Oh, NOM, we know you’re desperate. But really?

This marks our 100th post. 100 posts ago it was a different world. National Organization for Marriage hasn’t been this desperate ever. Ever. Then this… today.


“Conservatives may have correctly predicted the consequences of same-sex marriage.” Wow. Sounds like NOM’s Thomas Peters. Didn’t know that same-sex marriage existed since 1960. So let’s blame the decline on the LGBT community? Just incredible. And you have NOM supporters like the famous bigot Michele Verret-Ayala defending this logic in the post’s comments.

Thanks for the laugh, NOM. I think.

One thought on “Oh, NOM, we know you’re desperate. But really?

  1. WeMust Dissent

    Hey NOManiacs blogger –

    I noticed this post as well and in addition to having a laugh at the suggestion that gay marriage caused this decline given that the chart starts in the 60s I also tried to think what would explain this trend. No-fault divorce? No, that started in the 80s. What then?

    Well what was going on in the 60s and just prior to that. WWII had ended ~15 years prior and the men had returned to women in the steel mills and part of the work force. This put into motion a cultural change in which women started moving out of just being housewives whose only job was home-maintenance and child-rearing and into the workforce. More women started going to college more started pursuing careers and over the years since then the percentage of women who do has grown and grown. So what happens when a full half of the population who previously started families almost straight out of highschool start going to college and pursuing careers? Well what happens is the median age that women settle down to raise a family increased pretty steadily from around the late 50s until now. This of course affects when they got married as well and since women typically marry men it also pushed back the age men get married too (although not quite as dramatic of a change). So in the 60s the median age for marriage was 20 while today its more like 28.

    So what would happen then if you plotted the percent of people in the age bracket 15+ over time if the more recent generations get married later and later? Well what you would see is exactly what this chart shows, a dramatic drop in the percent that have ever been married….not because they will never be married or somehow are opposed to marriage but rather because they just haven’t gotten married yet. The large age bracket of 15-30 used to contain pretty much all first marriages back in the 60s but now it doesn’t because many people (including myself) get married to start a family in their 30s. This would skew the chart horribly and they don’t seem to be even attempting to correct for it. What I would like to see is the chart where every year they don’t just bracket the age 15+ but rather that years median marriage age+. With that correction I bet this line would flatten out considerably.

    By the way the womens lib theory also explains why the rate of womens marriage in this chart has dropped much more than mens, something that would be very hard to explain otherwise.

    Just a theory though.



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