NOM display either poor historical knowledge, or they know they are beaten

NOM recently posted the below image and comments regarding the recent anti-gay rally in Paris, and commented that the predicted numbers couldn’t possibly have been correct, because it looked like the same number of people. Have a look for yourself. Pay due care and attention to the dates;

NOManiacs 170113a


Now, anyone who knows a little about European history, and the history of France in general, will know that 14th July 1789 is the French national holiday, when troops stormed the notorious Parisien prison. Each year, on 14th July, France basically has a mahoosive party to celebrate this, as it heralded the return of the French monarchy. There are countless parades, musical performances, dances, fireworks, the whole enchilada. 700,000 people pictured there in 2009 is likely an underestimation. What happens on Bastille Day can be found in this link or via a quick Google search. Just remember these figures came from Police estimations, and Les Gendarmes aren’t known for mucking around or lying.

Consider when the anti-gay rally took place. January 2013, when temperatures in Paris were close to 0 degrees, which is 32F if you prefer that. No wonder not as many people turned out. Though this isn’t very apparent to Maggie, Brian and the rest of the six-figure-salaried hatemongers at NOM. They must have thought it a 220-year-old conspiracy designed to alter perceptions of attitudes towards gay people, because surely MILLIONS must have turned out to show how icky France thinks the gays are. One comment on the post actually said they thought there were more in the January picture than July. This is what happens when you drink whiskey for breakfast, children.

Something Brian and Maggie didn’t deign to mention either. French press are reporting that approximately 40-50 percent of those attending the rally were actually Muslims, who have come in for pretty short shrift on the NOM page. So far NOM haven’t acknowledged this fact. Considering they want to protect marriage based on Christian, not Muslim principles, something like this should not have passed them by.

Because simply put, it didn’t. I’m not sure whether they are genuinely that stupid that they didn’t realise such simple concepts as the ones mentioned above, or they did, but still fed these lies and supposed conspiracies to their followers. If it is the latter, then they are showing their true colours, in that they will lie, cheat, steal and deceive in order to keep receiving the obscene amounts of money they award themselves. And these from people who supposedly believe that Greed is a Deadly Sin.

We’re on to you, Brian. We’re on to you, Maggie. And we will continue to expose the truth. Or your stupidity. Whichever it may be…

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