Gordon Lee Day loses it spectaculary on the NOM page, and Jim Slade – aka Darren – spouts verbal diarrhoea

After the spectacular effort that was yesterday – 19 Dec 2012 – that saw us not only fire well past 25,000 blog hits – award yourselves a medal and 100 bonus points – but also saw our busiest day ever, I was planning to chill out today and play 360 in my underpants listening to a bit of heavy metal. And I was. Until I was tipped off by a previously featured – in a positive sense – poster on the NOM page that he was attracting poisonous barbs there.

Now, I couldn’t see the insults in question. Why? Because they were made by old NOManiacs foaming-mouth lunatic Gordon Lee Day, who in his incredibly insular world blocks ANYONE – and I’m not joking here, literally anyone – who voices a dissenting opinion from his. He must enjoy shouting into caves if all he likes hearing is the same thing over and over. And no, that was not a rude metaphor about his wife’s nether regions. Simply for the fact I don’t think there’s a woman around who could stand to be near him.

Anyhoo, Gordon was  engaged in a battle of wits – well, a one-sided ass-kicking of wits in which he was on the receiving end – with previously mentioned WeMustDissent – WMD for short, who is fast growing in favour with us here at NOManiacs. The following comprises a list of angry insults and increasing frustration for Mr. Day, who in the past has contributed nothing but this to NOM’s Facebook page.

NOManiacs 201212

Rant 1

NOManiacs 201212b

Rant 2

I hope everyone else noticed, like I did. the excoriating irony of Gordon calling someone a bully and in the same breath telling them they are going to hell. Also note the typing, spacing and capitalisation getting worse, and picture in your head him frothing at the mouth in increasing measures.

NOManiacs 201212c

Rant 3

NOManiacs 201212d

Rant 4

This is the kind of hate speech that NOM not only encourages, but has created, fostered and unleashed onto the world. Usually employing people who don’t know they are being played – simply put, the Christian sheeple. The following character – who to anyone with half a modicum of sense can tell is not just fake but there to troll – and doing it in a hyperbolic fashion – joined in the early hours of the 19 Dec 2012. This was one of there first posts. Guess who still believes, 36 hours on, that they are still genuine?

NOManiacs 201212f

Hyperbole overload.

Poor Gordon. He must have thought he’d found a soul mate. Can anyone reference me the study showing the religious right having, on average, lower IQ’s? Thanks.

Moving on to someone who usually infests the ‘1,000,000 Strong Against Gay Marriage’ page on Facebook. Except it isn’t 1,000,000. It’s 1. Just him. On his own. Chatting with loads of gay people – cough*closeted*cough. Welcoming to NOManiacs the indescribable buffoon that is Jim Slade. Except that’s not his real name. His real name is Darren Barber. He accidentally replied to a post addressed to Jim with his real account. We’ve shown him the screencap countless times. He’s that intellectually challenged that he still refutes it. Yes. He really is that dumb.

Now it seems Jim/Darren has turned his attentions to the NOM page. Previously, Darren/Jim has argued that gays shouldn’t get married because it serves no benefit to society and is immoral – despite him claiming not to be Christian. Here is Jarren/Dim chipping with his tuppence worth – and believe is, it’s not even worth that…

NOManiacs 201212e

Can we point out that no-one – correct, NO-ONE – brought up the issue of civil race rights on that thread. At all. Dim brought this subject up entirely on his own, then claimed to have explained it fully. On other pages, he has referenced it, and brought up the whole ‘choice’ issue. Which still isn’t an argument for denying equal civil rights. Then he goes name-calling. Yes. He REALLY is that stupid…

Thanks for reading.

Brightest Blessings x

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