NOM spread themselves thin. Gay sex is like horse sex. Jim Slade – aka Darren Barber – thinks he has the say so on who women should have sex with. And other raving lunacy at NOM…

First off, I wasn’t going to do a post today as it’s ridiculously early and I’ve had about 30-40 minutes sleep while shaking off a really nasty cold. But then I saw this, and simply had to start another post about the sheer toe-knuckled, moonshine-guzzling, paint-huffing stupidity that NOM has managed to instill in their followers. Really. This actually woke me up a bit more…

NOManiacs 050113a

Not only have we heard the paedophilia/beasiality etc etc etc argument 16,387 times ad nauseum, Bryan seems to have difficulty differentiating between homo sapiens and equus ferus. He also appears to have uncomfortable familiarity with both gay sex and horsey sex…

And you know the inevitable laws of the NOM page – once someone mentions a slippery-slope argument then the fanatical obsession with male gay sex rears it’s head again…

NOManiacs 050113b

I find it humourous that DeAnna thinks that anything going in is also waste. That would be a penis, darling. The same thing that men wouldn’t touch you with even if it was ten feet long. And stolen…

NOManiacs 050113b2

The flaming hypocrisy of wanting to prevent spread of STD’s coupled with actively opposing one of the greatest benefactors of making this happen was not lost on anyone who isn’t related to their father by being their brother. But that wasn’t all. She went even more batshit-crazy…

NOManiacs 050113c

Please note that the George character she references did not, at any time, ever equate Homosexuality to Race. DeAnna was, simply put, making up lies and attributing them to people as true. In much the same way NOM does…

Can I just put it very, very simply for you, Laura? Religion has had a free reign to discriminate, hate, torture, murder, abuse, denigrate, demonise and basically run roughshod over anyone it has ever wanted to over the last 16 centuries or so. Stop pissing in your clouts that people have finally noticed and are actually doing something about it. And as for your ‘religious liberties’? That same rule allowing you them also protects the rest of us from them. Stop getting so het up over the fact you can’t have your own way all the time…

A NOManiacs post wouldn’t be the same without up-and-coming raving moron Jim Slade – aka Darren Barber – who seems to be so impressed with this blog that he has amended the name and tried to use it against the followers of SSM* Well, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery… *BLUSH*.

NOManiacs 050113d

Now, I was going to comment after this picture about what a colossal anus Darren actually is, but I thought Demetrius’s response was put more succinctly than I could ever muster in my current condition. I would have used the word ‘bellend’ at least twice too.

Moving on, this admin has sadly missed most of the no-doubt peyote-inspired ramblings of some of the newer NOManiacs currently infesting the bowels of NOM’S page due to being blockeed by most of them, so I decided to have a little look for myself using a back-up account. Prepare yourself for some truly disturbed individuals. You have been warned.

NOManiacs 050113e

WHY does it ALWAYS have to be about sex, sex and more sex. We’re not fucking nymphomaniacs, for crying out loud – and yes, that was a pun…

NOManiacs 050113f

Clyde Barrow – whom we know is a fake, and exactly who is using it to avoid having their real name associated with hate comments like these – once again trying to stop SSM based on his own warped perception of diseases. You’d think it might occur to him that to prevent the spread, allowing monogamy might help – but Clyde is a bit too pig-shit-thick to realise that…

NOManiacs 050113g

Long standing homophobe Jason Conagay, sorry, Bumagay, sorry again, ConaWAY, making his long-unawaited return to our annals. In response, Jason, unless it is legal in 10 states. Period. Or as many countries around the world. Period. You are as welcome as a heavy. Period.
I just get a mental image of a toddler going red in the face stamping and screaming because they are so determined they are right, even with the proof they’re wrong right there in front of them…

NOManiacs 050113h

Another new-ish member features on NOManiacs who can’t stop seeing that everything should be based on her religion. Or using slurs based on her religion. Or casting insults based on… You get the picture…

And another religion-based ramble…

NOManiacs 050113i

Note to Michele – we have a population of 7 billion. Allowing SSM will not stop straight people having babies #realitycheck #youarefuckingdeluded #godisfictional #hashtagsonfacebookdonothing…

NOManiacs 050113j

Basically, in Bi-anca’s befuddled opinion, straight people can have sex, but gay people can’t. OK. Are you a pimp, Bi-anca? Because I’m pretty sure they tell people who to have sex with as well. Also, see the points in relation to Michele’s ramblings based on your Bronze-Age Middle-Eastern goatherders scribblings…

NOManiacs 050113k

New poster. Same message. Different day.

NOManiacs 050113l

Once again the straw-man slippery-slope argument rears it’s tired, battered, wounded, deflated and ragged head. Leila was asked to prove in which of the countries that had allowed SSM that her fearmongering panic-hyperbole had actually happened. Unsurprisingly, she decined. I don’t want to give her any more picture space, but she spent hours banging on about a child needing a mother and father, then stated that she would happily place an abused child with a single parent rather than gay ones…

Right, that’s your lot for now. The tiredness is starting to finally get to me – that and having to scroll through the pathetic bleatings of a people who can not and will not ever see that there are people out there who are just as equal to them. All they see are people to harass, intimidate and bully with their ever-flimsier excuses in a pathetic attempt to boost their own self-importance and ego, which, due to their very own objectionable personalities, lays shivering in the gutter looking for one last fix of obnoxiousness.

Good morning, afternoon or night, wherever in the world you are. I would go to bed but I have to stay up now waiting for a replacement tv remote. Which could take up to another 9 hours to arrive. Joy.

Brightest Blessings to you all in the meantime.

19 thoughts on “NOM spread themselves thin. Gay sex is like horse sex. Jim Slade – aka Darren Barber – thinks he has the say so on who women should have sex with. And other raving lunacy at NOM…

  1. Avyn D Trahelion

    You know whats not natural? A “Straight” person thinking about gay sex 24/7.

    Oh, And feel better soon

  2. Masher

    Lol. I can’t believe in this day and age are so deluded it’s shocking but actually quite funny!

    I have plenty of straight friends some married and some not with no intentions of having children so I don’t even understand where this argument comes in!! I also have a straight female friend who unfortunately cannot have children for medical reason I presume she should not marry her boyfriend of 4 years because of this!!!

    Maybe if people from NOM stopped worrying about our lives and concentrated on there own the world would actually be a better place!!

    That is all love a happily committed bi sexual lol

  3. Tzerurah McRath

    I love how they twist their religion for their purposes. According to the bible Christians have to follow the laws of the land. I think if they want to hold their bible so high they should all have to follow all their own self restricting bible laws. No hair cuts, piercings, premarital sex, divorce, all of it. If they want to follow something they should do it whole-heartedly right?

  4. he2publish

    I completely agree with Avyn! There is NO better argument against hate mongerers than asking WHY they care about other people’s sex lives so much that they have to spend time commenting on Facebook about it. The only logical deduction is that they are projecting their own sexual discomforts.

    Nothing shuts a them up faster than pointing that out. “You seem to think about me being gay more than I do…”

    Secondly, have you seen “For the bible tells me so”? It’s a documentary on Netflix on the truth about homosexuality and religion. “A lie can be repeated so many times that it can become fact.” I suggest checking it out to change your perspective on what religion does vs. what it is used to do.

    1. cajunsnake

      What I find strange, especially when they quote the Bible, is that they go straight to the OT. I’m TCL (The Christian Left), and I like to point out to them, that IF they want to use it, shouldn’t they be LIVING it? That would mean in the case of marriage, the daughter has to be proven a virgin when she marries, or she is taken out and stoned. Sex is for children bearing only. Women have NO VOICE, and subject to their husbands. Just using these points get them started faster than anything. Of course to date…no reply.

  5. meriequalityjustus

    It’s funny all the excuses they come up with, and they are all the same basically, just a little different wording,
    but the one that just steams me up the most is the ones that talk about if same sex marriage is made legal then, others will want marriage to children, or animals,
    well in order for someone to get married they have to be CONSENTING ADULTS, a child CAN NOT be a consenting adult, a dog, cat, horse, cow can not be a consenting adult , I guess they do not think of that before they go to spewing their crap, you are right they are like little children who are not getting their way.

  6. Big P

    Guessing they mean by the horse statement that all gay men are incrediy well hung??

    Funny people still think like this!! I’d rather be gay and go to hell in there eyes than live a lie thanks very much

  7. cajunsnake

    I left this at the NOM FB page:

    A few things I’d like to state here: If you insist on quoting the OT of the Bible, then shouldn’t you be living under those rules? Marriage at best is a 50/50 crap shoot. But what I’ve NEVER hear not only from NOM, but anyone else who preachs “one man one woman” marriage is this…isn’t this the union that gives you the gay community? My next comment would be why would someone elses life style threaten you? IMHO, if you use any position other than missionary, you are being a divent. But my last comment would be this, what happens when the day comes…and it will…when YOUR life style, YOUR sexual practices are put out on the street for all to see? Just saying. Thank You, and have a good one.

  8. Nickky

    I am so ashamed people say things like that this is modern day. Truth behold, being a so called “homo” Has been in human kind for year. People are just open about it now. A human is a human and can love anyone that they to love or marry. Why would people think its ok to judge others, I am straight my self and i am A religus person but i do not get were these people think its ok to say these kind of things. God loves us ALL no madder who we love. People puch “gays” around and away from them. I use ” ” Around gays becouse i do not think we should single them out becouse they like the same sex. Marrige is ment for the ones who are in love with each other to create a bond that sould last them the rest of there lives, and gay sex is such a problem with you, becouse to men do Anal. Men and woman do it all the time. So whats you freeking problem with it. it’s time that we get out of the old ages and grow up. People are aloud to be who ever they wanna be..

    Thank you.

  9. Christian

    I have noticed that most of the maggots spitting out hate (yet claim to be religious) are female. It is quite obvious why… All of you cum-dumpsters (your point of view, my words) are so jealous & feel so threatened that a man is actually NOT interested in you that it causes you all to go to such extremes of lashing out & you all are attributing it to religion. You all simply can’t stand the fact that there are men more interested in your boyfriends & husbands than they are you. DeAnna: Actually homosexuality DOES occur in nature…Two male penguins were shown in the news displaying characteristics of partnership, the pair even lived with each other; various species of monkeys have been documented displaying homosexual behavior (are they capable of making that “choice” as well?); felines & canines all over the world (& again, is that a “choice”?). If you’re going to believe that God created us all, then how is it wrong to be gay when its part of God’s creation? Furthermore, you all believe that homosexuality is the “work of the devil”, don’t forget that, according to your beliefs, the devil was created by God. You choose to believe one aspect of your religion but not the other because it contradicts your message. So what’s really going on here is, like all Christians, you’re twisting everything to your advantage & CHOOSING to believe that God created us all, but saying that homosexuals are going to hell, and sending a very contradicting message. Break it down…how are any of you truly affected by what people do in their bedrooms or even marrying the same sex. You don’t hear homosexuals telling straight people not to get married, the only ranting & raving you hear from them is wanting equal rights, as they should be allowed. In closing, another thing that irks me is the fact that you people that call yourselves Christians are by far the MOST bigoted & hypocritical people in the world, yet their religion is supposed to be all about forgiveness & love. The cloud of pretentiousness & self righteousness that you all emit nauseates me!

    1. culturecheck Post author

      Brilliant point that I am delighted to have on this page, and that I will certainly approve once I’ve added my two cents – I believe there was a study that showed approximately 1,500 species across a very wide genus-spectrum had displayed homosexual tendencies in it’s members, which shows it is a VERY natural occurrence. Homophobia and gay-hate is exhibited in only one species. I always love asking them which looks unnatural now. None of them ever deign respond…

  10. Terrance

    I really like this blog, it makes me laugh and i like that more and more people are standing up for what they believe in. I was raised in a household based on freewill and thinking, i was born to be what others told me to be.

  11. Terrance

    Being gay isnt a problem, what i was taught to be a problem is oppression, and im seeing alot of it through this blog.

  12. andrew

    Keep up the great work taking screen captures before the NOManiacs go back and delete them. I will be back soon for more installments.


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