NOM cleans house, clears itself of the worst offenders. Well, some of them.

No speeches, no diatribes, no pontificating. Just a short, sweet, simple post to inform you all that NOM has, very shortly after this author e-mailed NOM’s public relations representatives regarding the hate speech on their Facebook wall and blog, removed a large percentage of the right-wing, fanatically anti-gay supporters.

This author’s e-mail suggested that having such rabid, frothing, homophobic extremists might somewhat negate NOM’s stance that they are not a hate group, and that their misjudged diatribe at the SPLC for being responsible for an individual targeting the FRC and their own similar classification as a hate group would be severely damaged by the kinds of speeches seen there on not just a daily basis, but an hourly one.

The e-mail I sent is below. My name is hidden. The ones of NOM’s public relations team are not, as they are open-source material found on the NOMblog itself.

NOManiacs 090213a

All dates/times are GMT – UK time. Note that barely 24 hours after this e-mail was sent, at the same time the blog post referenced was published, the mass-clearout commenced. So far the known casualties are Peter Kobylarz, who was featured very recently for his graphic gay sex tirades, Roets David, a thoroughly unpleasant individual who we were, until recently, planning on covering in a feature-length post due to his vile comments about both individuals and the LGBT community in general, and none other than Clarence Warren, who has disgraced these pages on countless occasions.

This panic-induced clearout of NOM’s more loyal haters might have been induced by the threat of media exposure here in the UK. Too little, too late. The damage has already been done. We e-mailed these same people a year ago about the regular hatred going on. The response – they declined to even comment on the matter. Maybe they think that clearing the boards of the more rabidly homophobic of their number will allow them to claim that they aren’t a hate group. We have 90 posts and 1,000-plus screencaps that tell a different story.

We are still intending to go ahead with this media story, NOM. You alone have been the most vocal, most fervent, and most determined to legally treat gay people as second- and third-class citizens using religion as an excuse. You have allowed your followers to make all manner of disgusting, crude, personal, insulting homophobic attacks on an hourly basis for years while blocking any individual who might voice a dissenting opinion. If you are that desperate for your position to not be challenged, then it might be that your position is not a very strong one.

OK, so I lied. I said no speeches, but in a victory like this one, one has to address those who have helped by reading, redistributing and recognising the work we do in exposing NOM for what it really is.


Thanks for reading x

Brightest Blessings x

2 thoughts on “NOM cleans house, clears itself of the worst offenders. Well, some of them.

    1. culturecheck Post author

      Thanks Faye, expect to see our llama representative on there as soon as the next small post is finished. And when I’ve finished my Coco-Pops…


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