Presenting Michele Verret-Ayala, NOManiacs’s Mad-Shouty-Ranter of the month – and it’s only the 6th. Who doesn’t like being told exactly what she is. Which is a liar and a homophobe.

First off, after the last post went up yesterday, we have seen incoming traffic to this blog at a rate the likes of which has never been seen before. Yesterday we received almost twice as many hits in a day as the previous record on 19 December 2012, and more hits than 17 of the other months managed in total. Firstly, a massive thank you to everyone who has visited, shared, linked, or in any way helped in making the start to 2013 an unbridled success. If we could hug every one of you, we would. Already today, halfway through today, we’re on target for our second-best ever day. We might build a shrine in your honour made of beer cans and toy llamas. Seriously.

Anyway, praise and thoughts of beer-drinking aside, it’s back to business. After seeing the spectacular effort my colleague made yesterday, I decided to have a little snoop around and see of there were any morsels of sheer and utter lunacy that even Michelle ”Bug-eyed-batshit-crazy” Bachmann, she of the obviously gay husband, would be proud of. I was not disappointed.

On a self-martyring thread about adoption agencies who lost state funds by breaking said state’s anti-discrimination laws by turning away gay couples, there appeared to be one of the most paranoid, delusional, bug-eyed-raving, anti-gay, hypocritical homophobic liars that I have seen in a good long while. And this admin once dealt with Jahnmaud Lane on a regular basis. This admin was also the one responsible for uncovering his violent criminal past. No, reminding people of what he is never gets old.

Introducing, most certainly not for the last time, Michele Verret-Ayala, who in a single thread not only displayed appalling hypocrisy in many a manner, name-calling especially, but was also paranoid to the extent that  she sees conspiracies everywhere – against religions, against anti-gay organisations, against herself…

Well, I couldn’t let an opportunity like this pass itself up. As I scrolled further and further down the quiet outlandish, ridiculous and simply barking-mad statements kept getting, well, madder. See for yourself. I also think she set the record for quickest time that every well-refuted, debunked, and hyperbolic anti-gay-marriage statement was ever made. She truly is a nutter to behold. Michele, we salute you…

NOManiacs 060113a

Michele considers it very sad that you are not allowed to discriminate against us gay people. The only very sad thing here is that thought like this exists in the civilised world in this day and age…

NOManiacs 060113b

Here Michele starts imagining what another person is thinking before actually finding out what they would rather have happen. To clarify, the person she was talking to refuted her paranoid allegations and correctly intimated that if you receive state-funding and break state anti-discrimination laws, then you deserve to lose said funding, regardless of who you are.

NOManiacs 060113c

This is actually quite scary. Michele appears to be under the impression that the law is actually beneath her own belief system. Her paranoia is showing here too…

NOManiacs 060113d

We Must Dissent – an helpful ally in the fight against right-wing crazy religious fanatics, basically lays it down in a much nicer manner than I would have. Here Michele also pretty much lays out her disdain, dislike and open disgust for gay people. Again, not ONE  person stated they wanted religious organisations to accept homosexuality – this conspiracy, once again, is all in Michele’s head.

NOManiacs 060113e

For the record, the ‘Daniel’ character in question called her a liar and a homophobe. Because she was lying and displaying obviously anti-gay rhetoric in a public forum. We agree with him.

Michele Verret-Ayala – you ARE a liar and a homophobe. Report me.

NOManiacs 060113f

Michele here basically says she doesn’t like being told what she, in fact, actually is, and that anyone who tells her that she is a batshit-crazy, gay-hating, Bible-humping, narrow-minded, bigoted homophobe will be reported. I presume it is because she doesn’t want anyone she knows to see comments like that. Well, she didn’t reckon with us. And pointing out that NOM supporters are inherently, incontrovertibly wrong is not ‘bullying’ them, Michele. It’s telling the fucking truth. Also note the flagrant use of the word ‘homo’ in the next post if you needed any further proof that the above statement is true;

NOManiacs 060113g

Michele again displaying her opinion that gay people are in no way equal to such paragons of heterosexuality like herself…

NOManiacs 060113h

Michele finally touches on what NOM appears to be so lacking in doing, and tackling divorce. Perhaps if NOM took such a fervent interest in stopping divorce as it did trying to legally discriminate against gay people, perhaps their followers wouldn’t be as shithouse-rat-crazily obsessed with homosexuality.
And abortion? Why bring that up? Relevance? Fine, you don’t approve. Not the place nor the time to bring up your support of denying your own gender their right to choose their own course of action. To say Michele is a social hand-grenade when it comes to women’s rights is an understatement…

NOManiacs 060113i

The old marriage=procreation argument. Which she later repudiated by saying infertile couples, despite being an exception, should be allowed to marry. The woman is a walking double-standard…

NOManiacs 060113j

Is it just me, or does Michele like to lapse into nonsensical parables? She’s like a really, really crap Jesus. And again with the procreation argument…

NOManiacs 060113k

Michele basically admitting that she doesn’t have to answer – for that, read CAN’T answer the valid questions and points being put to her. This is what happens in a debate, Michele. You make a statement, your opponent looks for faults or chinks in the armour, then responds. It is then down to you to defend yourself. Not run away with a longer yellow streak than a stampede of diarrhitic camels with your tail between your legs and a white flag flapping behind you. The double-standard ‘Exceptions’ mentioned above can be seen here.

NOManiacs 060113l

No, but it IS a debate, and if you can’t answer, you’ve lost. Simple as that. You concede you cannot uphold your argument. That is a ‘free exchange’, not ‘I’m only going to answer what I want because otherwise I know I’ll lose’. Very crafty attempt at worming one’s way out of a situation, but you’ve been spotted, Michele. Your debating skills are, at best, kindergarten-level…

NOManiacs 060113m


No, Michele, it hasn’t. It really, really hasn’t. Do your carers know you are on the Internet?

Finally, something that did make me laugh. Finally, a safe haven where those with narrow minds and inferior debating skills, and a hatred for all things non-what-they-done-like-before can congregate and shout emptily into a cave, hearing their own voices echo back at them time and time and time and time and time and time again, ad infinitum. This is basically a resting ground for all defeated homophobes, bigots and socially-backward, intellectually inferior and probably self-hating-closet-cases that cannot interact with other normal human beings.

NOManiacs 060113z

Again, thanks for reading, and thanks again for everyone who has made the start to this year spectacularly impressive – let’s keep it going!!

Brightest Blessings x

6 thoughts on “Presenting Michele Verret-Ayala, NOManiacs’s Mad-Shouty-Ranter of the month – and it’s only the 6th. Who doesn’t like being told exactly what she is. Which is a liar and a homophobe.

  1. JoAnna

    Every single one of Michele’s points are correct. See here:

    Please note that the article above does not invoke God, Christianity, or religion.

    It’s hilarious that you claim to be open-minded and tolerant but post bigotry and hatred about Christians, Catholics, and proponents of traditional marriage. You’re what – Christophobes? Theophobes?

    Name-calling is the last refuge of the defeated. The fact that you can only mock Michele’s words instead of actually refuting her comments is very telling.

    Also, no one is under any obligation to debate you. There’s nothing in the FB TOS that requires members to respond to comments directed at them. If Michele ignores your comments, it’s because they are ignorant and uninformed, and puerile, not because she has no response. As the article I posted above aptly displays, your arguments have been rebutted time and time again. Just because you are too closed-minded to seriously entertain the arguments presented does not therefore invalidate them.

    1. culturecheck Post author

      So, JoAnna Wahlund, loyal NOM supporter and Michele supporter. Do you support Michele’s post last night? Michele Verret-Ayala: “Amanda. If you are attracted to girls, why does your girlfriend look like a boy?” The screencap will be posted.
      Closed-minded, eh? You’re the one defending this.

      Crisis Magazine? No thanks. Don’t need it. And it’s from a religious source. So FAIL.

      “Name-calling is the last refuge of the defeated. The fact that you can only mock Michele’s words instead of actually refuting her comments is very telling.”
      Scroll down this blog and get back to us. Or just read the post from Jennifer Mary Ashley Prieboy on the NOM page and her use of “fag.” Or when John Graves calls anyone who disagrees with him as “homos.”

      “Also, no one is under any obligation to debate you. There’s nothing in the FB TOS that requires members to respond to comments directed at them.”
      Who said they were? However, we point out that Michele only responds to posts she can actually answer, convenient, just like picking passages out of a Bible and imposing them onto non-religious people. Want to know why you are really losing? Religion-based arguments.

      “As the article I posted above aptly displays, your arguments have been rebutted time and time again.”
      Just saw that NOM posted a primer on how to argue with marriage equality advocates. Maybe it’s because you all do it so badly?

      This blog captures comments made from homophobic people posting to the NOM page. That’s all. They made them. They take responsibility for them. Anyone can now Google their name (including yours) and see what they’re dealing with. Welcome to the page.

    2. culturecheck Post author

      Further to my co-admins detailed dissection of your comment I felt it only fitting that I, the actual author of the post, replied in kind. I stand by everything that I posted – I could have put many more screencaps of where Michele was caught lying and using highly homophobic terms but I was limited not only in time but also in terms of space on the page. This was not an exercise in name-calling, but exposing her for exactly what she is, and anyone who isn’t using the Bibble as blinkers could quite easily see that too. It truly amazes me at how incapable of logical thought or questioning some of those with a right-wing view on religion actually are. We here at NOManiacs are dedicated to finding and exposing those who not only use their religion in an attempt to oppress others but also those whose hypocrisy and hatred is such that they feel they have to share it on a public forum.

      Can I also request that you don’t post religious-based links on my blog, please? Be realistic. You are not going to convince anyone here and posting links like that is a great exercise in futility. I am open-minded and tolerant, but being tolerant doesn’t mean I have to put up with YOUR intolerance. It’s a two-way street, darling. Not simply you just getting your own way all the time. Neither do I post hatred about Christians. I post hatred FROM ‘Christians’. Big difference there. I only publish what they write.

      Which brings me on to your highly ironic point about name-calling being the last refuge of the defeated. Perhaps if you scrolled through the countless posts and screencaps this blog has published you would see a litany of name-calling that would put most football hooligans to shame* I find it quite amusing that you have highlighted how the anti-gay movement has pretty much lost. Self-defeating now, are we? You’ll put us out of a blog if you keep this up much more, JoAnna.

      However I do thank you for commenting on the blog and highlighting exactly why we exist. Until you, and others, can learn to go along to get along, we will always be here pushing for equality.

      If anyone wants to reply directly to JoAnna, her Twitter label can be found here

      Brightest Blessings x

    3. andrew

      Joanna and Leila bubble thingy, Shelly has been banned, goodbye, ta ta, so i guess you were wrong. Even NOM didn’t put up with her hate and bile. Be gracious as you apologise. You’re welcome.


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