If you don’t like this blog, NOM supporters, TOUGH.


We’ve received a lot of hate mail over the past year from NOM supporters. Some are threatening. Some come with a list of demands.

One NOM supporter, Leila Habra Miller, contacted us recently asking us to repost the WHOLE thread containing the homophobic posts she made on National Organization for Marriage’s Facebook Page back in… get this, early Spring! When we refused to comply with her demands and reminded her that this is not her blog, she continuously spammed our blog (see below) and even hired her pal JoAnna Wahlund (who is no stranger to the NOM Facebook page) to write a complaint (full of silly insults) to us. Leila demanded that we engage in a debate on her blog about why she isn’t a homophobe. If you are not a homophobe, Leila, why did you post articles about bestiality and attribute it to the LGBT community as part of your silly arguments against marriage equality?
Why did you defend “a grandma” who posted this?
Sorry, lady, we owe you nothing.

We did our homework. This blog exists solely to expose just how hateful, crazy and wacky NOM supporters can be, especially when they are caught. We do not comply to demands. If you are featured on this blog and you want your posts removed, too bad. It is now up to you to explain to friends, family, partners, coworkers why you posted hateful things. We can’t do that for you. If you google yourself and you don’t like the search results, maybe it’s time to reevaluate your actions online (googling “Leila Habra Miller” results in the NOManiacs link featuring her hateful posts).

Spamming our blog doesn’t help.

2 thoughts on “If you don’t like this blog, NOM supporters, TOUGH.

  1. Religion Sucks (@_Religion_Sucks)

    Apparently, Jeanette Tye Runyon (https://nomaniacs.wordpress.com/2011/09/04/jeanette-t-runyon-national-organization-for-marriage-supporter-public-offender/) Is still harassing the LGBT community. She is stalking people online, calling their homes, posting their home address online and attacking gays on Twitter and is also being consistently racist.

    She’s lost multiple Twitter accounts due to abuse but keeps creating more. Her newest being @tabithamartin50 (http://twitter.com/tabithamartin50) but this is likely to change in a week.

    Her stalking voice mail can be heard here.

    She’s psychotic and is a criminal stalker.


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