NOM’s mass banishment appears to be working. Well, mostly.

Now, after the excoriating bollocking that NOM’s Communications Director, Thomas Peters, likely received, whether after his abjectly poor, rude and ineffective display against UK gay rights advocate Peter Tatchell, his woeful attempt to recruit pro-life supporter Kathy Ireland that ended in him being told to ‘stop the hate’, or the feature here on NOManiacs about his inability to stop rampant anti-gay hate on the NOM Facebook page and blog that has helped lead to their rightful classification as a hate group, you’d have thought that he might have kept a closer eye on matters to avoid such a scenario happening again and actually do the job NOM pay him for, and his incompetency being exposed on a blog that has had 12,000 hits in the last 2 1/2 months…

Well, think again. Slowly but surely the ‘pro-traditional-marriage’ supporters, as they call themselves, came crawling back to the NOM Facebook page. NOM, perhaps reminded again by this blog about their inability to talk about anything but ‘the gays’, decided to dedicate their latest post about National Marriage Week to strengthening marriages, reducing divorce, promoting marriage before childbirth etc. Not a mention of the LGBT community, for once in about 500 posts. The only misnomer they published was on the NOMblog, where they falsely stated children do better when raised by mother and father – frequent studies have shown this to be false as they do equally as wel with LGBT couples. Other than that, not a mention. See below;

NOManiacs 130213a

Their followers, on the other hand, had different ideas. Like Pacer Metzenberg, John Colbert and Jeffrey Bonderman, who attacked the LGBT community, posted links to notoriously anti-gay organisations and made personal attacks respectively. Screencaps below;

NOManiacs 130213b

NOManiacs 130213c

They weren’t the only ones, however.  The language and tone got worse. While the most insulting was from an obviously fake profile, the fact remains that NOM remains, and will always remain, a magnet for homophobes, bigots and hatemongers. See for yourselves;

NOManiacs 130213d

NOManiacs 130213e NOManiacs 130213e

Mr. Peters, you are fighting a losing battle. If you truly don’t want NOM to be classed as a hate group, you would have to start by banning all those making anti-gay statements on your pages. Which would presumably remove half your supporters. Then there is the innumerable links your group posts attacking gay people. And that’s before we look at the lies and misinformation you routinely post. That said, it’s people like Leslie here who make your job difficult to the point of incompetency. I’d advise looking for another post very soon;

NOManiacs 130213fNothing like espousing pretty much every lie NOM has ever fed to its followers over the course of its lifetime.

NOM has, and always will be, a hate group, regardless of how many people they ban, because they have spent years feeding the lies that now infest their page. This classification is their own doing. They created this monster, and now they cannot control it.


We have no sympathies.

Thank you for reading and following x

Brigtest Blessings x

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