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Look who decided to crawl out from under his rock…

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while and are familiar with the more vocal of the anti-gay Bible-wavers will already know the name Jahnmaud Lane. Those of you not familiar are advised to read our expose about the hypocritical, homophobic and hateful ex-convict. Of late he has been fairly quiet, only resurfacing for a NOM photo opportunity in North Carolina on the passing of Amendment One.

Until recently.

Now we are all read up on Lane’s past and his proclivities – namely slandering gay people and equating them to paedophiles – we can see his latest, somewhat-unhinged postings. This was the starter;

NOManiacs 230113a


I don’t think Lane voted Democrat in the last election. His open hate for the President continued further, as we shall see later. In the meantime, a bit more open homophobia from the self-confessed one-time same-sex-attracted Lane, and a gem from Wayne Nolley, who we will be covering very soon regarding him sending pro-SSM individuals sexually explicit personal messages.

NOManiacs 230113b

Again with the sex, Wayne. You think of gay sex more than gay men do. It’s an obsession. The same is true for most of the anti-SSM crowd. It’s a personal matter. As in, none of your fucking business, pardon the pun.

Now, here is where Lane goes off on a tangent. As we saw, he likes to use the Bible to justify certain things, while ignoring the vast majority of the rest of it. No big surprise there. He also, we can presume, is not a Democrat, nor is he a supporter of the incumbent President. As we can see in the next few images, he combines both of these things into a quite worrying statement;

NOManiacs 230113c

Yes. Lane is actually advocating for the death of the President. Now I’m no legal eagle, but I’m pretty sure certain Federal agencies take an interest in comments like these. Given Lane’s violent past, one has to wonder what is going on in his mind.

NOManiacs 230113d

Lane at his typical best here. One of his frequent utterances is ‘homosexuality is evil, and the subculture is pedophilia’. Never mind that there is no link whatsoever and there is not one iota of truth in it, he still pushes it as fact.

NOManiacs 230113e

As does Aaron. To answer your question in a succinct and very brusque manner, paedophilia and drugs are illegal for very good reasons. Being homosexual is not, you gigantic assclown. It is idiotic views like your own that foster a negative attitude towards the LGBT community. At the extreme end it purports violence against them. And that is why people like us exist, to counter your lies and show your hatred for what it really is. Hatred.

Back to Lane and his desire to see the President dead. Here is his justification for it;

NOManiacs 230113f

The Bible. Big fucking surprise there. He basically just wished another human dead. Presumably in the same way he wished the man he shot had died. Luckily he didn’t. If you ever wanted to look evil in the eye, here it is.

Lane only made one more post after this, to ask someone if they would allow the age of consent to be lowered – he used the word ‘consenting’ approximately eight times in a seven-line post. After this we can only presume he either got bored and started looking for some gay porn, or realised he was defeated and quietly sidled away so as not to be noticed.

Just remember, Lane, we know who you are, and what you are, and we will always be watching.

Note – Brian  Brown has refused not only to acknowledge the anti-gay hate speech that goes on on his organisation’s Facebook page, but has also refused to acknowledge his association with Mr. Lane. Brian, associating with people like this is a sure way to see your aims and plans nosedive spectacularly…


Thanks for reading x


Brightest Blessings.

New faces, same old rhetoric on the NOM boards…

While this blog has oft-digressed from it’s initial objective of highlighting the lies and misinformation published about gay people by the National Organisation for Marriage to concentrate on certain individuals and their sometimes goofy, sometimes worryingly batshit-insane ramblings, I feel it is time to highlight the exact sort of gay-hate fostered on NOM’s Facebook page, as well as on their blog. I have to say – and I’m a bit disappointed in this – it has been a while since I took a proper look through the festering cesspool that is NOM and its followers. While the names may have changed a bit – as well as appearances by a couple of old favourites – the tired, hoary old cliches, adages and sayings remain very similar. I looked over their FB page for last month or so and found a veritable harvest – I would have used their blog but the people featured there often use a psuedonym. I will footnote each screencap if necessary. There’s also gonna be a hell of a lot of tags in this one, let me tell you..

Starting off with the good old misnomer, using biased, flawed, incomplete and non-empirical data – as per the norm – to state that children of gay parents are 35 percent worse off in school. If their peers have parents like this, no bloody wonder…

NOManiacs 061212o

And those 17 who liked this?

NOManiacs 061212p

What is worse here is that one of these people, Mr. Adams Sr, is in the US Army. I’m sure his gay peers will really respect him for this.

NOManiacs 061212q

There are more…

NOManiacs 061212r

NOManiacs 061212a

Two new NOManiacs – you see more of Clark later. I also want to hail and congratulate Amanda Lewin for her simple, yet ultimately effective, put down against Josanne. I should make her a medal or something.






























See below the people who liked Josanne’s statement from the post above that homosexuals are always abominations. They’re getting tagged too. As we once said, liking it makes you equally as guilty – https://nomaniacs.wordpress.com/2012/03/20/holy-and-so-called-christians-who-stand-by-hate-speech-by-clicking-like-youre-just-as-vile/

NOManiacs 061212b

And the one you couldn’t see at the bottom. We don’t miss much here.

NOManiacs 061212c

NOManiacs 061212j

An old favourite rears his head. Surprisingly he didn’t mention anal sex or poop. Not yet anyway.

NOManiacs 061212k

Another newcomer. Duly noted and tagged, David. Hope this blog doesn’t make you sick either.

NOManiacs 061212l

Clarence brings the ‘Oh no, someone protect the darling little kiddies!!’ line. Kids these days are more accepting of gay people, Clarence. Unless they’re the ones you teach to hate other people…

NOManiacs 061212n

More preachy nonsense that has no application in law. Not that Clark thinks the law applies to him anyway.

NOManiacs 061212m

Another preachy sermon combined with the procreation argument. Not heard that before, Clark…

NOManiacs 061212i - JC like

Just so you know, the liker on this posts was the probably fictional Julia Childs.

NOManiacs 061212h - JC like

Aaron displaying his obsession with gay sex yet again, and not explaining exactly what this has to do with marriage of any variety.

NOManiacs 061212g

Aaron constantly pushes, on every thread, false and misleading statistics that 50-60 percent of gay men have AIDS. A medically qualified, and utterly brilliant, person with the name WeMust Dissent – WMD – called him out on his BS, dissected the figures and said why he was talking, quite simply put, utter bollocks. Aaron still didn’t listen…

NOManiacs 061212f

More badly spelled and preachy nonsense about the harmful ‘Pray Away the Gay’ spiel. If you ever needed proof that the fundamentally religious have lower average IQ’s, here it is.

NOManiacs 061212e

Apparently John is of the feeling that gay people aren’t human. The feeling is mutual, John.