Maggie and Brian continue to lie to their followers. Said followers lap it up.

Only yesterday this blog highlighted how NOM was trying to give the impression that more people attended the Paris anti-gay-marriage rally than there actually were. Not that this rally has had any effect whatsoever on President Hollande’s plans to enact these laws. And not that that fact seems to have permeated the Neanderthalithic skulls of those who lead NOM, nor their dedicated, money-frittering rabble.

You might have thought they would have left it there with all the media reports highlighting the approximate level of attendance, which was monitored by the French police forces, who would have been woefully inept if two times as many people had turned up than had been planned for, especially given the nature of the protest and the possibility of it turning nasty. So what do NOM now claim in a new Youtube video*

Over a MILLION people turned up to demonstrate. Yes, you heard them!! A MILLION!! The picture below was taken at 0640GMT;

NOManiacs 180113a

Now, we made light of the fact that NOM appears to be flagrantly lying to it’s followers only yesterday. It’s allowed to do that. If said followers are stupid enough to believe these lies, and even stupider enough to send them money for being lied to, then that is their prerogative. We, on the other hand, find milking money out of gullible, poorer people who you have scared into submission using lies, empty rhetoric, religion and outright panic-mongering to be a somewhat disdainful practice, and aim to expose it. If anyone wishes to comment on this video, you can find the link here. I strongly recommend you let them know of their deceptions, and that we are aware to them. Here is a list of how different news agencies reported the approximate numbers;

BBC – 340,000

NBC – ‘Several hundred thousand’

Reuters UK – ‘Several hundred thousand’

ABC – 340,000

The Guardian, UK – 340,000 – Please note that any time The Guardian published any piece that might indicate the UK doesn’t want marriage equality – studies show it does – NOM have been first to splash the piece all over their FB page and blog, complete with skewed reporting of what the newspaper actually published. They have so far not referenced this figure.

Even Al Jazeera estimated the figure at approximately 340,000, and given their strong Muslim backing, and target audience, the opportunity was ripe for them to exploit the numbers to show how bad homosexuality was. Did theyDid they heck as like!

What this admin also finds very interesting is NOM’s mission statement, where they allege in relation to ‘traditional marriage’, to ‘protect the faith communities that sustain it.’ NOM does not seem to realise that approximately 40-50 percent of those attending the homophobia rally were in fact Muslims. NOM and their followers – and their former employees, in the case of Louis Marinelli – have in the past, and even recently, given Marinelli’s conspiracy-obsessed anti-Obama rants during the election, given Muslims in general a very short shrift. NOM will happily protect a faith community, so long as it’s one of its own faith communities.


NOM are obviously in desperate times if they need to embellish three times over the number of people they think support their cause in a country thousands of miles away, with a population less than a third that of the States’. We here at NOManiacs can see it for what it really is – blustering and exaggerating to make one seem bigger and better than they actually are, because deep down, NOM know they don’t have the support, nor can they stand up to the challenge they face. We’ve seen it all before. The only problem is, as we have all seen before, is that the lie will eventually catch up with them.

Thanks for reading x

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