A time of tragedy. Except for these heartless, unsympathetic ‘Christians’

I was going to call all of these people heartless unsympathetic cunts, but the title is the first thing people see and I didn’t want a vulgar title putting people off. Apologies if the language offended anyone. Truly. My level of emotion over this, being the father of a toddler, is running very high and I simply am not in the mood for illogical, Bible-based, buck-passing Teatard logic. Especially bullshit like this, following NOM’s call for prayers for the victims and families of the recent school shooting in Connecticut – for saying this, I thank them. This was the first post on the thread.

NOManiacs 151212a

Sympathy for the victims? Nope. Pushing the Bible.

And in keeping with this blog’s tradition of naming all those who like heartless,  uncaring, self-promoting comments like this, here they are. They will also be tagged.

NOManiacs 151212b

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Not only is Dave Cooke completely wrong – see this link for a timeline of mass shootings and note how many educational establishments were affected – he also appears to have absolutely no inhibitions about blaming not the perpetrator, not the lax gun laws that see thousands of American deaths each year, but schools not having PRAYER or the BIBLE in education. Apparently the seperation of church and state means nothing to this callous, soulless being.

Not that he was the only one. Remember Clark LeRay Herlin from a couple posts back? Yep, he chimed in with similar Bible-based bullshit. As did Jeannie N Paul Martin, who went so far as to suggest that since prayer was removed that school shootings had increased. See below;

NOManiacs 151212f

No concern for the victims or families. Why is that not a surprise?

Now, pushing the Biblical agenda at the personal tragic expense of countless others, we can all agree, is selfish, uncaring and craven. Yet NOM’s followers didn’t stop there. We all know NOM’s mission statement – see the last blog – and some of us may have thought that their loyal band of sheeple might have just left the whole issue alone. Oh no…

NOManiacs 151212g

Yes, Nicole decided that not only was it because the perpetrator a single child, but it’s also the ‘decrease in marriage’, which NOM has firmly laid at the feet of the homosexual populace. Again, see the previous blog post.

Simply put, Mikael Delout answered Nicole in exactly the way I would have. Except with a lot less swearing.

NOManiacs 151212h

Well said, Sir. You have my commendations.

And it wouldn’t be a NOM thread without the vile Clarence Warren throwing his stagnant opinion into the ring. While Nicole avoided mentioning ‘teh gays’ by name, Clarence had no such inhibitions. This, and the rest of the posts Clarence made in response, were totally vile.

NOManiacs 151212i

I retract my comments from the last blog post, Clarence. I was obviously wrong.

For once, I will not make all-sweeping statements about the above individuals. Instead, I ask that you do what these supposed Christians cannot, and pray, bless, do a spell for, or do whatever you do, for the children and families affected by this terrible tragedy who truly deserve it.

Thank you for reading.

2 thoughts on “A time of tragedy. Except for these heartless, unsympathetic ‘Christians’

  1. Millard

    Reblogged this on Victims of Gay Bullying and commented:
    Yet again, the queers can’t stop finding fault with everyone. Their own problems lie within themselves and their sick perversion. Notice how they name names trying to intimidate others into silence.


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