NOM responds to this blog’s claim they rarely focus on anything but SSM. Their followers display ignorance of NOM’s purpose of existence. Then talk about SSM

Would it be egotistical to think that in response to this blog, NOM posted a link in rebuttal, using a claim – surprisingly recent as well given their last dishonest attempt – by referencing a post by one Ryan Anderson, in which he claims that Conservatives don’t exclusively focus on SSM. As you can see from their FB page, it looks as though they are making the claim about their own page.

NOManiacs 121212a

As anyone who has ever spent time on NOM’s Facebook wall will know that this claim is nothing but utter tosh. Until we highlighted it, 95 per cent or more of their posts discussed nothing other than SSM. And far be it from them to actually use their OWN words to address the claims we raised – no, they had to borrow someone else’s, pass them off as their own, and still fail to acknowledge their problem.

You also need to bear in mind that NOM was set up to combat the legal recognition of SSM. This fact is still up on their ‘About’ section. See below;

NOManiacs 121212e

NOM’s admission that they are attempting to legally class homosexuals as second-class citizen – and the reason why they are close to being labelled as an official hate group.

When someone highlighted the above to a gentleman named Jared Olar, he appeared very reluctant to acknowledge this statement, despite it being himself who brought up the subject!! The screencap below highlights his stubbornness to accept this fact;

NOManiacs 121212d

Please also notice Jared’s admission that he doesn’t consider homosexual people or couples to have gender. And that he appears to think that legally keeping them as second-class citizens is justified…

That said, it didn’t stop their followers chiming in with the same old tired lines;

NOManiacs 121212b

Never gets old, does it? Neither does maths that not even Stephen Hawking could logically explain. If anyone has an answer to the strange, and quite frankly baffling, claim that Jerry Hamilton makes,  please let us know…

NOManiacs 121212c

Lunatic-level mathematics aside, it wouldn’t be a NOM thread without at least one person flagrantly denouncing and verbally abusing homosexual people. Same shit, different day;

NOManiacs 121212f1

And because we believe in the fairness of labeling ALL people who associate themselves with a homophobic post, here are the three who, at time of posting, had ‘liked’ this vile rant.

NOManiacs 121212f2

Note that Al had to like his own post to give the appearance more people agreed with him. Trust me, Al, it failed.

WARNING – The content of the following post may shock you in much the same way it shocked me. I recommend you swallow all liquids – for your laptop’s safety – before continuing.

NOManiacs 121212g

I could honestly not believe my eyes, but, yes, this is the same Clarence Warren who has (dis)graced these pages so often before…

ATTENTION BRIAN BROWN AND MAGGIE GALLAGHER – If one of your most notorious, obnoxious, obstinate homophobic posters is actually challenging the very nature of your page, then you are doing something very wrong indeed. He has highlighted, much like we have, that NOM appears to be doing nothing for marriage other than trying to deny it to a section of society based on little more than Bible rhetoric, which is a clear violation of the Constitution.

What surprised us most of all was Clarence’s frank admission that if DOMA is ruled unconstitutional then NOM, and all it stands for, will become obsolete – and we here at NOManiacs hope that with that ruling it will also be finally classed as an official hate group – and this may be why NOM are shifting their focus away from anti-gay sentiments. Stupid as they often are in getting caught out with their photoshopping, lies and manipulation, the one thing they are clever about is getting money out of people. They obviously realise that a staunch anti-gay stance is not in keeping with public opinion, and if they keep on this track then their incomes may dramatically decrease.

Editors note; Clarence, though it begrudges this author to say so, you have actually made a very valid point that I’m sure not only the readers of this post will muse upon but also Maggie and Brian. Whether they recognise the damage they have been doing is, however, another matter.


Thank you for reading x

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