If I were a NOM contributor, I’d want a refund for being lied to so often…

Now, we all know that NOM is not afraid to lie, cheat, manipulate, distort and twist things in order to not only bolster their extremely shaky and fragile egos, but also in order to keep their sheeple in the blissfully ignorant state of feeling like they’re winning.

You might also know that we here in the UK yesterday – Feb 05 2013 – put a gay marriage bill through the House of Commons, where MP’s had a free vote on it – a free vote basically means that the party whips do not instruct the MP’s how to vote, which is usually done when one party wants to trounce another’s legislation. Bear that in mind. They voted at 1900GMT. The results were in by about 2000GMT. If you’d read NOM’s blog post about this vote, you might have thought the bill had been shot down in flames;

NOManiacs 060213a


Unfortunately, NOM once again fell into that bear-trap of not actually reading into the context of the headlines, the story, or any other media that decided to cover the event. Want to know what really happened? Here you go.

NOManiacs 060213b


Yes, the bill PASSED with a near 70-30 split in FAVOUR of the new legislation. Hardly a disaster, methinks…

This ‘disaster’ that NOM are mentioning appears to be one for SSM in the UK – many of the first commenters on this Facebook post certainly seemed to think so – until quite a spectacular number of pro-SSM advocates, rightly overjoyed with this step in the right direction that the UK is taking, took to the boards to highlight exactly what your erstwhile author has just done here. The ‘disaster’ that the headlines were in response to the fact that half of the Tory MP’s voted against the measures, which if anything displays the level of rebellion that Cameron faces. Just remember, though, this also meant that half voted FOR it. And many from opposing parties also voted for it. Which means that this had support from across the UK and the political spectrum.

That said, the legislation will only affect England and Wales. With Scottish devolution, this matter was not one for their Parliament and will have to be brought up in a separate bill in due course.

The fact still remains that NOM will plumb any depths to scrape even a morsel of credibility for their hackneyed, contrived, disillusioned and pathetic attempt to legitimise homophobia and beg for donations. You’d have to be a pretty die-hard, dyed-in-the-wool hardcore NOM fan to not see that NOM is misleading you. Why you’d give money to people who lie to you is beyond me, but that said, most of you attend Church, so to be honest it should not be that much of a surprise.

Thank you to the 400 MP’s who voted this in. For the 175 who didn’t, history will remember you. Though not for good reasons. For the 25-30 who abstained, you missed your chance.

Thank you for reading.

Brightest Blessings x

P.S – If anyone wants to see who voted for and against the gay marriage Bill, follow this link to the BBC website

One thought on “If I were a NOM contributor, I’d want a refund for being lied to so often…

  1. andrew

    Ah, the sweet taste of success. How many MP’s voted in favour? 300? 350? 390? Nope…an even 400 to carry marriage equality by a HUGE margin. Thank you, thank you, thank you to ALL the NOM supporters. You have no idea how much you are helping. Keep posting your ville, hate filled homophobic comments. it’s working!


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