This is how we know we’re winning. Oh boy, Prieboy.

In recent days there has been an incredible amount of debate on the National Organization for Marriage facebook page. Religious arguments, predictably, from NOM supporters. Legal arguments, obviously, from marriage equality supporters.

Then Jennifer Mary Ashley Prieboy, of Joliet, IL, logged on. The comments below may appear faded – these comments have been recently reported to Facebook and have been reopened to take screenshots. But look who else posted…Jeffrey Paul Bonderman ( Financial advice anyone? Ruff. Ruff. Actually, avoid his services if you happen to be an LGBT American.

Other NOM supporters did not dispute Jennifer Mary Ashley Prieboy’s homophobic comments.



Perhaps if you weren’t saying them in the first place, we wouldn’t be hitting back. Have you tried stopping shouting abusive names rather than telling us to put up with your abuse? Might actually work. Give it a try.

She got some “likes” on these “fag” posts:




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