Dear NOM…

Dear NOM, you asked the following question,

NOManiacs 250213a

Let me provide you with the very simple answer. Since your hate group has been in existence, your supporters have called us, suggested to us and threatened us with the following. Sadly, this is only a small percentage of  the abuse we have suffered at the hands of so-called ‘loving’ Christian NOM fans. You will find a lot of it catalogued in the form of over 1,000 screencaps here on this blog. Again, this is not a comprehensive list.

To run us over; homos; losers; queer; homosex; abomination; child molestors; morally bankrupt; perverted; disease spreaders; diseased; criminals against nature; bullies; far from sanity; we end society; Reprobates; evil; controlled by demons; homos; perversions; same as paedophiles, murders and rapists; agents of Satan; to be choked to death; Stupid Dyke; idiots; sheep-shaggers; threats to bring a war; faeces-eaters; obsession over male gay sex; unnatural; we should be castrated; that we will face a vicious end; our condemnation awaits us; to stop being gay; Satanic; we will never be equal; fags; fairys; a condemnation; having a mental disorder; the homosexual lifestyle…

That we should never be parents; abnormal; disgusting; having had hundreds/thousands of partners; perverts; shameful; sick; communists; gays can’t be happy; we are all dying of AIDS; undeserving of equal treatment; that we all have sex in public; mentally ill; sociopaths; threat to National Security; degeneracy; to be put on trial; to be hung in the public square; to be hung without trial; we will die of hate/AIDS/loneliness; another 9-11 is needed because of gays; all gays should be burned…

Hoping gay people don’t wake up; we need mental/hormonal treatment; AIDS-causers; sodomites; dummass fags; sexually explicit offers to turn lesbians straight; gays caused 9-11; twisted queers; calls for ‘fagbashing’; repugnant; all child molestors are gay; we have a sickness; scum; perv; a desire for ‘fags to thrash’; claims to be a ‘serial fag-basher;’ a mockery; sick and unjust; ‘execute them all’; not deserving of civil rights; gay sex is rape;gay people shouldn’t touch food/shake hands; filthy; freak shows; retarded; a cry for attention; not raised properly; sinful; fudge-packers; wild animals; disgusting and wrong; being told to get AIDS; stalking preteens; promiscuous HIV-spreaders; faggots; queer hypocrites; trash; to live a life of chastity…

The above comments were taken from just FOUR of the twenty-four months worth of blog posts from here on NOManiacs, from our inception in April 2011 to the end of July 2011. And I never included anything on Brian Brown’s bestest convict buddy Jahnmaud Lane, whose hobbies included shooting people with AK-47’s, making graphic sexual suggestions to 15 year old British girls and stealing pictures of infants to label their fathers as gay paedophiles. Lovely people you surround yourself with, Brian. Especially as a lot of the above comments were made by people on your friends list on Facebook.

Simple tip, NOM;

Clean your own fucking house before you cry victim and criticise ours.

Lesson fucking over.

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