Continued Hate Speech by NOM Supporters on Facebook Page

Seems like we always begin our posts with “NOM is having a hard week” or “Another NOM failure…” Well, NOM has been having a hard couple of months. Marriage equality looks promising in a handful of states and even in the upcoming Supreme Court ruling that will likely determine DOMA and Prop 8 is unconstitutional. Brian Brown, Thomas Peters, Chris Plante and Jennifer Roback Morse are in agony at the moment. They know their bigotry has lined their wallets but their supporters are getting frustrated. Their jobs are in question. They know frustration from supporters will result in no donations to an organization that gets nothing done except maintain its anti-gay attitude. Take the money that NOM collected from supporters and poured into France. Brian Brown even got a European vacation out of it. Yet, France achieved marriage equality. Uh oh.

Rhode Island achieved marriage equality last week and it looks like Delaware will follow shortly.

NOM has started posting about things happening elsewhere because it knows that the United States will soon achieve marriage equality.

And with all that NOM $, you’d think they would prevent a blog like ours from capturing homophobic comments from their own Facebook page.



Paul, really? I think the love for your granny is not that kind of love we are fighting for. And procreation isn’t a requirement for marriage.

Uh, sorry, Tammy, but in 10 states it is. If it’s nonexistant, why are your fellow supporters handling over their paychecks to NOM?

Congrats, Joe, your ignorant comment got a LIKE from, well, another ignorant person:

So married couples that don’t want to have a baby or can’t have a baby are not normal? FAIL.

We are always amazed at the NOM supporters who post homophobic slurs and sport a profile pic of them with a family member. And publicly list where they are employed.

So basically, she doesn’t listen to facts because she’s “a Christian.”

Hmmm, we saw this in Nazi Germany.


Wasn’t this nice? For once someone decided to post something in a non-confrontational manner and really explained their love their daughter despite her sexual orientation. Yet, Nan, got attacked.
Sharon Mason

James Motylinski

Victoria Richardson

LaVerne Kemp

Delia Athey

Gotta love the “I know homosexuals who…” argument. They say they know gay people in order to “validate” their point (or make it seem more credible). Truth is, most do not, because most gay people wouldn’t want to be associated with such hateful people.

Duane Schwegler

Buck Mast

Buck got just one like for this homophobic post. Better luck next time.
Buck Mast _ Like _ Anne Trujillo

One thought on “Continued Hate Speech by NOM Supporters on Facebook Page

  1. Jason Kamrath

    Hi, great blog!! I am a regular follower of NOM now that my husband and I have had a big gay wedding in Maryland last month! We certainly feel that it is within our rights to debate the NOMbies although they choose to call us trolls. I get many daily doses of human from reading the comments on that page. I can’t believe some of these people actually think that their views are in line with the majority of the country. It is worth it to me to keep engaging them just to show any borderline folks who the real reasonable folks are. Thanks for helping to expose the madness!!


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