Chauvinism, misogyny, feminism and misandry from the boards of NOM. And Clarence Warren invents a new term for both oral and male gay sex.

I didn’t think I’d be called into action again so soon to highlight all the different kind of hate speeches being aired on the festering cesspool that is the National Organisation for Marriage’s Facebook wall. In the past we’ve seen hate speeches about race – remember Michael Ejercito? – the LGBT population – obviously – Obama and the false allegations that he’s a foreign Muslim fascist communist socialist gun-taking abortion-champion – former NOM employee Louis Marinelli was a big proponent of those recently in a shameless, attention-seeking ploy to push copies of his books – it failed, especially if you have a look at how much they are selling.

So why another post so soon after the old one? For one of the first times, it appears that both anti-women and anti-men speech has turned up on the NOM thread plugging a new book that supposedly offers the best in pro-marriage arguments – written by authors who, in the past, have mostly used religion-based arguments and flawed, disproven studies by organisations with a vested interest opposing the legal equal recognition of LGBT couples. As a side note, we see yet another attempt at money-grubbing, along with a card that tells your friends you give money to legally treat gay people as second-class citizens!! Way to spread the message of Christian love at Christmas, NOM. Good fucking job!!

NOManiacs 161212b

I blacked out my bookmarks bar as it has links that might give away this author’s identity. And links to some pretty awesome Catgirl sites. Catgirls – the future…

Back to the point, however. After reading the following comments, your erstwhile writer thought that someone speaking like this in this day and age was obviously a troll or a spoof profile. So I did some research, and this guy has been posting some pretty right-wing stuff for a long while now – June 2009 to be exact. A lot of it pro-gun, Bible-humping, anti-gay, quasi-racist lunatic-fringe dribble. And a lot of rhetoric about the recent CT shootings being because there was no prayer/God/Bible/Jesus etc allowed in schools. If you want a look at this guys seriously twisted ramblings, go here – This was the first of two comments aimed at women;

NOManiacs 161212a

Rolf Anderson was the liker of this post – Rolf is a known anti-gay troll.

And the next…

NOManiacs 161212c

Again, Rolf Anderson is the like on this post…

That said, a recent addition to the NOManiac ranks decided to chip in with her two cents worth.

NOManiacs 161212d

You wouldn’t believe this, but Rolf Anderson is one of those who liked this.

Now, a NOManiacs blog post wouldn’t be complete without NOM’s own resident self-hating closet-case that is Clarence Warren. Now this blog has highlighted in the past – several times actually – that such a fixation on male gay sex by a supposedly straight man – without even a mention of female gay sex – obviously indicates repressed latent homosexual feelings. Usually it’s down to Wayne Cooper to focus on all aspects of the male anatomy, though Clarence did come up with these quite original terms for all things man-on-man…

NOManiacs 161212e

Clarence yet again defining what marriage is because of sexual activities – not realising that straight couples also take part in the very same activities. Any time you want to come out of that closet, Clarence, we’ll be right here waiting for you…


And so concludes another highlight of the vast litany of hatred and, seemingly, infighting over at the National Organisation for Marriage.


Thank you for reading x

Brightest Blessings x

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