NOM Supporter goes preachy. Then adds link to homosexual therapy website.

Given that this erstwhile editor has been blocked by the more right-wing, moonshine-chugging Bible-humpers – and no, that isn’t a typo – I decided to create a new persona to do my squirreling around on NOM’s Facebook page. Before I even got through the first post I noticed not only a preachy sermon that Wayne Cooper or Clarice – sorry, Clarence – Warren would be proud of, but a link as well.

Innocent enough, you may think, until you realise that this link appeared on this thread, where NOM, for the first time in quite a while, posted something other than biased horseshit aimed at the LGBT community;


NOManiacs 111212a



Good to see you actually DO make posts about protecting already-existing marriages, NOM, even if it is as often as Maggie Gallagher having a salad. Good on you!! Yet your supporters just cannot let go, can they?


NOManiacs 111212b


And the 2 who liked this;


NOManiacs 111212c

As we’ve said before, if you’re going to publicly like stuff like this, we will call you on it.


The fact that Donna talks about ‘common sense’ yet talks as if the story of Noah is an actual, factual event – with the inherent incest and all – shows you the level that she, and most NOMbies, operate on. I believe I also saw the tired, hoary old ‘Adam and Steve’ line.

As for *pretend* marriages, Donna also fails to grasp the simple concept that not only does the Christian faith NOT own the copyright on marriage, but it is also a LEGAL process that requires the square root of bugger-all intervention of any religious institution. Once it’s law, you can *pretend* it isn’t in your Bronze-Age fairytale world – it’s still legal. As for making sodomy illegal, I think that given the definition below, most lawmakers would disagree, lest they get arrested for getting a blowjob from their mistresses. Especially definition #1…


NOManiacs 111212f


Source – “sodomy.” Unabridged. Random House, Inc. 11 Dec. 2012. <>.


But I’m not here to carp on about the tired, repetitive, wheezing, if-it-was-a-horse-it-would-have-been-shot-and-turned-into-glue-by-now arguments of the reality-challenged sheeple of NOM. No, Donna goes a step further. She, like thousands before her who have tried and failed, believes she has the cure.


NOManiacs 111212d

The link she highlights can be reached here – This is a site that claims to be able to suppress homosexual feelings and urges a life of chastity, when we all know, and even the head of Exodus International has agreed, that this does more harm than good. The following is part of their front page. To avoid further embarrassing them, I cropped the part where they shamelessly money-grub for donations at the bottom of the page.

NOManiacs 111212e

Just a quick landmark achievement – this is the 1,000th picture posted by NOManiacs!!!!!! Hooray for us!!


So even when NOM actually does post about other marriage issues, it still appears that they have trained their band of sheeple so well that they have to bring it back around to gay marriage, the gays, sodomy and Christ. As well as trying to push fraudulent cures and money-grubbers.


Well done Brian and Maggie, I hope you’re happy being paid by people to teach them how to hate. You are what is wrong with this world.

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