexual people. Same shit, different day;

NOManiacs 121212f1

And because we believe in the fairness of labeling ALL people who associate themselves with a homophobic post, here are the three who, at time of posting, had ‘liked’ this vile rant.

NOManiacs 121212f2

Note that Al had to like his own post to give the appearance more people agreed with him. Trust me, Al, it failed.

WARNING – The content of the following post may shock you in much the same way it shocked me. I recommend you swallow all liquids – for your laptop’s safety – before continuing.

NOManiacs 121212g

I could honestly not believe my eyes, but, yes, this is the same Clarence Warren who has (dis)graced these pages so often before…

ATTENTION BRIAN BROWN AND MAGGIE GALLAGHER – If one of your most notorious, obnoxious, obstinate homophobic posters is actually challenging the very nature of your page, then you are doing something very wrong indeed. He has highlighted, much like we have, that NOM appears to be doing nothing for marriage other than trying to deny it to a section of society based on little more than Bible rhetoric, which is a clear violation of the Constitution.

What surprised us most of all was Clarence’s frank admission that if DOMA is ruled unconstitutional then NOM, and all it stands for, will become obsolete – and we here at NOManiacs hope that with that ruling it will also be finally classed as an official hate group – and this may be why NOM are shifting their focus away from anti-gay sentiments. Stupid as they often are in getting caught out with their photoshopping, lies and manipulation, the one thing they are clever about is getting money out of people. They obviously realise that a staunch anti-gay stance is not in keeping with public opinion, and if they keep on this track then their incomes may dramatically decrease.

Editors note; Clarence, though it begrudges this author to say so, you have actually made a very valid point that I’m sure not only the readers of this post will muse upon but also Maggie and Brian. Whether they recognise the damage they have been doing is, however, another matter.


Thank you for reading x

New faces, same old rhetoric on the NOM boards…

While this blog has oft-digressed from it’s initial objective of highlighting the lies and misinformation published about gay people by the National Organisation for Marriage to concentrate on certain individuals and their sometimes goofy, sometimes worryingly batshit-insane ramblings, I feel it is time to highlight the exact sort of gay-hate fostered on NOM’s Facebook page, as well as on their blog. I have to say – and I’m a bit disappointed in this – it has been a while since I took a proper look through the festering cesspool that is NOM and its followers. While the names may have changed a bit – as well as appearances by a couple of old favourites – the tired, hoary old cliches, adages and sayings remain very similar. I looked over their FB page for last month or so and found a veritable harvest – I would have used their blog but the people featured there often use a psuedonym. I will footnote each screencap if necessary. There’s also gonna be a hell of a lot of tags in this one, let me tell you..

Starting off with the good old misnomer, using biased, flawed, incomplete and non-empirical data – as per the norm – to state that children of gay parents are 35 percent worse off in school. If their peers have parents like this, no bloody wonder…

NOManiacs 061212o

And those 17 who liked this?

NOManiacs 061212p

What is worse here is that one of these people, Mr. Adams Sr, is in the US Army. I’m sure his gay peers will really respect him for this.

NOManiacs 061212q

There are more…

NOManiacs 061212r

NOManiacs 061212a

Two new NOManiacs – you see more of Clark later. I also want to hail and congratulate Amanda Lewin for her simple, yet ultimately effective, put down against Josanne. I should make her a medal or something.






























See below the people who liked Josanne’s statement from the post above that homosexuals are always abominations. They’re getting tagged too. As we once said, liking it makes you equally as guilty – https://nomaniacs.wordpress.com/2012/03/20/holy-and-so-called-christians-who-stand-by-hate-speech-by-clicking-like-youre-just-as-vile/

NOManiacs 061212b

And the one you couldn’t see at the bottom. We don’t miss much here.

NOManiacs 061212c

NOManiacs 061212j

An old favourite rears his head. Surprisingly he didn’t mention anal sex or poop. Not yet anyway.

NOManiacs 061212k

Another newcomer. Duly noted and tagged, David. Hope this blog doesn’t make you sick either.

NOManiacs 061212l

Clarence brings the ‘Oh no, someone protect the darling little kiddies!!’ line. Kids these days are more accepting of gay people, Clarence. Unless they’re the ones you teach to hate other people…

NOManiacs 061212n

More preachy nonsense that has no application in law. Not that Clark thinks the law applies to him anyway.

NOManiacs 061212m

Another preachy sermon combined with the procreation argument. Not heard that before, Clark…

NOManiacs 061212i - JC like

Just so you know, the liker on this posts was the probably fictional Julia Childs.

NOManiacs 061212h - JC like

Aaron displaying his obsession with gay sex yet again, and not explaining exactly what this has to do with marriage of any variety.

NOManiacs 061212g

Aaron constantly pushes, on every thread, false and misleading statistics that 50-60 percent of gay men have AIDS. A medically qualified, and utterly brilliant, person with the name WeMust Dissent – WMD – called him out on his BS, dissected the figures and said why he was talking, quite simply put, utter bollocks. Aaron still didn’t listen…

NOManiacs 061212f

More badly spelled and preachy nonsense about the harmful ‘Pray Away the Gay’ spiel. If you ever needed proof that the fundamentally religious have lower average IQ’s, here it is.

NOManiacs 061212e

Apparently John is of the feeling that gay people aren’t human. The feeling is mutual, John.

NOM posts about protecting marriage. Followers talk about gay sex and demeaning homosexuals

What else can be said about this? We’ve covered it before. It seems they never change. NOM (for once) posted about other matters relating to marriage other than how gay couples are trying to destroy it. How did their followers reply? Well, see for yourself. Look for the admission from Clarence “The Scribe” Warren that MALE gay sex intrigues him, and another cameo appearance from Master “Steven” Bates. Plus, more talk about faeces and bottoms and so forth. Do these people EVER think of ANYTHING else?

I believe this is “Clarence” explaining away his fascination with male gay sex by claiming his mind is “enquiring”. Anyone else feeling “enquiring” about his sex life? Anyone? No? Moving on…

Author edit 12/12 – If anyone wants to find ‘Thomas Byron’ and highlight the fact he called it wrong, be my guest…

I know the above screencap isn’t really related to LGBT issues and gay marriage. I just wanted to highlight an up and coming NOManiacs star in “Thomas Byron” (no, no prizes for guessing he’s a fake, sorry!). Not only is he labouring under the misapprehension that Obama is Muslim but he also wants to cast him int the fiery pit of ‘hell’. Hope you’re feeling the Christian ‘love’, people. All the above were capped on 09 January 2012 or posted on that date. The following are from 10 January 2012:

Anyone else see the hypocrisy? No? Look a little harder. It’s there…

The likes on this were Thomas Byron and Steven Bates. No surprise there then…

And now, something from the faceless “Nino Brunet”. Having had run-ins with this person before, your admin can tell you that this is quite an unsavoury character. See the next three posts…

Anyone else disgusted by the actions of NOM’s follower whose posts were not only allowed to remain on the page for almost a full day but are still there to the time of posting? NOM doesn’t approve of anti-gay slurs? Riiiiiiiiiight. And there’s more…

Master “Steven” Bates, not at his finest, but certainly at his most desultory. NOM have known about this individual (your admin having contacted them directly several times about his posts) for some time. Is he banned? Nope. More actively encouraged to post. James Avery for you next, ladies and gentlemen (If you can stomach any more)…

Methinks he’s not going to be voting Democrat in the upcoming election…

And we end (for that day at least) with Clarence  yet again revisiting his fascination with the anus, anal sex, and people’s private sexual relations. Please feel free to comment on whether or not you obsess as much over another complete stranger’s sexual life.

And now, a couple from the last 24 hours:

Roberta is an old name when it comes to anti-gay hatred. That said, last year your admin witnessed Roberta ganging up with several others (the infamous SN being one of them), relentlessly haranguing a Welsh gay woman who was raped some years ago and dared to have an abortion for a child she neither wanted nor could have loved. They actually sided with the rapist’s rights to have a child. Your NOM followers at work, people.

And so, my friends, another blog post ends. Apologies that it was so long – I really should post more often but unlike NOM and their followers, I don’t have infinite time on my hands. Hope you enjoyed it and keep your eyes peeled for more…

Hypocrisy, and liking one’s own posts. Lesson one with Prof. Rick Ryan

It’s one thing to be caught out trying to be indignantly righteous when in fact one is displaying hysterical hypocrisy, such as NOM’s new sex-commenter has, but to do so with no support but oneself should really give you an indication of exactly how popular you are.

Presenting Rick Ryan, who went on a several-comment long rant about anal sex, homosexuals having sex, and sex in general, then appeared to shriek, in a lovely falsetto voice, that he had no interest in what people do in the privacy of their own bedrooms. Rick’s denial is right here:

He has “NEVER CARED” about people’s sex lives, apparently. I would recommend Mr. Ryan see someone specialising in short-term amnesia. Note the time lapse between the posts below and his denial:

Just to confirm, it took two hours from Rick banging on (pardon the inadvertent but nonetheless well-placed pun) about people’s sex lives – and yes, all of those likes on Rick’s posts are from Rick himself – I checked – to flat out denial about having “NEVER CARED” about said sex lives. I also noted how he had a dig, twice using the stock-NOM word of “perverse”, at gay people in general. NOM’s standards at work, ladies and gentlemen.

That said, at least Clarence Warren, who appears to think that his ramblings on the NOM Wall somehow constitute making him a “Scribe”, is less in denial about his obsession with male gay sex. You’d have thought, what with him being such a confirmed, non-chosen heterosexual, that he might, for once, think about FEMALE gay sex? He never seems to mention it. This seems to be a recurring problem with many of the male anti-gay posters that NOM so seemingly endorses on their wall. We all know what homophobia REALLY means, don’t we? See for yourself:

Moral lesson of the day – if you’re  going to be a hypocrite who can’t get anyone to like what he posts, don’t post it. If you can’t get over your obsession with male gay sex, either seek help or have some. Either way, you think about it more than we do…