Black Roses: Rose Parade Boycott by NOM Supporter Karen Grube Backfires.


Karen L. Grube of San Diego is no stranger to this blog (she tried removing NOManiacs a year or so ago). When she learned that the 2014 Tournament of Roses Parade was to feature a gay male couple marrying (because it’s legal in California) on top of a parade float (because that’s super awesome and straight couples have married there in years past), she immediately started a boycott. Grube got some initial local media attention for her Boycott the 2014 Rose Parade page. However, her rationale for the boycott was quite flawed. Choosing to not use the religious route, she claimed Prop 8 was still in effect. Prop 8 was halted in late June 2013 by the Supreme Court and marriages have been taking place since then. Call it intense denial, Grube was reminded even by news media that Prop 8 was no longer in effect.

Here is the 10News Story.


People began to point out how ridiculous her claims were, so she resorted to another one.


Grube by now, frustrated, turned to her Boycott the 2014 Rose Parade Facebook page. She asked people to go onto the Rose Parade Facebook page, news sites, including the LA Times, featuring the boycott story to flood it with comments supporting the boycott. Clearly, she wasn’t the only one that was frustrated.



Disgraced Pasadena pastor Wayne Cooper jumped in. As you may remember, Cooper was exposed over the years for posting disgusting, graphic hate speech claiming that “gay men eat feces.” Great company you keep there, Grube.

Some even suggested spamming and tampering with the Rose Parade Facebook page.



As Grube turned her attention to external websites and news stories, her boycott page was receiving new likes at a steady rate.

However, hate speech was also being posted on Grube’s Boycott page.



The marriage float, sponsored but the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, was to point out that research has shown that the sanctity of marriage was one way of preventing HIV and other sexually-transmitted diseases.

Grube, who presses the buttons for the Boycott Page, gave this particular hateful comment a LIKE. When pointed out on Twitter, she even defended it.


There was one post on the Boycott page that received a lot of attention.

This was in reference to “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson who known as a duck hunter, loves his guns and 15-year-old women are ripe for marriage (no, we are not making this up). Tracy Potter suggested murdering the gay couple.

After exposing this comment and Grube’s inaction to remove it, she claimed that she also received threats. All of a sudden she was now the victim. Easy way out.

The 2014 Rose Parade was a huge success and the marriage took place. News outlets later reported it was one of the highest rated parade broadcasts. So much for the boycott. Actually, the “boycott” and news coverage of it created new fans who invited the parade into their homes. Some even attended in person specifically to see the marriage.

Grube had failed. Hard. JoeMyGod even pointed out that Grube had proven not only to be a homophobe with too much spare time on her hands but also a racist individual.



3 thoughts on “Black Roses: Rose Parade Boycott by NOM Supporter Karen Grube Backfires.

  1. J. Patrick Morgan

    I’m ashamed. As a Californian, I have to cringe, knowing that there are people like Karen L. Grube, people with THAT much hate in their hearts. Hateful people with a computer and internet access at their disposal, who have no problem and see nothing wrong with spreading their vitriol to the world.

    Rest assured though, that Karen and those like her DO NOT represent the majority of California voters. The times ARE changing…MUST change. This is not a religious issue, it’s one of equal rights and protections for ALL citizens, REGARDLESS of their sexual preference. I remain firmly committed to standing with my fellow life-travelers in the LGBT community in this endeavor.

  2. Rob Richardson

    I agree. I made the mistake of arguing Ms. Grube’s position on her hateful boycott page, and eventually just had to walk away- you can’t argue with that level of hateful, willing ignorance. I know I’ll be watching this blog to keep an eye on whatever trouble NOM decides to stir up next…

  3. RMR

    That disgusting Grube woman’s stupidity knows no bounds.

    She’s posted this on NOM’s Facebook page today:

    “The reason for calling for ballots and referenda is to stop activist judges and partisan legislators from being influenced by the money and political pressure applied to them by large, well-funded gay activist groups. These groups use law books like baseball bats to chase the other kids off the playing field so they get to change the rules in such a way that only they can win. I won’t stand for that kind of bullying. Ballot measures and real votes let the voter’s voices be heard clearly and unequivocally on this subject, inargguably one of the most significant social policy and legal questions facing voters and legislators today.”

    And she claims to be a paralegal….


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